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  1. Look at Travel Insured International. They have excellent plans available which include medical coverage. All trip protection is not created equal - be sure to read the entire policy, it will be worth your time if you need to file a claim. Do not rely on your travel agent to do it for you! Liz
  2. Thank you for the update, Keith! Enjoy your cruise - fair seas and following winds! I’ll look forward to meeting you all next week! Liz
  3. Keith, I am very happy that you will be on the July 10 voyage - I hope our paths cross onboard so I can thank you in person for your help and insight! If possible, would you please post some info about the Baha Mar Convention Center - specifically, after Covid testing, will we be confined to a specific area, or will we be able to wander the resort, in search of food? My travel schedule on Saturday might not allow me to buy a breakfast or lunch along the way, and with a 3pm boarding time, I might get a bit hangry by dinner time. I’m thinking about brownbagging some food (would not be the first time!) but prefer not to do it. Thanks in advance - safe travels! Liz
  4. I’m sailing on X Edge soon, in a “Single Stateroom with Infinite Veranda”. I have read comments about lack of storage, etc.and plan to report back with details when I return. Do any of my fellow solo cruisers have any concerns/issues that I can investigate while onboard? Liz
  5. Thank you! I have been trying to call Princess to ask, but their phone lines have been busy. I always know someone on CC will have the answer! Liz
  6. I haven’t sailed with Princess in quite a few years, and have lots of onboard credit for an upcoming (summer) cruise. Can I use the OBC to book shore excursions now (similar to Celebrity), or must I wait to use them once I’m on the ship? TIA - Liz
  7. As the saying goes: your results may vary. I have friends (married couple) who applied for GE at the same time. She was approved within two weeks. His approval took two months. You just never know...
  8. I did not receive an email confirmation for my conditional approval. On a whim, about two weeks after I applied, I logged on to the website (DHS?) that I used for application and learned I had conditional approval. I completed my interview at ATL (without an appointment) when I returned from Switzerland three weeks ago. Did not receive a confirmation email but learned I was approved after logging in (again). Received my GE card about a week later. Word of advice: if you plan to interview when you return from an international flight, make sure you have a long layover between flights. I waited for almost 45 minutes to speak to an officer. Liz
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