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  1. And then they come and fill up our urban hospitals. Absolutely infuriating. My wife is pregnant and I can't even go to the appointments because of these fools.
  2. Or actually read scientific studies. They're not always exciting, but they're usually the most accurate. That's where I get most of my data/info.
  3. It's tough. I understand the fear of flying during these times. But I also understand how, despite how it appears, the flights themselves are really quite safe. Even during Covid, I do a roundtrip every three weeks or so (a drastic drop from pre-Covid days) and I haven't gotten sick yet, nor have I heard of any outbreaks associated with air travel. BUT, of course, it's possible. Possible to get sick on the plane, in the airport, on the bus, etc. etc. I understand not wanting to fly because of Covid. Personally, I have had few fears of flying (but I am going to stay home at least t
  4. I'm sure they will rise a bit, but South Korea does have a fairly lengthy list of airlines that operate domestically so there's only so much price raising they would probably be able to do. There's also the growing domestic rail network too.
  5. Absolutely. I use my phone as a phone maybe 2-3x weekly on a normal week. On vacation, it's a camera, it's a music/podcast player, it's a way to watch a movie or TV show, it's a way to putz around on the Internet for a few minutes to be mindless. And, if push comes to shove, it's a way for someone to call or text me in an emergency. I spend (in a normal year) over half of the year outside of the US (and have for over a decade), and I have never received one penny of unexpected data or phone fees, so if that's a concern to a lot of people, it's really very, very easy to assure that doesn't happ
  6. I'm lucky enough for this too. I still travel regularly for work and have been since April (essential work means essential travel), so worst case scenario if I cancel a personal trip, I use the funds for work and get reimbursed by them.
  7. FlyerTalker is correct. Airline pricing does very odd things. I book hundreds of thousands of miles each year for myself and some colleagues, and it's crazy how a flight can be $2000 one day, $1400 the next, and $2200 the next. I have seen it many times. It's just a matter of buying it when you're comfortable with it, and then ignoring the pricing unless you can do something about it (which, usually, you can't).
  8. I went a few years ago on an aviation geek trip where we flew around on a bunch of planes that just simply don't exist anymore outside of DPRK. It was...interesting.
  9. I would be shocked if LHR-ORD saw a BA A380 again. Even with the OneWorld hub-to-hub traffic, like you said, the A380 is on its way out. Even if traffic picks back up and BA starts putting bigger plans on LHR-ORD (think it's mostly 787-8/-9 now), I envision it being the A350, not the A380. But I'll keep my fingers crossed for you - the A380 is a wonderful aircraft, I have always enjoyed my flights on it.
  10. 2. It has been a few years since I have done Eurostar, but I believe French immigration will be at the station in the UK (after security). You'd clear UK exit immigration, and then French/Schengen entry immigration. 3. No. You'll use your passport as a photo ID at the airport, but that's it as far as your passport goes. France and Italy are both part of Schengen, so they operate essentially under one immigration system. It'll be like going from Washington to Oregon. 4. Same with Italy and Spain. 5. If you are on one ticket, you will exit Spanish/Schengen i
  11. I get that, but that wasn't the purpose of my post nor of this topic as a whole. The topic surrounded posting ships outside of the US, and my argument was that so many Americans who take cruises don't have passports, and having to fly to another country to get the ship would not be feasible.
  12. So, forgive my ignorance, but you're saying an American can hop on an international flight, say from Miami to Barbados, without a passport and be legally let in by Barbadian immigration?
  13. So many Americans lack a passport and use cruising as a way to get around this, so that's a big hurdle for many of the Americans, in addition to the expense of flying internationally to get to/from the cruise (versus just flying, or even driving, to Florida/Texas/California/Louisiana/New Jersey).
  14. Rome is my number one...love Italy, just really dislike Rome after a few times there both for work and pleasure. Paris is high on the list too...and again, love France with all of my heart, but not Paris.
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