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  1. snake114

    Fishing trip?

    Rate was for everyone on the charter, but does not include tip (we usually tip the mate 20% for good service). Only other extra was the taxi fare from the cruise terminal
  2. snake114

    Fishing trip?

    Odd they did not respond yet- they were very prompt with me. Here is the direct email for Captain Gordo that we used: gordo@fishcuracao.com We paid $600 for the charter
  3. snake114

    Fishing trip?

    We were in port from 1pm-9pm a couple of weeks ago. Fished with FishCuracao. They arranged a taxi for us from the cruise port- met at the gate, $70 round trip, about a 20 minute trip. On our 1/2 day charter, we landed a 30 pound yellowfin tuna and an approximately 180 pound blue marlin. Missed a few other barracuda and mahi hits. Large comfortable boat, to notch equiptment, lures, and rigged ballyhoo trolling baits. Highly recommended- we will definitely fish with them again. However, with the prevailing easterly trade winds, the seas can be a bit choppy- not dangerous, but lots of movement. If you have any predilection for seasickness, I would strongly suggest taking medication 1-2 hours before boarding. We prefer Bonine/Meclazine- works well with no drozy side effects.
  4. We are looking at a cruise on the Emerald in mid-August, with our kids ages 12 and 14. Does anyone have experience with the numbers of kids who tend to be on Alaska cruises that time of year? While we have plenty of family activities we plan to do in port, both kids are concerned about whether there will be many other kids to hang out with in the evenings or on sea days. We are new to Princess, having cruised NCL and Carnival in the past. Thanks in advance for any insight!
  5. snake114

    inflatable beach toys?

    Anybody know if there are any of the large inflated trampolines/climbing toys at any of the beach areas? Fees? My 12yo and 14yo like to snorkel, but also have very much enjoyed partaking of these sort of things when we were in Cozumel at Mr. Sanchos's. Thanks in advance for any help!
  6. snake114

    Carnival Dream Questions

    Regarding Belize/cave tubing- some of the private tours the guides have helpers who will carry the tubes for you. I don't recall the company we used a couple of years back, but we found that the cost was less than the carnival tour, less crowded, and it sure was nice not to have carry the tube! I am a big guy who has had two hip replacements, and had no problem with the walk.
  7. snake114

    Cancel with no insurance

    You can even rent a wheelchair right on board! We found this out the hard way when my wife tore her ACL/MCL while on a private shore excursion off the Getaway in St. Thomas last summer... While somewhat uncomfortable, she still enjoyed the cruise! If I recall correctly, the cost was about $80.
  8. snake114

    Transportation from FLL to Miami Port

    We had a very good experience with Jiffy Jeff Transportation. $15/person POM to FLL. They were even kind enough to pick up our kid's large stuffed animal at the Hilton in Miami before coming to the port that we had inadvertantly left there when checking out for the cruise the weekend before! Highly recommended!
  9. We are doing a similar Universal/Miami cruise around that same time. Was able to reserve from Sixt car rental for the 4 days Orlando to Miami for less than $140 total including taxes. They have an office relatively close to the cruise port- $8 taxi rate, and they will call a cab for you when you drop the car off. The Express pass will be VERY handy! Staying onsite you will also get early entry- get there at the opening to do Harry Potter 1st thing, and then enjoy the benefits of the Express Pass for the rest of the day without the long waits for other rides!
  10. snake114

    Car rental virgin!

    We are renting 1-way from Sixt Car Rental at Orlando Airport 4 days before our cruise out Miami. They have a drop off less than 5 minutes from the Miami cruise port- $8 cab ride. Total rental for the 4 days in a full size car is $138 with all taxes- no drop fee! They also have a location at Miami airport as well. We have used Sixt several times in the past- easy to deal with, fast, no selling pressure, and often a nicer car than reserved is offered free!
  11. snake114

    Has no one noticed the free cruise offer?

