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  1. I just realized Amsterdam will not be back in Fort Lauderdale until January 4 when the 2020 World Voyage begins.
  2. Amsterdam is returning from herWorld Voyage. She will be at pier 21(starboard to) from 0430-1600. She will be headed out on a repositioning cruise - 17-days to Vancouver or 18-days to Seattle. Cartagena, Colombia (19 May 0700-1300); Panama Canal (Cruising Canal) (20 May 0500-0500); Corinto, Nicaragua (22 May 0800-1700); Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala (23 May 0700-1700); Huatulco, Mexico (24 May 1400-2300); Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (27 May 0700-1400); San Francisco, California (30 May 0800-1700); Victoria, British Columbia (01 Jun 1300-2300); Vancouver, Canada (02 Jun 0700-1700); Seattle, Washington (03 Jun a0700) She is the only ship in port. The PTZtv webcams can be found at https://www.portevergladeswebcam.com/ and https://www.ftlauderdalewebcam.com/. Next up: Volendam in Juneau on Friday.
  3. I believe there is a noise ban in Alaska. I have on occasion heard a toot but I think it had to do with either the weather or boats that might be too close.
  4. Westerdam (on a Gertrude Byrne Irish charter) will be at the AS dock from 0700-2100. Noordam will be at the CT dock from 1000-2200. Also in port are Eclipse at the AJ dock from 0800-2130 and Star Princess at the FKL dock from 1230-2215. The weather is going down hill as the week progresses. 60% chance of rain and the high will be 56F/13C and the low 41F/5C. Sunrise is at 4:33 am and sunset is 9:15 pm. The PTZtv webcam can be found at https://www.juneauharborwebcam.com/. Next up: We will shift our focus from Juneau back to Fort Lauderdale on Thursday. Amsterdam will return from the 2019 Grand World Voyage and will be our last FLL HAL ship until October.
  5. That's it for today. Noordam and Westerdam tomorrow and they arrive early.
  6. Don't blink - she will not be in sight for very long.
  7. How sad to hear this. Prayers to all involved.
  8. QM2 does allow a certain number of dogs (pets) on their transatlantic crossings. The owners pay a high cost for this and the kennels are often booked out a year or more in advance. The dogs are not allowed in other places on the ship - only in the kennel area.
  9. Until there is some governing body certifying animals as support/service ones, I am afraid we will continue to travel with ducks, turkeys, pigs, etc. as well as dogs.
  10. Oosterdam will be making her usual Tuesday visit to Juneau. She will be at the CT dock from 1300-2100. Also in port are Millennium at the AS dock from 0700-2130, Royal Princess at the FKL dock from 0800-2115, and Joy and Bliss are back to do the Norwegian shuffle at the AJ dock. Joy will be in port from 0700-1330 and Bliss will take her place from 1430-2300. The weather will not be too bad although not as nice as Monday. The day is forecast to be cloudy with rain coming in during the evening. High is predicted to be 59F/15C and low 45F/7C. The PTZtv webcam can be found at https://www.juneauharborwebcam.com/ Next up: Westerdam and Noordam on Wednesday.
  11. webcam person all over the place - too many things to watch.
  12. I have a Surface Pro with an attached keyboard (although it can be detached). It is working again. In the old days we would say it had its wires crossed. I guess now it would be circuits.
  13. Really strange that I can post using my iPad but not my computer????
  14. Glad you joined us today. I live in the Richmond area. Where are you?
  15. Our Signature Sisters are back in Juneau for their second visit of the season. Nieuw Amsterdam will be at the CT dock from 1300-2200 and Eurodam at the AS dock from 1300-2300. Other ships in port are Ruby Princess at the FKL dock from 1100-2215 and Solstice at the AJ dock from 1330-2200. Best HAL day in Juneau of the season so far. There is a 0% chance of rain and there might even be some sun peeking out of the clouds. High temperature will be 66F/19C and a low of 43F/6C. Sunrise is at 4:37 am and sunset at 9:11 pm. The PTZtv webcam can be found at https://www.juneauharborwebcam.com/. Next up: Oosterdam on Tuesday.
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