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  1. We put Enterprise. I have to get home somehow and the and the prices are going up quickly for business class. Some are now paying $9000 each. I will be thrilled if I can get Premium Economy but at this point will settle for coach.
  2. Thanks! I know I will get home eventually. This is definitely an adventure!
  3. From what I heard today, they were even throwing things. I also heard there is now a member of security outside the Medical Center.
  4. March 18, 2020 At Sea As my mother used to say, “What a mell of a hess!” (she didn’t like to curse in front of me). Today, many people found out that the flights they thought they had, were no more. Qantas and Delta cancelled numerous flights between Australia and the US. HAL finally stepped up and said they would help anyone who did not have a flight. We received a letter about noon asking if we had a reservation, needed a reservation, or had HAL air and it needed to be returned by 5 pm. The prices of the flights home have skyrocketed and the $1250 HAL is offering will not cover the cost of a seat in many cases. One of my friends was quoted $6000 for business class. I hope my travel insurance will cover the cost but that is something to worry about when I get home. I still do not have a reservation but my travel agent is supposed to be working on it. I will go see Steve and Wendy (who represent Cruise Specialists) again tomorrow morning to see if they know anything more. All of us who made Project Linus blankets met at 9:45 for a group picture. There was a huge number and Captain Mercer joined us. There should be well over 400 blankets by Friday, the last day to turn them in. The blankets were all laid out for everyone to come by and see. I turned in my #8 (making a grand total of 14 with the ones I made at home) and the leftover yarn. We had our last winding day at Sit and Stitch. Judy (Lee)’s husband, Rich, help wind yarn for Sherita and Judy (Margaret). In morning trivia we had 9 out of 15 but the winners had a whopping 14 correct. 1.Which constellation has a hunter with a club and a shield? 2.Jake the Jailbird and Officer Mallory are characters in which popular board game? 3.Toxicodendron Radicans or T-radicans are more commonly known as what? 4.Which opera singer was known as “La Stupenda”? 5.In a professional soccer game, how many referees are there? Since I have no more Linus blankets to work on, I spent the time after trivia packing. I am getting worried that all my stuff will fit in my suitcases (I may need to buy a box again). In Arts and Crafts we made a scissors fob and even got a pair of stork scissors to go with it. I packed some more before I changed for dinner since I was eating early at my other table tonight. Afternoon trivia was called “World Wide History” and most of the questions were fairly easy. We had 17 out of 19 but were edged out by a team with 18. 1.What is the modern name for Van Diemen’s Land? 2.What was the name of the first space shuttle in 1981? 3.Which English Queen reigned for 9 days? 4.How did Alexander the Great solve the puzzle of the Gordian Knot? 5.Which country admitted to blowing up Greenpeace’s “Rainbow Warrior” in 1985? One of the traditions that had to be scrapped was the Medallion Ceremony. Normally there is a get-together in The Mainstage and the people receiving 100, 300, 500, or 700-day medallions are called up and can get a picture with the captain. Instead, this year the medallions were delivered yesterday and you could stop by and get your picture taken before 4 and 8 in the atrium. I had mine taken (300 days) on the way to dinner. Dinner was the Orange Dinner Party described as “a great opportunity to wear something abundantly orange and celebrate the Dutch Royal color, then, close the night with a near King’s Day Orange Party in the Crow’s Nest.” There were a number of Dutch items on the menu. The show tonight was Chantelle Delaney, a singer, songwriter, and guitarist. I sat with Sherita downstairs (I almost always sit in the balcony) and the show was very good. I skipped the party in the Crow’s Nest. I am hoping for a longer night’s sleep tonight. The last two mornings I woke up very early and could not get back to sleep because of the stress. Hopefully, tomorrow I will get a flight. Morning trivia 1.Orion 2.Monopoly 3.poison ivy 4.Joan Sutherland 5.one Afternoon trivia 1.Tasmania 2.Columbia 3.Lady Jane Grey 4.cut it with a sword 5.France Smooth sailing until next time!
