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  1. Hi, I am booked on NCL Jade in April 2020 and would like some clarification on the timing of 'all aboard'. For example if the itinerary states were are in port from 9am to 5pm, what time would we need to be back on board? Or if the port was a tender port, what time might the last tender be? Thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks everyone for your responses. I think the ship excursion sounds like the best option for us. The description does not include a visit to Eze or the perfume factory (like a couple of other excursions do), so I hope we can focus on Monaco. Thanks again!
  3. We are cruising on the Seaview and due to be in Cannes from 8.30am to 5.30pm on a Thursday. We would love to do a day trip to Monaco and would like to maximise our time there but not sure if it would be better to do it on our own or just book with an MSC shore excursion. MSC offer a couple options but the "Monaco and Monte Carlo" - 6 hour excursion - seems like it would give us the most time there (includes walking tour and some free time). If the excursion is listed as 6 hours, and the bus ride should take around 1 hour, does that mean we should get around 4 hours in Monaco? - or will part of the time also be the tendering process and general fluffing around before we get on the coach? It doesn't seem that we be likely to get much more time if we do it by ourselves (assuming that we will not be able to get a priority tender and therefore maybe arrive at the Cannes train station around 10am and into Monaco around 11.15/11.30am)? Has anyone done this or a similar excursion? TIA!
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