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  1. This is at least the third thread about this, plus the sticky that always exists.
  2. Like waterbug said, July is hurricane season...just not peak hurricane season. August, by far, has the most named storms since 1971 according to NOAA.
  3. I've definitely seen Southwest decrease. About two months ago, I booked MCI-TPA roundtrip on the day it was released because it was high season and I know low fares would be...not low. I knew I was going, so I did it on day one, which I never do. Two weeks ago, on my regular checks, price came back down. Only by like $10 per ticket, but hey I'll take it.
  4. I don't use paper for anything unless I really, really, really need to. TripIt app is my way to keep track of everything, and doesn't rely on an Internet connection once you've uploaded stuff. There's almost nothing you really need paper for, so I avoid it like the plague.
  5. Do they house employees on Coco Cay? If not, that could be part of the issue of needing to figure out those employment logistics. Even if they do, you would likely need to increase staff presence. (This is on the assumption that, like Labadee, Coco Cay is manned by local Bahamians, not ship crew. I have never been personally, so I don't know for sure)
  6. Day of week matters too. If it's a week day, you find yourself in peak rush hour.
  7. So, one thing to keep in mind is that prices just got released. It's rare, very rare, for the first price released to be the cheapest. If they see there's less demand than expected, fares will likely go down; on the other hand, if demand is higher than expected, fares may go up. Personally, I would says it's unwise to book as soon as fares come out. Secondly, believe it or not, July and August can be very different times of demand for aircraft, so basing August on July may not be accurate. Are you looking at flights out of the US, or out of Canada? The US economy is so hot right now, that demand is high for both vacation and business travel, thus resulting in higher fares. MAX has an impact on this, but frankly the impact isn't as big as some think. That impact does become greater as time goes along, though. Finally, comparing airfare to cruise fare is...unfair. Airlines don't have much else to make money off of (from standard passengers, not counting cargo) other than your butt in the seat. Some, but not all, airlines may charge for bags, seat selection, or food/drink...but really, there's not much. Cruiselines, however, get only a portion of their money from the cruise fare itself. They know they will get a lot extra off of drink, good, excursion, gambling, etc. etc. etc. Plus, unlike the airlines, the cruiselines have a way of getting you to pay most of their crew's already low wages, whereas your airfare has to cover most/all of their often well-paid crew's wages. So very, very, very different economics.
  8. To clarify, no matter when you check in, you never get seats assigned on Southwest. You get a boarding position, but never a seat assignment. If I am around a computer or phone, I'll check in 24 hours in advance for any trip...but often I am elbows deep in an airplane fuselage doing work at 24 hours out, so I usually just say "the hell with it" and check in at the airport. No problems so far.
  9. There really isn't likely a reason you need to check in ahead of time. Just arrive a few hours early at the airport and do it there. I've never heard of an airline checking people in over phone...then again, never tried it. Seriously, just do it at the airport.
  10. Just posting to say that in my previous post, I meant to say "sail" out of Port Canaveral, not "fly" out of Port Canaveral...just too late to edit it, I guess.
  11. That's a shame. I do really think LGA and PHL would have worked, though admittedly slightly more...work. But not that much. It would be only a bit more extreme than flying in to Orlando to fly out of Port Canaveral, which is something people do every day with small groups and large groups alike.
  12. Meh, one look at the baggage carousel at MIA or FLL and you'll see a billion bags come out with cruise tags already on them...without issue.
  13. Policies basically state that a passenger cannot choose to fly separately from their bag, for somewhat obvious reasons. But, if the bag ends up on a different flight by the airline's choice, that's okay. Obviously, the vast majority of the time, the person and bag fly on the same flight...but sometimes, they do end up on different flights (sometimes earlier, sometimes later) and that's okay from a security standpoint as long as it wasn't the passenger who chose to be separated.
  14. I've had a few weird things happen to my bags over the years. Perhaps the "funniest" was when my wife and I were flying to see her family in North Africa, and we each had a bag plus we had a bag full of gifts and other things to bring from the US. We misconnected in Madrid and took a flight later that night on Royal Air Maroc (instead of Iberia). The bag of gifts arrived. That's it. Two days later, mine came. Two days after that, hers came. You could tell by the faded stickers on the bag that it had probably just been sitting in the Spanish sun for four days, despite the 1x or 2x daily MAD-RAK flights each of those days. I have no idea why it took so long, but it sure did. I've also ended up with a few hand-written baggage tags for whatever reason...checked the bag in with a "normal" tag, picked it up with a hand-written one. Once on-time, once the next day (and re-routed via an entirely different country). Also flew in to OKC once and my bag came down the carousel with no tags on it whatsoever. I always laugh that Southwest just grabbed it off the plane in the next city (since the plane was going on to at least a few other cities, with the same flight number) and hoped I was there. I was.
  15. I do agree with other posters saying PHL could be a very good option, and then either train up to Newark or rent a one-way car. Depending on the time of day, it may be just as easy as trying to get from LGA to Newark/Bayonne.
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