  5. I am disappointed that HAL did not give us the help that Cunard gave her passengers although I don't know what kind of a package was offered to the Cunard passengers (other than flights).
  6. March 17, 2020 At Sea No bombshells today but we did get lots of information. We received the letter explaining things (compensation, debarking, etc.) and information about the FedEx Bags. Only a small group at Sit and Stitch. I returned the yarn I had for my next Linus blanket which I will not get to make. We had 10 out of 15 in morning trivia and the winners had 12. 1.How do leprechauns earn their gold? 2.Name the company that supplies match balls for FIFA and UEFA. 3.What was Captain Bligh’s (of the Bounty) first name? 4.The 25.59 carat “Sunrise” is the most expensive colored gemstone. What type of stone is it? 5.On June 29th of this year the first generation iPhone was released – 2007, 2003, or 2009? I worked on my Linus blanket before lunch. In Arts & Crafts we made Celtic knot earrings. A little more work (I have three rounds to go) on my Linus blanket before changing and going to afternoon trivia which was on St. Patrick’s Day. We had 14 out of 17 and the winners had 16. 1.What do historians believe St. Patrick’s name was at birth? Trevet Batilda, Aldon Backatte, or Maewyn Succat 2.Where and when was the first St.Patrick’s Day parade? Boston 1809, Boston 1911, NYC 1762, or Providence 1898 3.How many Americans claim to have Irish ancestry? 14 million, 27 million, or 33 million 4.St. Patrick’s Day commemorates his ____ Birth, death, marriage, or coronation 5.What color was associated with St. Patrick before green? Red, blue, or yellow I went to the pool after trivia – sitting in the sun for 40 minutes and swimming for 40 minutes (I did some laps). The dining room was all decorated for St. Patrick’s Day and there were some Irish inspired meals [corned beef and spinach (?)]. The evening entertainment was the “Shamrock Tenors”, a group from Belfast. They were very good and will be doing another show in a couple of days. We gain an hour tonight. Morning trivia 1.they make shoes 2.Adidas 3.William 4.ruby 5.2007 Afternoon trivia 1.Maewyn Succat 2.NYC 1762 3.33 million 4.death 5.blue Smooth sailing until next time!
  7. March 16, 2020 At Sea Another very depressing day. Everything started out fine and we had a large group for Sit and Stitch. Just before I was ready to go downstairs for trivia, the captain made an announcement that none of us wanted to hear. We all have to get off at Fremantle and we have to make our own flight arrangements (I am disappointed with HAL on this). Luckily, my travel agency will help. Trivia was rather subdued but we were happy that Marilyn and Rodney will be able to get off (they were afraid they would have to go back to Fort Lauderdale if we could not dock in Fremantle – they live in Perth). We had 12 out of 15 but two teams had 13. 1.Who is Scooby-Doo’s nephew? 2.What is the name of the scale that measures the hardness of minerals? 3.What is the most common bird in the world? 4.Albert Einstein was offered the job of Prime Minister of which country? 5.Who sang the song, “Day-O”, released in 1956? Instead of working on my Linus blanket, I got out a suitcase and started packing. ☹ At about two the Captain came on with another announcement. We would get either a 50% refund plus a 50% credit on a future cruise or 125% credit on a future cruise. Provided we can use this on a world cruise (some HAL offers do not apply to “Grand Voyages”), I think I will take the 125%. We would also get about $1200 towards flights home. We will soon be getting a letter explaining all. In Arts & Crafts we made dangly earrings. One good piece of news – a lady sitting nearby had asked Guest Services and those of us who sent luggage by FedEx would be able to leave the luggage on the ship and when it gets to Fort Lauderdale they would be sent to us. The earrings did not take long and I was able to get some work on my Linus blanket before changing into my bathing suit because I wanted to swim after trivia. Trivia was scheduled in the Crow’s Nest but because we did not stop in Darwin today we did not have a sail-away with free drinks. Instead during the 4-5 and 6:30-7:30 happy hours, the drinks were free so the Crow’s Nest was packed. Andrea moved it down to the Piano Bar and somehow I made the move but I lost all of my team, so I played by myself. It was a True-False trivia. I had 16 out of 21 and the winning team had 18. 