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  1. Zach1213

    Port in Haiti

    As you mentioned, Labadee/Cap-Haitien are quite far away...May is a long ways off...and the Labadee site is generally secured. I'd say the chances of them skipping are small. As far as notice goes, it depends on when they determine if the threat is serious enough. Unfortunately, there's no way to tell as it could be the day before or weeks before. With something that fluid, I would money on the shorter end...but I'd put even more money on nothing happening.
  2. Anyone who pulls out a cliched, politicized term like "snowflake" instantly makes me gloss over any point they're trying to make. I could tell right from the start that they had a negative view of our generation overall and couldn't be bothered to read much beyond that. BTW, I'm same boat as you - mid-30s, successful, hard working, only had two jobs in my 13 years out of college, nice house, nice new cars...no kids, but that's a whole different story.
  3. Most if not all of that is occurring on the opposite end of the country. It's a 12+ hour roundtrip drive between Labadee/Cap-Haitien and Port-au-Prince, so OP isn't going to get anywhere near there in the few hours they're looking for.
  4. I wouldn't completely agree with this Cap-Haitien is a city/region of over 250,000 people and is barely 12km/7.5 miles via road (shorter in a straight line) from Labadee.
  5. Zach1213

    Are you Loyal?

    This is me. I travel for a living, and airlines/hotels/rental car companies definitely show me favor for loyalty...so I stay loyal to a brand. I don't take too many vacations, and even fewer cruises, so there's absolutely zero point to staying loyal for me. Even if I did take more, from what I've seen, loyalty doesn't get you much in the cruise world versus some other travel-related products...so I don't see the point myself.
  6. Zach1213

    Connection times through Charles de Gaulle airport

    waterbug is spot on as usual above me - absolutely doable, I have done it in economy w/o any sort of expedited immigration or security AND with Schengen immigration checks. But I sure as heck didn't like it, and wouldn't want to do it again if possible.
  7. Zach1213

    Best search engine to find cheap airfares?

    I think the issue is that we're so used to folks coming on here and not knowing these details, and your original posts were not clear that you were aware, so it was an attempt to let you know some very critical information. There's a difference between being ignorant and simply not knowing something...most posters on this board, including those who responded earlier, go off of the latter. We don't get paid to be here (I'll selfishly include me, although others know much more than I do), we do it because we want to help.
  8. Zach1213

    Best search engine to find cheap airfares?

    But even these are very different websites. Expedia allows you to book tickets, for example, whereas Kayak is just a search engine for other sites (reputable and not). It's a bit unfair to compare them on the same scale.
  9. Zach1213

    Connection times through Charles de Gaulle airport

    I don't love AMS as much as many people do, but I will take AMS any day over CDG personally. CDG does get a worse rap than I feel it deserves, but I still don't find it great. Definitely more hectic than AMS, in my experiences.
  10. Zach1213

    Norwegian Air Shuttle News

    Now now, what does Gene Hackman have to do with this?
  11. Zach1213

    First Timer - flight time recommendations - out of NYC

    Not to pick nits, but there are no airports in Manhattan. EWR is in New Jersey; LGA is in Queens (so is JFK). Just FYI as you're guiding yourself around the city.
  12. Zach1213

    AA business class seating

    You know what I really enjoy? Airlines that have the first class suites where you can dine together. It's a perfect solution - you each get your own private suite, but you can have a meal together at a table should you want. Obviously, a difference between F and J (and even then, it's fairly rare in F)...but it's such a great solution.
  13. Zach1213

    Jet Lag...What are your tips

    To be fair, an eight hour flight can be very long depending on your body and what you're used to. To an Australian, an eight hour flight is nothing...to an American or European, it very well may be.
  14. Zach1213

    East Coast to Bali

    I've flown Cathay many times in all four classes and enjoyed each of them. They're an across-the-board solid airline.
  15. Zach1213

    AA business class seating

    You'll be together the whole trip, one 8-10 hour flight won't make a difference 🙂