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  1. I'm in no hurry to get my suitcases back. I hate unpacking!
  2. They surely have. In one of Captain Mercer's earlier posts he mentioned that they were organizing games and activities and even teaching some of the crew how to swim. BTW - there is a new post from Captain Mercer.
  3. I noticed that Orlando Ashford's e-mail was significantly different from what we were told (in writing) onboard. So, how could we find out which it is (I don't have much faith in just calling a random person who answers the phone at HAL)?
  4. There are lots of people watching on the webcams - about 1200 on each. This is much more than usual.
  5. After calling my credit card company and HAL, I found that my $1 pending charge was legit. It disappeared from my card the next day.
  6. Did anyone get a charge of $1.00 labeled “Amsterdam” on their credit card used with HAL. I think it might be a fraudulent charge because I expect it would say “Holland America “ not the name of the ship. Watch your card.
  7. A couple of toots. She has fewer balconies than you would expect for such a large ship.
  8. I was credited $674.12 for Taxes, Fees, and Port Expenses. Nothing has shown up on my credit card, either.
  9. John, Do you have an idea of what percentage of the normal crew are being kept on while the ships are out of commission? Before we got off of Amsterdam, the scuttlebutt was that a number of crew would be sent home from Durban. Of course, that was before so many flights were cancelled and borders closed.
  10. She has to come back to Fort Lauderdale eventually. She has all our luggage!
  11. Settling back to life at home. It is very strange not to have any kind of a schedule. Luckily the restaurant where I always go for dinner is doing take away!
  12. Thanks, everyone. This is the first time I have ever had jet lag (of course, it is the first time I have flown 21 hours out of 42) and am still having trouble sleeping for more than an hour or two at a time.
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