1.According to Scottish law, it is illegal to be drunk and in charge of a cow. 2.Sir Paul McCartney’s middle name is James. 3.The record for the longest rail tunnel is the Chunnel (Channel Tunnel between the UK and France). 4.Baby koalas are called joeys. 5.Muscle turns to fat if you stop exercising. 6.Alfred Hitchcock had no belly button as it was removed during surgery. 7.Some wasps make honey. I went to the pool and sat in the sun for about 30 minutes and then spent 30 minutes in the pool. I was too depressed to swim laps. Afterwards I changed and went to play “Apples to Apples” but I was the only one who showed up (too much free happy hour for some????). I was supposed to go the The Pinnacle for dinner with Kathy and Mike but yesterday evening after I posted my blog, I had an e-mail from them. They had been to Uluru and HAL decided the 18 in the group that went would not get back onboard the ship. They would fly to Brisbane (not Darwin since we did not stop) and then back to the States. The ship would back up their items left onboard and they would be sent to them. At the Sea View Bar I got a free Singapore Sling and then had dinner. It was Aussie BBQ night and I had emu and kangaroo. I sat out by the Lido Pool for about 30 minutes after dinner and read. There was an Australian Name That Tune but there was only about 7 of us so we all played together. I did not go to the show tonight. One funny thing that happened today – I was told by a reliable source that about 300 people showed up at the Medical Center saying they had claustrophobia and could not fly home and had to stay on the ship. It did not work. We gain a half hour tonight. Morning trivia 1.Scrappy-Doo 2.Mohs 3.chicken 4.Israel 5.Harry Belafonte Afternoon trivia 1.True 2.False 3.False 4.True 5.False 6.True 7.True Smooth sailing until next time!
  8. Don't let this put you off world cruising. It is a fabulous experience and this is a very rare (thankfully) incident.
  9. March 15, 2020 At Sea Another day, another twist. The Australian Government has closed all ports to cruise ships. This means that we will not be getting off in Darwin tomorrow. Scott Morrison (the Prime Minister) said that special arrangements will be made for Australian nationals returning to the country. Our Aussies onboard (including my friends Rodney and Marilyn) have no idea what will happen. We also have a group who has been on an overland trip to Uluru who are supposed to get back on the ship tomorrow in Darwin. Will we stop and let off Aussies and pick up the overland travelers in Darwin? No word on anything other that we will not be getting off the ship tomorrow. Before the government notice the captain had said they had sent the comments and the petition (to stay on the ship and sail back to Fort Lauderdale with no stops) to Seattle and we should know something this afternoon. After the notice, he announced that no decision has been made but Carnival Australia was working on it. From what I have read on-line about Australia’s newest restrictions if we were debarked in Perth we would have to be quarantined for 14 days. That does not seem possible with 1200 or so people on board. We will see. Back to the day’s schedule which is going to be fairly alike for a number of days. Sit and Stitch had a good number of people. All of us have enough yarn to keep going for a few months so no worries from us. In morning trivia we had 9 out of 15 with the winners having 13. 1.Which country borders France, Germany, and Belgium? 2.Ranidaphobia is the fear of what? 3.What is the definition of “Holland”? 4.What are the first four digits of pi? 5.Disco Inferno was on the soundtrack of what 1970s movie? Our team went to the Sunday Brunch after trivia. Marilyn and Rodney and I each had a bottle of sparkling wine which we brought to use up. We had a mixture of our morning and afternoon trivia groups - Sherita and Margaret only play in the morning and Debby plays in the afternoon. The food was good and we enjoyed ourselves. In Afternoon trivia we made a Koala coaster filled with cinnamon and orange and spice tea. We also got our last charm for our Australian charm bracelet. I got ready for dinner since I was eating early with my friend Janet. I met her on the Prinsendam last year. Afternoon trivia was called, “Where in the World”? and was about various locations around the world. We had 14 out of 22 but the winners had 18. 