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  1. OMG,, Where? LOL.. More like $107 for Mobile 1 around here. Ok, all kidding aside. 1. Ships in going now into cold (Luke warm) storage tells me they have no clue when re-start is. Not accusing them. Business decisions are made. My opinion here (and 6 bucks gets me a Starbucks so ), 2021 Q2 is re-start on a limited basis. Peace.
  2. For the record. Pull NY, NJ out of the picture and USA is , well. No different, if not better. I am not accusing NY or NJ. Except NY March 25, 2020 introduced a rule which killed thousands. The Elderly of NY became the victims. So if you want numbers, well Google them. Please. On a lighter note. Given the China/Corona/Covid worldwide convo. You fly to a location. You go to the port. You find out you now are testing positive. You and your travel mates are refused boarding. Oh, now you do what? Get on a plane to head home while sick? Head to a hotel while sick? Hmmm,, Oh yea. It is time to rethi
  3. Yes,, Nautica. Is that an OK ship?
  4. The other O ships do not have a culinary class? 😞.
  5. For a moment Make believe I am asking a Q concerning nothing but what O is good for. I just booked an O cruise, 38 days. Singapore to Rome. 2021. Do not remind me it has less than 100% chances of actually happening. LOL. I'm trying to be OPTIMISTIC here. 🙂. So,, Have been on everything from Carnival (1), Celebrity (8) , RCL (5), Disney (3), Princess (9).... Whats my OMG do this first, do this second, and don't forget to do that!. If you've cruised you understand... Please, Thanks
  6. Heck now to see Alaska you MUST need a Covid Negative test not more then 72 hours before you arrive.
  7. Sorry but this appears to be B S. No one will be comfortable August Cruise travel. This may sound horrible. No it is relality for August 2020.
  8. Ok, 3 Disney Fantasy & 4 RCL Oasis class cruises. We took our granddaughters on all. The first Disney Fantasy they were 3 & 5. Note: the First 3 cruises were Disney and the last 4 RCL. Our Granddaughters are now 9 & 11. I asked them just the other day what would they like to go on if and when the C is over. To my surprise they asked they us if we could book one more Disney Fantasy cruise. With that said, I agree the Princess theme is awesome for young ones. I will add that Disney has clubs for all , children of all ages up to and including us medicare team. LOL. The Di
  9. Yes,, IF NCL can garner 1 Billion USD in funding from another party. Love NCL..
  10. Not the Caribbean,, Maybe Japan, Australia but not the Caribbean.
  11. Hmmm This was Quoted from the Company itself. For once this is real. They have an agreement to receive 400 Million USD IF they can garner another 1 BILLION in funding. This is to sustain them thru. If that funding is not a go then this is a reality for NCL. I am not bad mouthing NCL. I like them. However,,,
  12. Your Country, City, State? These are citizens of our Country, City, State. You are sounding like the drama. China allowed Ten's of thousands to travel for months to the rest of the world. They did not do anything of importance to stop the spread. Do not give them credit. Time to gather and make peace. this is not the end of the world. Calm and wash your hands.
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