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  1. still happy with what i have paid not seen anything cheaper even though I wanted Manchester not Birmingham P & O not comparing at the moment and I doubt they will as the itinerary is not as good and AI sort of seals the deal as it give greater flexibility even if not a drinker!! Happy first time Marella cruiser
  2. Thank you Vitalsign, can you book prior to embarkation? is it the same as trips if you cancel you get a refund? Does anyone know when the captain (formal nights) usually are is it a sea day?
  3. very interesting thank you for this tip
  4. Checked and it says - see below i thought I had read that it was 15kg and 10kg hand luggage so this is a nice surprise this can easily be achieved as last time I took 2 bottles of gin with me for drinking on/in my balcony/room as we were with P & O no balcony this time and AI so no need for it. Only 2 formal evenings so although the Tux will come with us only 2 dresses not 4 as only 2 formal evenings, really looking forward to a change from P & O - I am not a P & O snob but do like the very British brand they have. So far I am keeping a blog on the differences. Total Check-in Allowance: 40kg Each passenger can take 1 item of hand luggage.,This item can't be bigger than 55x40x20cm, including wheels and handles.,Your hand luggage can weigh up to 10kg including if you're travelling in Premium Club or going on a Marella Cruises holiday..
  5. Thank you - going to get one of those iron things that are not an iron - a steamer thing will iron before packing and use steam to remove any creases - then the laundry after that as don't have as much baggage allowance as usual 23kg and 7 kg hand luggage looks like total 20kg incl hand baggage
  6. Thank you davecttr nice simple straight forward answers brilliant just what I needed Susan
  7. thank you have a couple of other questions now sorry what are the charges for the charging restaurants how much is it to use the laundry
  8. Hi all We have just booked the 8th December Caribbean cruise on Explorer 2, never cruised Marella before only P & O & Cunard, preferred the itinerary to Britannia's itinerary, looking forward to a change and a different experience but have a few questions. Is Prosecco included in the standard AI? What cider is served? Can anyone see any trips for St Vincent on their personaliser? Are there safes in the cabin's? Are cases stored under beds? That's it for now but sure there will be more questions before departure Thank you in advance
  9. Even with code the cruise I was looking at was dearer than yesterday!!! I thought P & O's prices were fluid but they are more stable and predictable than Marella. But having said that once booked it's done and just look forward to the cruise. For my booking I am breaking even at the moment although one TA is slightly lower
  10. thanks for your help I ended up with the Birmingham flight with a saving of £405.00 but an additional cost for train and hotel but happy and really looking forward to something different a knew experience I am sure I will have loads of questions over the coming weeks
  11. I am new to this forum usually P & O poster but looking at trying a Caribbean cruise in December is there not a launderette on board?
  12. I have noticed the same thing I usually cruise with P & O to the Caribbean pre-Xmas each year and although the prices go up and down it is only slightly until nearer the date, I am looking at the 8th December sailing on Explorer 2 Thursday the price was 1473 today its 1634 a difference of 161 not knowing the Marella pricing structure can anyone help? Is this likely to come down again? and why is this cruise more expensive than the other ones around that date?? we fancy a change from P & O and the AI element appeals
  13. whoops a daisy bit of over load there I meant 2 x 1L and get another one if needed what I should also have said is often I don't buy the 1L bottles it's the 70cl size as I usually go for a speciality gin with rhubarb or something like that gosh you are right I looked a right lush especially when we have a bar bill i'd never have set foot outside the balcony!!!
  14. I am disappointed with the new policy I loved a drink on the balcony mid afternoon and another whilst getting ready it didn't stop our bar bill being rather high. My partner mainly drinks beer so mostly for him its purchase at the bars he does like the occasional vodka and cranberry but usually as a night cap. I will be open and honest it did save us a bit of money having a few bottles of gin for room use , we only cruise the Caribbean so liked to pickup some gin treats in St Maarten, we will get round it by taking 2 x 2L on board from duty free and then purchase a bottle on board and that's me happy.
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