1.Where did Alexander the Great die? 2.Where is the Sultan Ahmed mosque? 3.Which two countries have the same flag? 4.Which continent has the largest number of countries? 5.Which European city is known as the “Bride of the Sea”? 6.Name the seven countries that the Andes run through. Janet and I walked together to the dining room after trivia. Her table is served by Waya, who was my server last year on the Prinsendam. I decided to go to the 7:30 show which featured Alana Conway who is a singer and harpist. I had not gone to her first show but had heard she was very good, so I went tonight. She is supposed to get off tomorrow in Darwin. She has no idea if she can. At 8:30 there was Game Night. We had about 15 participants and played two games. We received a message from Henk (Hotel Manager) saying we will take things as they come. We will see what happens tomorrow. Morning trivia 1.Luxembourg 2.frogs 3.woodlands 4.3.141 5.Saturday Night Fever Afternoon trivia 1.Babylon 2.Istanbul 3.Monaco and Indonesia 4.Africa 5.Venice 6.Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, and Bolivia Smooth sailing until next time!
  10. I know one person with 13 suitcases and know of another with 17. That is one of the problems if they send us home by plane.
  11. I will not be having any more sail-away threads even though there should be a few more HAL ships returning from their final cruises before the month hiatus. More to come when HAL starts sailing again.
  12. She is due in drydock in Freeport on May 12 and will be doing (hopefully) New England/Canada this summer so she will have to come back at some point.
  13. Lots of talk onboard. Quite a few signatures on the petition to stay onboard with no ports (my #1 choice). Also there has been a lot of speculation about HAL chartering a few planes to get us back home. We received this notice this evening. w Many of you know Dolly who lives onboard virtually all the time. No idea what they will do with her and the others in their 80s and 90s who don't usually fly.
  14. March 14, 2020 At Sea What a day! It started out normal and we had a big group for Sit and Stitch. I left a little early because I wanted to get on a waiting list for a snorkeling excursion next week. When I got to trivia the people in the group next to us were all on their computers. A few minutes later they showed us what they were looking at. It was an announcement from HAL that they were ending all cruises for 30 days – including ours! Trivia started and we were on question #9 when the captain came over the loudspeaker with a message. The same sad one we had seen on the computer. Our cruise is now going to end in Fremantle in ten days. Logistics were still being worked out. We continued trivia although everyone seemed a little shell-shocked. We ended up with 9 out of 15 and the winners had 12. 1.Corsica is part of which country? 2.Rodin’s “The Thinker” is believed to be a portrait of which Italian poet? 3.What type of juice is distilled to make cachaca? 4.Which legendary rock band had a drummer nicknamed Bonzo? 5.The Clio Award is given in what field? We stayed and talked after trivia. Marilyn and Rodney are probably the only two people on the ship that will not be majorly inconvenienced by the cruising ending in Fremantle – they live in Perth about 20 minutes from the dock. After lunch we made earrings in Arts and Crafts. A petition has been started asking HAL to let us stay on as the ship returns to Florida. It would definitely be less costly than getting us (and all that luggage) home by air. Sherita and I signed it. Sherita and I watched some of MSNBC’s coverage of the now proclaimed “national emergency” before she had to get ready for dinner and I left for afternoon trivia. We had 15 out of 21 and the winners had 20. 1.What is Australia’s most popular sport? 2.What is the world’s largest land carnivore? 3.What powerful liquor was Van Gogh drinking right before he took the knife to his ear? 4.In the American game of Clue, what are the six weapons? 5.What is the only planet that rotates clockwise? I sat out on the back of deck 9 in the sun for about 40 minutes. There was a breeze (not like the winds of yesterday) that kept it from getting too hot. I then laid out my clothes for Gala Night before heading to evening trivia. I played with Joe, Cheryl, and Laura. We had 12 out of 17 and the winners had 13. 1.What is the Greek word for “great city”? 2.What city is the second largest French-speaking city in the world? 