    Tried to book this with our NCL PCC. However, she found out two problems: - You cannot book the 2nd cruise until the first one is completed. Our initial Getaway cruise is not until late August. We would only be able to do the free Sky cruise a specific week in February, and there are no guarantees that that week will still be available when we finally can book upon the return of our 1st cruise. Also, our minisuite on the Getaway for a family of 4 entitles us to a balcony room on the SKy. However, no balcony rooms on the Sky can accomodate 4. We said that we would be fine with an Oceanview, but the program rules do not allow a "downgrade". However, for $1200 more we could upgrade to a suite (no thanks!)! The program sounds great initially, but in reality is anything but!
  12. We had connecting balcony cabins a few years back on the Spirit a few years back for our family of 4 (2 young kids), booked 6+ months out, and when we checked in found that one of the two had been moved to a different deck entirely with no notification! They tried to tell us that this was an "upgrade", and no answer whatsoever then as to how we were supposed to watch our 2 young kids at night who were booked into one cabin! We had to raise a huge stink at the reception desk, where they tried to make us feel guilty for trying to move the people who were now booked into their cabin. They ultimately made the change, and even gave without asking $100 OBC for all of the hassle. We were able to reach our NCL PCC on our cell phone, and then let her hash it out with the onboard personel. It worked out in the end, but not a good way to start our cruise!!
  13. Carnival screwed up our 8yo son's birthday cake as well on the Splendor. We spent the extra money onboard for a customized cake to be delivered at dinner, and told the hostess seating us and waiter as well. 45 minutes after main course is cleared, still no cake, and the waiter and Maitre D' have no clue where to find it or what to do. We ended up leaving with a rather upset son! We heard of others on the cruise who had similar problems as well.
  14. snake114

    My first Carnival Cruise - Splendor

    Our family was on the 11/4 Splendor cruise as well. Balcony cabin comfortably housed the four of us and contents of 4 large suitcases. Room stewards did a fine job. The kids (8 and 9) loved Camp Carnival, as well as the large water slide. Couple of major down-sides: -Carnival really lived up to my concerns about the potential behavior of fellow passengers/being a heavy "party" cruise. The first night alone, my kids were knocked over (along with several expensive art pieces) by a drunken woman who could not stand up by herself at 5:45pm while waiting in line to be seated for any time dining. She was knocked out cold, security called, but never showed up. Her companions eventually dragged her off, presumably to her room. Then, at the early/family hypnotist show, one of the passengers picked to participate on stage promptly sat down, and then started throwing up all over the stage. Told to leave by the performer, he then stumbles back down, sits down in the front row, and is promptly handed more drinks by his enthusiastic companions. Within a couple of minutes, he is loudly puking again all over the surrounding seats and aisle area leading up to the stage! It took approximately 15 minutes for security to arrive and remove him..... -Be careful if your kids want to use the kids splash park area. My son cut himself severely in several places on his feet while playing there. While the nurse in the medical area was great about treating him, none of the staff was interested in taking a report or trying to fix things so other children would not get hurt. Dining room service ran from ok to poor, depending on which team you happened to receive. Don't bother ordering a (paid!) cake for a birthday or other special event- not worth the hassle!! We ordered a personalized birthday cake for our son turning 8 from the "Formalities" store on board. We told the hostess when being seated that it had been ordered, as well as our head waiter. 45 minutes after our main course had been cleared, still no cake, and nobody seemed to then know anything about it. It took having a major scene with the Maitre ' D for them to even start investigating, and half hour more for a cake to appear, with my son's name spelled incorrectly...... For debarkation, don't bother waiting if you have a number past 18 or so. A half hour after the estimated 10am time that we had been told would be the estimated debarkation time for our group number (29), they still had not called past 18. At that point a Carnival employee strolled through the Casino/lounge area on deck 5, and starting telling everyone to just go ahead to the atrium and get on line to debark. When I asked him about waiting for our number, he said that normally once they get past the first few groups it just becomes "open" disembarkation. While I did enjoy many aspects of the cruise, I doubt that I will be cruising with CCL again. We have had much better luck with NCL, and will probably return there.
  15. snake114

    Fishing Charter in Cabo?

    Try googling Renagade Mike. Fast boat, great english speaking crew. We have fished with him on several past cruises that stopped in Cabo, and caught marlin and dorado each time. He might even be able to do a 3/4 day trip for you in your time frame- important if you want marlin, as they may need the extra time to get further offshore to target them.