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  1. Thank you so much. That was just the information I was looking for, much appreciated.
  2. Hi Ruth I did a Forum Search before posting, as recommended by the website quidelines. Sadly nothing answered my question.
  3. On the last day of our cruise we have several hours to kill before our flight home. We've done the Island tour + airport transfer a couple of times before so we'd like something different. Does anyone know of any taxi port to hotel > hotel day-pass > taxi hotel to airport Trips? Our cruise line, Seabourn do not offer this option and don't seem interested in it. Thanks in advance fellow travellers:D
  4. Hi We've done our Princess Cruises a few times and as you, decided to try something new. So far we have tried Seabourn, Silversea, Oceania (regent7seas sister), Azamara, Celebrity, P&O and Princess. For size, entertainment etc. I'd suggest Celebrity Cruises as they have everything that Princess have but newer and funkier. If you book at the right time you can get a drinks package and onboard credits. Royal Caribbean isn't for us as the ships are too large but I'd let someone who's cruised with them give you feedback on them. Silversea is fabulous for luxury and food but there's very little to do in the evenings. Seabourn is much the same but just a tad below Silversea. Azamara is the same cruise line as Celebrity but the ships are smaller, call at smaller ports and have a few more things included. It's more relaxed than other small ships with no formal nights but people still dress quite smart. They do have dancing to a love band but no nightclub, plus you get a wider range of nationalities onboard. They also do an Azamazing evening on each sailing which is included and always fabulous. I hope this helps but if you have other questions please ask :-) Caio Lolly Sent from my KIW-L21 using Forums mobile app
  5. Lollyk

    Super Shuttle

    Hi Just got back from a cruise in Miami and our TA made reservations with Supershuttle from the airport to hotel, hotel to cruise, cruise to hotel and then hotel to cruise. Airport to Hotel - had to go outside and stand at the Super Shuttle stand breathing in fumes for 35 minutes waiting for a van to arrive (we had reservations and they had our flight details). The van we got had 7 people already inside and its a good job we are both slim as the back seat had to be slid into sideways. Hotel to Cruise ship - no problems, just the two of us Cruise ship to Hotel - didn't turn up - we had reservations and rang when we were ready to be picked up - two hours later we caught a taxi (which turned out to be 50% cheaper than SS) Hotel to Airport - had timed pick up but called to confirm the night before anyway - an hour after pick up time we rang to see where our SS was and were told they couldn't find our booking - I persisted with a painful 20 minute call with [I]Customer Service[I] and eventually got them to locate our booking - got picked up 35 minutes later. So, vans are a tight fit if you aren't super slim. Drivers are lovely. Customer Service are idiots who don't care and the best bit - the printed out voucher does not mean a thing to the drivers if your name isn't on their list. We stood with a gang of twenty other passengers from our ship that had booked SS and none had a trouble free booking. Save on stress and book a proper transfer online or get a yellow taxi. Its cheaper too. Enjoy your travels.
  6. Lollyk

    New 2013 inclusive beverage program details

    Hi English Tim We are looking at trying Oceania or Regent next, are they informal too? Hubby hates dressing up and Azamara does suit us in that way. The staff on Azamara were lovely and I've never seen a Captain so often on any other ship we've cruised on. The officers are also around everywhere and I've heard people on other cruise lines moan about the lack of Officer Presence. I'd definitely recommend Azamara and the only drunks we spotted on the new AI were a couple of tipsy old ladies. They were very restrained, just very giggly :-)
  7. Lollyk

    New 2013 inclusive beverage program details

    [quote name='eleang']Uy... that is sad ... no sparkling wine, no port. I wonder why as in Europe wines are cheaper than water sometimes. In any case I look forward to my first Azamara sailing!!! and I have no choice so I will have to pay for my champagne and porto every day, with the wines I'm planning in ventury with the included ones that rotate as you have mentioned in this board, Im trusting the good taste and choice of their sommeliers. Elena[/QUOTE] We were onboard for the All Inclusive guinea pig cruise (27th March 2013) and I also have a preference for French champagne/cava/prosecco. After sailing with Silverseas where my champagne was topped up even when I didn't want more I kind of expected Azamara to include at least one Fizzy white. On receiving the 'guest feedback' I noted quite politely that the cruise wasn't actually 'AI' when compared to Silversea, just a comment and definitely not a complaint. The next day there was a message on our phone, a very long message, explaining just why there wasn't fizzy wine (no sponsor/supplier) and Azamaras definition of 'All Inclusive'......not necessary and I didn't even make it to the end of the message before deleting it. I'm not a big drinker so the Azamara version of AI is wasted on me (and hubby) but if there could be just one fizzy white wine it would make all the difference or a specific upgrade for French Champagne and San Pelegrino. We will continue to cruise Azamara as we love the relaxed atmosphere but if we want AI then we will book Silversea. BTW, the Azamazing evenings are spectacular :-)
  8. Lollyk