3.What Italian entrée’s name translates as “cooking pot”? 4.Which direction does the head point when burying the dead in Japan? 5.Who “discovered” the Mississippi River? The theme for Gala Night was “Under the Sea”. We had Jeff, the acupuncturist, host our table (Jennifer, Lenore, and I). I did not go to the show which was the singers and dancers. I have to say I have been really down all day with the news. I am keeping my fingers crossed the HAL comes through and makes sure everyone is taken care of. There are many passengers onboard in their 80s and 90s and as daunting as taking two days, changing flights a number of times is to me, it must be horrific to them. Sea day tomorrow. Morning trivia 1.France 2.Dante 3.sugarcane 4.Led Zeppelin 5.advertising Afternoon trivia 1.cricket 2.polar bear 3.absinthe 4.revolver, rope, lead pipe, wrench, knife, and candlestick 5.Venus Evening trivia 1.megalopolis 2.Montreal 3.lasagne 4.north 5.deSoto Smooth sailing until next time!
  15. It's official. We will be leaving the ship in Freemantle. No word yet on the logistics.
  16. Nieuw Amsterdam will be at pier 26 (starboard to) from 0530-1700. She is doing a 7-day Tropical Caribbean cruise. Key West, Florida (15 Mar 0800-1700); Amber Cove, Dominican Republic (17 Mar 0800-1700); Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos (18 Mar 0800-1700); Half Moon Cay, Bahamas (20 Mar 0700-1500); Fort Lauderdale, Florida (21 Mar a0700) Also in port are Celebrity Equinox at pier 25 from 0600-1530, Carnival Magic at pier 4 from 0430-1600, and Adventure OTS at pier 18 from 0515-1730. Sky Princess will be arriving at pier 2 at 0500. She is scheduled to leave at 1600 but with the cancellation of all Princess cruises, who knows. The PTZtv webcams can be found at https://www.portevergladeswebcam.com/ and https://www.ftlauderdalewebcam.com/. Also, Nieuw Statendam will be in Key West from 0800-1700. https://www.keywestharborwebcam.com/ Next up: Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam on Sunday, 15 March.
  17. March 13, 2020 At Sea There were seven of us at Sit and Stitch. At 11:15 I took Linus blanket #7 to the Explorer’s Lounge to turn in. Morning trivia was another one of Hamish’s hard ones. We had 9 out of 15 and 7 teams tied with 10. 1.Kr is the chemical symbol for what element? 2.What physical fitness practice is named for the sanskrit word for “union”? 3.What is the total number of possible squares on a chessboard – 64, 204, or 176? 4.What is the common name for alopecia? 5.What is a smew? During his midday talk the captain discussed Princess Cruises decision to cancel all cruises for 60 days. HAL respected their judgment but we will continue on. He also mentioned that so far, most ports are honoring their commitments for docking. It was rather reassuring and made me think that we were not going to be cancelled anytime soon. Had my usual Linus time before lunch and then made a lighthouse card in Arts& Crafts. (We had a lecture on lighthouses today.) We had 12 out of 18 in afternoon trivia but the winners had 17. 1.What country counted for half of the world’s increase in smoking between 1976 and 1986? 2.Do squirrels see in full color or black and white? 3.What California town is named after a major movie studio? 4.What country was once name “New Holland”? 5.What was the first vegetable to be canned? 6.What sport is played in more countries that any other? I had planned to sit out on deck after trivia but the wind was blowing too hard – it was difficult just to walk). I took a few pictures of the shallow waters and small islands in the Ribbon Reef Region where we are cruising. I had time to work on one of my knitting projects before going to 6:30 trivia. I played with John and Sharon from the “We Don’t Need Google” team (I am now an honorary member) and we won with 15 out of 18. 1.Who is second in charge of the ship? 2.Where is the American flag that cannot be physically raised or lowered? 3.Where was the world’s first Grand Prix held in 1906? 4.What country has the most daily newspapers in the world? 5.What mammal has the longest life span? Only Lenora and I were at dinner (Kathy and Mike are on an overland tour to Uluru). I skipped the show. Morning trivia 1.Krypton 2.yoga 3.204 4.baldness 5.duck Afternoon trivia 1.China 2.black and white 3.Paramount 4.Australia 5.peas 6.soccer (football) Evening trivia 1.Staff Captain 2.the moon 3.Le Mans 4.China 5.bowhead whale Smooth sailing until next time!
