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  1. I don't think anyone is missing the point. If Grandma doesn't want to go then the entire discussion is mute! If Grandma wants to go then they take one YC cabin for 3 and another YC cabin for 2 - then they can decide what level of YC they want the cabins to be - inside, balcony or suite. That is the only point.
  2. Thanks - here they are: Sept 8 2022 Symphony London to Lisbon Cruisebug722 (Beth/Pam) Sept 19 2022 Symphony Lisbon to Barcelona Cruisebug722 (Beth/Pam) Sept 26 2022 Symphony Barcelona to Rome Cruisebug 722 (Beth/Pam)
  3. Keith didn't realize you were also listing cruises in 2022 - I have a booking on the Symphony but can't seem to locate the "cruise number". Is this something I can easily get from Crystal or must I get it from my TA? thanks Beth
  4. People pay the premium for the Yacht Club for a reason - and it certainly isn't to have others try and get cheaper accommodations for some of their family members and then try and get them the perks of the Yacht Club. Either book all cabins in the Yacht Club or join your other family members in the other open areas of the ship.
  5. Keith please add: July 17 Nassau R/T - Cruisebug722 (Beth/Pam) September 18 Nassau R/T - Cruisebug722 (Beth/Rita) hope I got that right thanks
  6. Feeling very positive. Booked for July 17th and again for September 18th. Hope the numbers are great enough for Crystal to proceed with there plans.
  7. Booked for a week in July and again in September. Hopeful the numbers are great enough for Crystal to proceed.
  8. Have a safe flight home and happy cruising - hope to see you both on board one day!
  9. Clay, thanks for all your blogs - sorry your extended trip is being cancelled. Be safe and enjoy your last days of solitude I'm sure it will be chaos on your return to Florida.
  10. I'm sure they will get you fuel from somewhere but makes for a bit more interesting cruise?????
  11. Oceania has said they will avoid all of Italy. NCL says they will avoid State Department Level 4 areas. Viking had not chimed in at all.
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