    Just returned from first Oceania cruise

    Hi Sailorgirl I'm looking at booking our first Oceania cruise and I'm hoping you'll be able to tell me about how formal it is? I've done Silversea, Seabourn and Azamara which were all fab but hubby hates dressing up and we both just need a relaxing, chilled out break. Also, you mention that the Internet is expensive, this is important to us as we need to be online quite a lot even when holidaying. Glad you had a good time :-) Lolly
  9. [quote name='Classynfun1']I had tablemates from hell (well, my version of hell) on my 2nd Celebrity Eclipse cruise. I was cruising solo and was assigned an 8 top with 2 lovely couples from overseas (Sweden and Germany I believe) and one couple from the midwest (can't remember where). We all show up to the table on time, me with a glass of wine from the bar, and the midwestern couple give me an interesting look. Everyone is doing introductions and the midwest couple makes it a point to let everyone know this is the first time they have left their hometown (never have even been to a large city or left their state before their cruise) and this is an anniversary trip for them. He is a pastor and thinks it is important to see the world and spread the word of Jesus. Ok, whatever, you know? The Swedish couple doesn't speak English very well but tries so hard to keep up, ask questions, and converse with the group. Everyone orders, the bread arrives, and then, things go downhill quickly. The midwest couple begins to pray and makes notes of praying for all those on the ship, especially the sinners that need salvation that week. I am literally looked at directly by the husband as he says this. The Swedish couple then tries to order a couple of bottles of wine for the table to "celebrate new friendships and occasions." The midwest couple loudly says, "No alcohol for us! In fact, we insist that there be no drinking here. We don't want to spend our anniversary trip repenting for your sins every night in our cabin." Of course, the Swedish couple has no idea what they are saying/meaning and thinks they are asking for their own bottle. No go. Another couple tries to explain and then in another language, the order is completed. Things remain tense, but quiet, until the drink order arrives. Three bottles come out - 2 alcoholic and 1 non-alcoholic bottle of wine especially for the midwesterners. The other couples and myself are falling over ourselves trying to give our seapasses to the waiter as the midwesterners begin to protest, loudly, about banishing the devil and his temptations, etc, etc. I am beyond embarrassed at this point with all the staring at our table from all around us. The midwestern woman starts crying and runs out, the husband says a prayer for us and then leaves as well. We are all just sitting there and then the husband of the Swedish couple asks what happened. The German wife then responded, "something about us being devils and burning in hell. Let's drink to that!" Bwahaha....[/QUOTE] Soooooo, funny. I've only just stopped crying. This should be published in a book of 'funny cruise stories' ...... Made my day, thank you
  10. Lollyk

    Website Pricing Con

    [quote name='Cruise Junky']Start looking at Princess. They just changed their pricing on their website to include all taxes and port charges. Makes it much easier to comparison shop.[/QUOTE] We've just had our TA price up a Princess combo and it's all up front. Plus we actually get rewarded for our loyalty to Princess with a nice free Internet package. Not going to the area we planned but the Panama Canal sounds good :)
  11. Lollyk

    Website Pricing Con

    [quote name='KirkNC']Taxes and port charges are always an add on, maybe insurance and transfers?[/QUOTE] You have hit the nail on the head Kirk. Plus there were the port taxes, grats etc. I'm used to seeing the 'inclusive price' so the additions came as a bit of a shocker. Lolly :)
  12. Hi Lori I just thought I ought to provide another possible explanation for your table mates not showing up after a couple of nights. On most of the cruises we take our appearances in the formal dining arena are very few. We try to appear on the first night just to be friendly but if we are in a different time zone it's common for us to miss the next few evenings due to falling asleep very early :) Our other problem is that we are so relaxed that we can't be bothered to dress up so we go for the more casual option and also we fail to show as we get back to the ship late after a hectic day of zip-lining (or shopping) We do however explain our 'no show' tendencies to our table mates on the first night of meeting so that we don't make them feel uncomfortable. We also give them our room number so that they can call us if they want to take friends onto their table and we happily stay away for the evening :) So, keep smiling and if you get 'no shows' its not because of you, it's because of them.....hope this helps. Ttfn Lolly
  13. Too Good To Be True , yep! I recently spotted a fantastic offer on two Celebrity cruises aboard the Solstice. I went onto several websites, including celebrities own, and worked out the basic price. I then went and found flights that fitted in with the cruises and everything looked fabulous THEN ........:mad: I contacted the websites, including Celebrity and a travel agent and guess what....the prices shown on the website had no relation to the ones I'm quoted.....they add on this and that and random things that soon take the cruise back to the price it was original priced at before the 'reduction'/'offer'/'deal' came in to place. Please can we stop the Fake Offers so that I can just go online and book? Am I turning into a grumpy old giffer at the ripe old age of 45 or does this annoy others too?
  14. Lollyk

    Need Information

    [quote name='Tinkerbellcgy']Book your cruise and start packing and get ready to enjoy yourself. Going by your screen name, I have no idea how much you won but congrats to you on winning. My role in the lotteries is simply to donate to the cause. LOL[/QUOTE] Hi Tink I've just been on the Roll Call for the Celebrity Constelation 7th April and a few of the postees are wondering where you are, they are missing you :) Hope you are well and look forward to seeing you back on the 'connections' posts. Ttfn lollyk
  15. Lollyk

    Adonia Fly Cruise Bargain

    We've just got a bargain for 22 Nov cruise D113. We know the med will probably be rough and a tad chilly but we were booking this cruise in First Choice at the weekend and the price dropped from £2200pp (cruise + flights) for a deluxe balcony to £800pp. If you want to sunbathe or get sea sick then I'd give this a miss but if you like the itinerary and fancy a break its daft to pay more. The only unknown for us is P&O as we've never sailed with them before. We have done Silversea, Seabourn, Azamara and Princess and though we dont expect them to match the first 3 we hope they can beat Princess :)