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  1. Just off escape today...they “ran out” of paper straws day 2
  2. Yeah...I thought it was a little high too and we did get a great initial rate for current cabin so they are probably trying to make up the money :). We decided just to sit tight with our current upgrade bids and we will be happy either way. Yes the sail away rates must be very tempting for you...enjoy your trip in a few weeks though!!!!
  3. LOL..not hiding anything..it is in my original post...Oct 28th Escape out of NY
  4. Funny..was that a test to see if I would answer you??? I almost did!!!!
  5. Yes, I agree Jamie. Now to decide if the extra 900 bucks is worth it...augh...we had an aft 2 years ago for our honeymoon on the Breakaway....so nice!
  6. Gotcha...TY. There should be several lucky ducks getting afts this cruise then!!!!
  7. Can anyone tell me the bidding range for an aft balcony on Escape Oct 28th? I am in a balcony so I wasn't able to bid on an aft but was given a price of $913.39 to upgrade, wondering how that compares to bidding range. There are several of these left. Thank you!
  8. I agree...it seems relentless...I don't cruise often but happen to be cruising soon and have been on the boards consistently for the past few months and don't care for what is happening. Of course it may be happening on other lines I just don't see it because I am on this board but man it is really putting a bad taste in my mouth.
  9. All the recent increases are getting old.
  10. Shellbelle28..thank you so much for speaking up about the curt response you received earlier in the thread....it's been awhile since on CC and the tone had definitely changed in the last few years...disheartening really.
  11. We have stayed at Hilton Garden and was very pleased with the transfers to and from the ship...however the end of Oct we are going to give Fairfield Inn a try as it is $121 less....will let you know.
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