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  1. I have never seen that offered on NCL other than a small display in the gift shops ..I always bring my own to have just in case it’s needed
  2. I agree with David that I have always understood the concierge pools tips with their assistant
  3. I definitely will be getting my Euro's here in advance to have with me after reading all the super tips and suggestions from everyone. Thanks Tomk for the heads up about the small markets/shop not taking credit cards and the reminder to bring a second backup credit card just in case and to call and notify them of my travel ahead of time
  4. I am a member of AAA and will contact them today and inquire! Great idea thanks!
  5. Hi I have an upcoming Greek Isles Cruise ( departing and arriving Venice). Will be using NCL air promo ( from JFK) and arriving into Venice early morning the day of cruise departure so I will not be staying overnight in Venice. I am thinking I will need some Euro's during the cruise shore excursions for items such as souvenirs, food, glass of wine etc as I am sure I will be coming across some places that don't accept credit cards. For those of you who have done a Europe cruise did you exchange cash for Euro's here in the US prior to your trip ( I am guessing many of the large banks
  6. Oh super one less thing to pack! Gotta keep my bag under 50 lbs Thank you very much
  7. Hello hoping someone who recently traveled on the Star can help..I read a few reviews where people noted almost all the plugs on the Star were European and if you are from USA to bring along adapters..I see on Amazon it says available is several types ...“C” is for “most” of Europe and then there is E/F and G...I will definitely want to charge my phone and iPad so any suggestions which type of electrical outlet adapters I should buy? Thanks very much!
  8. Hello I know it wasn’t your question but as you mentioned you are traveling with another couple I just wanted to be sure you were aware in the 2 bedroom suites the second bedroom is significantly smaller than the first and has no windows
  9. That's disappointing about the Haven restaurant being closed, I know on other ships the outdoor dining is lovely. We traveled out of Seattle Pier 66 and as soon as our car service pulled up to let us out the porters came right over to assist and we tipped them right there. Enjoy your cruise!
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