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  1. I went to my normal doctor for my booster and they had me sign a sheet that attested I was part of an eligible group. Would that ever be held against me if I lied? Probably not...but they asked for me to sign off on it. The form itself came from our State department of health.
  2. Or certain occupations. My wife and I are both in our 30s without underlying conditions and both of us got our boosters due to our work (not even healthcare related work).
  3. "Worth it" is always such a vague question and nobody an really answer it for you personally. You get extra points, but since you don't fly Southwest very often that's not really a perk. You get to board first, so that may be important to you and it may not be...and sometimes it's a big advantage, but other times it's not...and if you're fine not sitting together, it doesn't seem like a big perk either. If anything, you can buy just the priority boarding - you'll board behind business select, but ahead of the regular folk. You get a drink onboard included in the price, but again, that may or may not be a perk for you personally. So, you can see how "worth it" can vary drastically from person to person based on their priorities and preferences. The priority boarding does work for both flights, yes.
  4. I, too, would try to be conservative with this. Worst case scenario you need to find somewhere in Quebec to kill some time...not hard. Keep in mind that if you then need to connect somewhere in Canada that does have pre-clearance (such as Montreal, Ottawa, or Toronto), you'll want a slightly longer connection time.
  5. There's usually one company for the entire airport, and they come to whatever gate as needed - be it Delta, Southwest, Air France, AeroMexico, whomever. Usually.
  6. Yes, specific flight info would help. Have your co-travelers logged in to their Delta accounts to actually see they are still on the nonstop, or have they just received no communication and assume they still are? If the latter, it could just be that you were contacted before them for some reason.
  7. Black guy with tons of tattoos and a permanent scar from when I was shot with fireworks in Paris as a teenager? Can't imagine it takes too long to find that on a cruise, I'm a fairly minimal demographic 🙂
  8. Seems like a good way to increase expenses and staff workload in a time when neither of those things seem easy to come by.
  9. I think you're over-thinking it. I get that you're nervous, but there's really nothing you can do about it unless you completely change your plans - for example, fly out a day or two earlier. Otherwise, I hate to say it, but you're going to just have to roll with the flow. Connections are common - I do them all the time, often multiple connections on a single trip. They work out fine 95% of the time. Also, somewhere on your ticket it has to say there's a connection. This is neither here nor there now, what's done is done, but it really must show it somewhere. That's moot though.
  10. I'm assuming you are basing this statement on the seat map shown, and just be aware that the seat map is not an accurate reflection of availability. Tickets can be booked without seat reservations (meaning more tickets are sold than appears by viewing a seat map), or seats can be set aside without tickets being sold (thus the opposite). To be fair, booking seven months out in pre-Covid times would also likely result in schedule changes with most airlines. Probably a bit moreso now, but still happened frequently in the before times. Your first half is absolutely right - sometimes it's cheaper to book early, sometimes late, sometimes in the middle. I dislike and disagree with blanket "booking early is good" or "booking early is bad" statements. But then at the end, your blanket Europe statement is often incorrect - I've booked Europe nine months out, nine weeks out, and even nine hours out. I've never seen a blanket "booking Europe at XXX time is best" trend. (Wow, I just used the word "Blanket" a lot and I'm not even talking about Michael Jackson's kid)
  11. I've flown international several times since being fully vaccinated in March. My card has my middle initial, but not my middle name. Never had an issue with airlines or immigration.
  12. I figure it's the same reason why some people apparently find any reason possible to spend a surprisingly large amount of their vacation at the customer service desk on the ship - people are needy sometimes. I'm not going there unless I lost my room key or my leg.
  13. Unfortunately, I have pretty much zero experience with that scenario so I am not confident enough to answer it, so I'll wait for someone who knows more to come along 🙂
  14. I think you're looking at different aspects of the ticket. You're looking at the forward facing aspects - service, dining, seats, etc. In many or even most cases, you'll have access to this as though you booked directly with the airline (at least, once you get your record locater and/or confirmation number of the booking). That's rarely an issue - if you didn't get your lobster termidor, it's disappointing but won't ruin your trip home. The issue brought up by FlyerTalker is more on the back end - if things go wrong with the flights themselves, you may be on a very different ticket than the person sitting next to you as far as terms & conditions go. This may or may not include the ability to be re-booked on to another airline, or even re-routed through another city on the same airline.
  15. I've still been flying regularly for my essential job, including international and longhaul. I totally agree - I won't fly without disposable, it makes things so much easier. Can't imagine doing a 14-hour nonstop or a 30-hour multi-stop with a cloth mask.
  16. While this is far from a comfortable connection, it's not impossible if everything is on time (always the big "if"). I would say try to get a seat as far forward in the cabin as possible, and hope for the best. Not usually the solution I push ("hope for the best"), but it may be your best bet here 🙂
  17. I'm sorry you've run in to this. But this is actually a very important statement, and why so many of us regulars on this board push people to book directly with the airline. It also points out that, by booking through an agency, you're putting something other than you and your airline in control of your flights (in this case, Kayak). With good travel agents, this may or may not be an issue. Obviously, with a sketchy one, it's an issue. Again, I'm sorry you've encountered this. The 24 hour rule is actually a US Department of Transportation rule. Doesn't matter who you book with - you have 24 hours to cancel or change at no fee. Alternatively, they can give you a 24 hour free hold before booking to allow you to lock in flights and a fare at no risk.
  18. To be fair, that may or may not be NCL's fault. So much is still changing with flights these days, and airlines are adding, dropping, and changing flights a lot. Could just be that the nonstop disappeared, either on the day you're due to fly or altogether.
  19. Another vote for taking at least the rest of that day to explore Belfast and flying out the next morning. But in any case, really your only good options are BHD - LHR - USA, or get down to Dublin and do DUB - USA as mentioned earlier.
  20. Not on a cruise, but back in 2013 I was an extra in a Tollywood movie (Bollywood is Hindi language, Tollywood is the Telugu-language cinema). I was walking around Visakhapatnam one weekend and stumbled upon a set. They just kind of pulled everyone in and we were in the background. I always google "why is there a random black dude in a Tollywood movie background?" and, sadly, so far no results...
  21. Sometimes it'll be cheaper, sometimes more expensive. But I'd also like to point out my use of "or"...I didn't say it would give you more options AND be cheaper. It may be, it may not be. But it definitely gives you more options if you wanted to avoid American, Southwest, and Spirit.
  22. As far as I know, Kayak is purely a search engine. It takes you to other places (some decent, like the airlines themselves; some sketchy, like CheapOAir) to actually book. Do you know who you actually booked through?
  23. Changing planes isn't the end of the world. Sure, nonstop is great, but if one stop in an easy place like Houston (United) or Atlanta (Delta) gives you more airline options that you prefer, or may drastically change your price, it's worth looking in to.
  24. In my case, it was the first sea day, skirting the east coast of the Bahamas. Heavy rain, heavy seas. Pool was still open, so I sat in it alone for 2-3 hours, with drinks (and a hand over the top to keep the rain out) sloshing back and forth. By the afternoon it was sunny and clear, and the pool was packed full. But I'll never forget that experience in the morning.
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