  18. It was a male passenger who apparently had a stroke at the dinner table at early seating. I know who it was because a friend was sitting close by when it happened. Someone else saw him being put in the ambulance and she said he was in good spirits considering what had happened.
  19. That's me, too! Up is OK but down gives me a panic attack.
  20. March 12, 2020 Cairns, Australia When I was here in 1997, we had an excursion to snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef. It was an amazing experience and I had considered doing the ship tour to the reef. I am glad I did not. The boat they were on lost an engine and it took them three long hours bobbing around in the rough seas (cyclone brewing – more on that later) to get back. They never even got in the water. Good news is they are getting a full refund ($300) back. Once again I woke up to rain against my window so I puttered around until it let up a little around 10. I headed off the ship and it was just sprinkling. By the time I was out on the street it started to pour. I was near Jennifer (who sometimes eats at our dinner table) and she shared her umbrella with me although I did have my raincoat on. I thought I would pass out it was so hot with it on. So where is a good place to go when it is pouring ? The mall, of course. Cairns Central was about four blocks from the terminal. It was nicely air conditioned and had free wifi – who could ask for anything more? I looked around and went in the Target (although the name and logo are much like the US one, they are not related) and K-Mart. I visited the Coles grocery store but I had stocked up yesterday at Woolworths. I had a good lunch at a kebab place in the food court and had time to get through my e-mail and catch up with some of the blogs I read. I really wanted an ice cream but could not find any place in the mall to get one. There was a Daiso store which I have enjoyed in a couple of countries. Think of it like a Japanese dollar store but most items are AUS$2.80 (about US$1.81). They have some of the cutest items, especially paper products. I walked back to the ship a different way than I had come. It was still raining but not as heavily as when I was walking to the mall. I found a shop and bought a few souvenirs. It finally stopped raining as I was walking from the terminal to the ship. Although I had walked less than in Sydney, I was exhausted from the heat and humidity. I had a cold Coke in my cabin, and worked on my knitting. From listening to the TV, I understand that coronavirus is now being called a global pandemic. Needless to say, there is a lot of talk on board about it. Crystal Serenity has cancelled the rest of its world cruise in Perth and is sending everyone home. People talk about what HAL will do with us. So far, the Cunard world voyage is continuing and it is part of Carnival Corp. just like HAL so we may go on, too. One problem, however, is that some ports are refusing entry to cruise ships that will likely mean more changes to our itinerary. In fact, I heard a rumor today that we will not be going to Madagascar (we had it cancelled two years ago because of the pneumonic plague). I finally roused myself for 4:30 trivia. Diana and I joined the “We Don’t Need Google team”. We had 15 out of 18 and the winning team had 18. 1.Which magazine, which began in 1922, claims to be the most read one in the world? 2.What name is given to a piece of land rented to grow food? 3.A sericulturist breeds what creatures for the material it creates? 4.What game was Bing Crosby playing before he died? 5.JVC released the first VHS in 1976. What does VHS stand for? I had already planned not to go to the MDR because there was an 8:30 game. I had dinner in the Lido right before sail-away. The captain announced we were almost underway around 5:30. He also mentioned that we were going to miss the tropical cyclone which is moving in the opposite direction from us. Captain Mercer came back on just before 6:00 saying that there was going to be a medical disembark and departure would be delayed. I watched on deck as the ambulance arrived but left for 6:30 trivia before the passenger left the ship. None of my team was there so I played with Janet’s team (I did not get their team name). We had 17 out of 20 but the winners had 19. 