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  1. I had a cruise cancelled in April 2020 ... I foolishly took the credits and put towards an August 2020 cruise (also cancelled) ... so now I have a ton of credits and if I were to do it all over I would have just taken the money ... I will live and learn ... but this is the problem ... NCL refuses to refund back to my credit card three spa passes purchased for the April 2020 trip. They were not transferred to the August 2020 trip ... we just indicated that we wanted our credit cards refunded with the amounts. NCL is now saying that they will only offer a future cruise cr
  2. Please forgive me if this question has been addressed as I am new to Carnival and could not find any updated information. Back in January I booked a cruise for this November 2020 ... my final payment is due tomorrow and I know that this cruise is most likely not going to happen. I placed a non-refundable deposit. If I make final payment tomorrow what are my options once the cruise is cancelled ... I am afraid that if I do not make final payment my deposit will be gone ... Thank you in advance ...
  3. Please excuse me if this question has been addressed before ... I just can't seem to find any answers. My April cruise was cancelled and I requested a FCC to put towards an August cruise ... that cruise is now cancelled ... I am at the point where I just want all my money back ... I really don't care about that "bonus" credit amount and I do realize I am not entitled to it. Since I paid in full (as a gift to my family) I want ALL the money returned to MY credit card. Is this going to be an issue? I did not cancel either cruise. NCL did. Also where do I find the accounts for the two
  4. I also I believe I had COVID-19 back in February ... It wasn't a "thing" then but I had all the symptoms as you describe ... My husband contracted COVID-19 in March (a confirmed case) and even though it is highly contagious I never contracted it during the time of his illness in addition to the period of two weeks of self isolation ... I was tested once my husband had a confirmed case and I tested negative ... To this day I have stayed well (knock wood) ... so I really believe ... as you do ... that I had it ...
  5. So ... for those who originally had a "concierge inside family" and retitled "suite" ... are any amenities taken away ??? A "suite" always entitled one to concierge services ...
  6. As a vegetarian for seventeen years I never expect anyone to cater to me ... whether it is on vacation or being invited to a family / friend's house ... and I do realize as some other posters pointed out ... it is a preference ... not a life or death situation ... NCL is very accommodating to people with lifestyle choices. The speciality restaurants can be tough, however. Ask to speak to the person in charge of "special diets" as soon as you board ... NCL will do their best to accommodate ... Unfortunately at this time NCL does not have a special vegan menu ...Royal Caribbean just introduced t
  7. Does the Dawn two bedroom family suite have two bathrooms? Thanks in advance ...
  8. YES ... it is ambiguous ... cut and pasted from NCL site ... I am traveling with other Platinum, Platinum Plus or Ambassador guests in the same stateroom? Do we each get a voucher? No. If there are 2 Platinum, Platinum Plus or Ambassador members in one stateroom, only one Welcome Back Card will be delivered. This gives the correct number of Dinner for Two vouchers the guests are entitled to.For 3rd and 4th Platinum, Platinum Plus or Ambassador members in the same stateroom, an additional Welcome Back Card will be delivered.If there is only a 3rd Platinum, Platinum Plu
  9. I am very frustrated as I have spoken to four or five NCL representatives and I have received a different answer each time. We are three platinum / platinum plus sharing a cabin ... I understand that if two share a cabin you get two vouchers ... voucher # 1 dinner for 2 at Cagney's or LeBistro with a bottle of wine ... voucher # 2 dinner for 2 at Moderno or LaCucina ... Does the third platinum not get any benefits ??? I read the FAQ on the NCL site and the answer is very ambiguous. If you have any experience with this ... please educate me ... T
  10. Good Morning ... This question s twofold ... 1. I will be taking excursions solo ... do I still received the $50.00 credit or is it cut to $25.00 per person per port ? 2. I am also platinum plus ... Is this discount negated or is there such thing as a "double discount" ? Thanks in advance ...
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