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  1. The ship looks gorgeous, thanks for all the photos! Hoping you do a TL;DR summary at the end for those of us with less time 🙂
  2. Glad the towel deposits are not a thing on the encore!
  3. Wow do most ships do this or only Epic? The towels on the Jade were not nice enough for anyone to steal
  4. Sorry to hear this. I also have a cruise coming up that is completely paid with a peace of mind FCC from a canceled booking. Best I can tell, you do need to cancel 1 day prior to final payment or else you forfeit the FCC. Peace of mind does not apply to sailings past this month. I’m trying to figure out if any travel insurance will cover the value of the FCC between final payment and sail date but haven’t gotten anywhere with yet over in the insurance forum. With no insurance, the best approach in this case would be to not cancel the booking and pray that the situation changes or NCL cancels.
  5. I’m so confused about the towels. On what ship do you have to pay a deposit on the towel? On the Jade last month we never paid a deposit. Maybe 2 times out of 10 they asked for a room number when we got the towels, although I couldn’t tell why. There didn’t seem to be tracking of any kind and most times they handed them right over. Sometimes we returned them to the towel station and sometimes the steward collected them from our room.
  6. @iamtrustworthyIf you know of a policy that would cover this situation please let me know I am interested to purchase one.
  7. Hi Steve, thanks for your reply. No cash has been paid. The FCC is slightly more than the booking cost of the cruise, so we will need to add an excursion or something to use it up completely. There is no bonus money, the FCC is exactly the amount that was paid toward the cancelled booking.
  8. Here's another thought.. the original (cancelled) booking where the FCC originated was paid my Chase Sapphire Preferred. The payment was in euros but Chase converted the amount to dollars on the statement. Does this mean the new booking using the FCC could potentially be covered by the Chase policy?
  9. Hi Steve @iamtrustworthy, Looking for your feedback or help please. I have a booking for an NCL cruise in late January. The booking was made with a Peace of Mind FCC credit denominated in euros (long story). It is not possible to change the credit currency so we had to make the entire booking in euros to apply the credit, even though we live in the US. I just paid the deposit yesterday. Final payment is not until mid-December. I would like some sort of travel insurance to cover situations like death in the family, trip interruption or work conflict for the ~45 days between final payment and sail date. My understanding right now is that if we cancel during that time, we would completely lose the FCC credit. Normally I get the insurance through my Chase Sapphire card but that doesn't apply here because we aren't paying the cruise fare with it. Thank you!
  10. Sadly the peace of mind FCC currency cannot be converted. But I found a PCC who was very helpful and made the booking for me in euros. Bonus is that final payment is 2.5 weeks later and the overall price seems to be less than booking in dollars actually. Only downside is I can’t do the air promo but hopefully I will have a new companion pass by then.
  11. I’m trying to decide if it makes sense to book a January 23 Encore sailing now with my FCC or just wait and see if there is a last minute deal. I’m trying to figure out how to protect myself in the last 60 days and it seems fairly complicated. I can’t use my regular chase sapphire credit card insurance since it’s going to be majority covered by the FCC. I’m also not seeing a clear answer on whether 3rd party insurance will do any good if the cruise is paid with FCC in the trip insurance forum.
  12. Does anyone know whether the Peace of Mind cancellation policies will be extended? The website currently says PoM only for sailings through Oct 2021. The 60 day final payment date is still in effect through end of March 2022. It sounds like if I make a booking for a January cruise now, I'm going to be SOL if I decide to cancel after final payment date (mid November). Is that correct? Also let's say I make this booking using an FCC with expiration date of August 2022 and then I cancel before final payment. Would I get the FCC re-issued with a new expiration date? Or would it retain the August 2022 expiration? Would I completely lose the FCC if I cancelled after final payment? Sorry for all the questions, hoping someone has the answers please 🙂
  13. Are these PCC people not salaried employees of NCL? They act more like real estate agents! Do they just get bonuses for making lots of bookings?
  14. I will give this a try, thank you. I did find in the FAQ where it says you cannot convert the currency.. but surely there must be a way to use it? I tried booking on the German website and the price is within $30-40 of making the same reservation on the US website after taking into account the current exchange rate. But you can't select US airports and add the flight option from the German website. By the way, is it possible to find a PCC that other people are very happy with and just call them? The PCC I was assigned for my cruise left the company before our sailing and we never heard from anyone else. The German PCC was a lot more helpful but not sure if he can do this. I will ask him first though.
  15. Here’s a tip. If you are going to cancel your cruise past final payment, call a day or two before and cancel the excursions only. These will get refunded to your card. Less that goes into an FCC when you do cancel the cruise.
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