1.What is the closest living relative to the T-Rex (DNA-wise)? 2.What type of gas gives neon its color? 3.How many points is a bullseye in darts? 4.What soft drink is believed to have gotten its name because its pH is over 7? 5.What five types of tastes humans can sense? I had not had dessert before trivia so I went back to the Lido. There was a piece of chocolate cake that looked good but it had coconut all over the top so I decided I would wait and get the room service chocolate cake. Was I ever disappointed when my cake arrived and it had coconut! I was too tired for the 8:30 game and plan to make it an early night. I expect to be in bed by 11 pm. Three sea days ahead! Afternoon trivia 1.Reader’s Digest 2.allotment 3.silkworms 4.golf 5.Video Home System Evening trivia 1.chickens 2.argon 3.50 4.7-Up 5.sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami Smooth sailing until next time!
  21. March 11, 2020 Townsville Australia I had been to Townsville when I first visited Australia in 1997 so I did not take a tour. My plan was to leave the ship by 9:30 but when I woke up is was raining so I was in no hurry to get off the ship. By 10 the rain had let up to a drizzle although rain was forecast for most of the day. There were a number of craft stalls set up in and in front of the terminal. I made a quick walk around and then got onto the shuttle bus. Downtown Townsville has some beautiful old buildings but it was sad to see so many empty storefronts. Over 25% had “For Sale” or “For Lease” signs on them. There were very few people walking around other than people from the ship. The rain had let up so I did not have to put on my raincoat which I dragged along once more. I walked as far as the Aquarium (which I visited in 1997) and then walked back past the shuttle stop. I knew there was a McDonald’s nearby and I found it and spent an hour enjoying the pancakes and free WiFi. I walked back towards the shuttle stop and stopped in to the Woolworths (grocery store) and picked up a few things. After taking the shuttle back to the terminal, I walked around and looked at the crafts, buying a couple of small items. I was back onboard in time to get lunch in the Lido before it closed at 2 pm. Judy (Lee) found me and had a sock emergency so we agreed to meet at 3 in the Crow’s Nest. When I finished lunch, I stopped by Guest Services to check on something for Sherita (who has been on an overland trip to Uluru) and then went to the Crow’s Nest. I taught Judy (Lee) how to make socks two at a time and she had a question about it. We worked on our knitting until 4 when I needed to go to the Piano Bar for afternoon trivia. Only Debby, Diana, and I were present from our team but we won with a score of 13 out of 18! 1.In knitting, what does the abbreviation “PSSO” mean? (Yes, there really was a knitting question!) 2.Which punctuation mark has the same name as a type of butterfly? 3.What is the Japanese word that means “God wind” or “Divine wind”? 4.Are butterflies more colorful in warmer or colder climates? 5.What is lowest number on the Beaufort Scale? I had a little time to start on Project Linus blanket #8 before getting ready for dinner and evening trivia. None of my team was present so I played with the “We Don’t Need Google” team. We won with 15 out of 19! 1.What is the common name for a Coccinellidae? 2.The Canary Islands are named after which animals? 3.What do boxers strike when using the illegal rabbit punch? 4.In a bowling alley, what is a turkey? 5.How many deserts are in Australia – 0, 5, or 10? I yawned all through dinner so I did not go to the show which was a second performance by Brett Cave. Afternoon trivia 1.pass slipped stitch over 2.comma 3.kamikaze 4.warmer 5.0 Evening trivia 1.ladybug 2.dogs 3.back of the neck 4.three strikes in a row 5.10 Cairns tomorrow. Smooth sailing until next time!
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