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  1. How long does it take for a redeemed fcc to be applied to reservation? I have a final payment due by March 9 and would like to apply fccs before making final payment. thanks!
  2. Update: I finally got through at 4 hours 45 minutes. Had another issue this morning, so called at 8 AM and was on hold for an hour. A few days ago, I called at 8 AM and got through in 5 minutes.
  3. I've been on hold now for 4 hours 15 minutes. Yes, I am patient.. sort of! I know that you may get quicker response first thing in the morning or very late at night. But I needed to get a resolution and thought I'd try... I am still on hold. I know they're busy , but really? over 4 hours?
  4. We’re currently onboard Reflection and love our sky suite. We are on deck 12. Love the larger room... lots of storage space. Luminae has been awesome! This is our first sky suite experience; we have cruised Aqua class many times.... love Aqua, but it will now be difficult to go back! To upgrade for $400 total is a deal!
  5. We’re on Celebrity Reflection and have arrived about an hour earlier than expected. Total of 6 ships, around 20,000 cruise passengers today!
  6. We’re on Celebrity Reflection off the coast of Jamaica heading toward Grand Cayman. So far no update from our Captain as to whether we will visit Georgetown Grand Cayman or change course/itinerary. The seas here are as calm as a lake at the moment.
  7. No, we didn’t have any time in Passau... unfortunately!
  8. Just want to say that we cruised with you on the British Isles cruise on Silhouette and again on the Summit last year to Canada/New England! Hope you're doing well! Bubbles (Pat) and Ken
  9. We returned from Avalon's Blue Danube Discovery on Envision on September 20th. We loved everything about this trip! Some of our friends, along with 6 other bikers from the ship, biked from Durnstein to Melk, where they rejoined the ship. They said it was about a 2-2 1/2 hour bike ride. The ship packed lunches to go and they really enjoyed it. There were probably 10 or so bikes onboard. The onboard Adventure Host was a great resource to those interested in biking or more active excursions that included hiking, etc. Our Cruise Director, Maria Pascual, was absolutely awesome! A
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