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  1. Has anyone had recent luck with status match applications? I have submitted twice over the past several weeks, and never received a response.
  2. What if you have YTD and find a wait staff that you particularly like and want to request them again? Any mechanism for that on the hub app? We will be on the Panorama next week.
  3. It showed up again for our 2/15 cruise. We had booked too back in December and then had it cancelled. They actually called and left a message asking if we were still interested. By the time I got home from work and called in the evening, there was no answer at that extension- I then called back to the general customer service number and they were able to book it! Glad it finally worked out- we were really ticked off when they cancelled it on us before!
  4. Does anyone know what the current movie roster is for the dive-in movies this month? Thanks in advance
  5. They pulled ours for 2/15. Called, and they said they booked too many. No apology, said they would refund us at some point. Asked if folks like us who were being bumped could be put on a wait list in case they opened more FTTF slots, and was told flat out no. Bad business and attitude by Carnival! If this is how they treat their customers, I will be sailing another line for our next cruise this summer
  6. Our family will be on the Joy in August. My wife and I are both platinum, and we are traveling with our two teenagers in the cabin. It has been a few years since we cruised on NCL, but last time we did my wife and I each received platinum certificates for two to eat at Le Bistro. Back then on the Getaway, they let us combine the certificates so that the four of us could eat for free. Does anybody have experience doing this recently? Alternately, we are also booked under the promotion where we get three days of free specialty dining for the first two in the cabin. Can two of those days be combined so the four of us can eat together for free? Thank you in advance for any information!
  7. We are booked on a February 2020 cruise on the new Panorama. FTTF is not yet listed as an option in the home port shore excursion list. Anyone know how far ahead of the cruise they add it as an option to purchase? We want to jump on it as soon as it is available. Thanks!
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