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  1. We were on the Magic in March and there was happy hour on embarkation day and the drinks were 1/2 price. I believe the happy hour lasted from 11:30-2:30. Does this happen on all Carnival ships that have a Red Frog Pub?
  2. I can see that. Years ago when they had the big gala buffet at night, I took many photos as it was beautiful but never went back to eat.
  3. This is the same menu we had for a late night snack starting at 11:30pm on the Magic. I stayed up just for that chicken noodle soup...it was so good!
  4. Under my Panorama reservation I have seen the new system where you "add to cart" and pre-pay but now my reservation is back to the old way to make a reservation for the restaurant and do not pre-pay so it has flipped back and forth for me. Not sure why it changed to the new system and then back to the old system but anyone who just wants to make a reservation and not prepay, keep trying back.
  5. Sailed on her in March and had a wonderful time. We were in an aft cabin on deck 9. No smells. As we walked around the decks there were always employees cleaning. I would definitely sail on the Magic again. No complaints. John Heald will be sailing on the Magic in a few days. I am sure he will have lots of pics and videos if you follow him on Facebook.
  6. I have taken the Carnival excursion to Xanantunich and it was amazing! The day is quite long as I believe the drive out to Xanantunich was about 2 hours each way. They entertain you on the bus with history and information about Belize. It is also lovely seeing the countryside from the window. You get to drive through San Ignacio and after the ruins we got lunch which was delicious. You pass on a hand cranked ferry and then take a different vehicle up to the ruins. One nice thing was that we got to climb the ruins (if it is not raining) which you don't get to do on many of them any longer. I would highly recommend this excursion. Google Xanantunich and look at the pictures. They are stunning!!! One piece of advise is that I would only take this excursion if it was offered through the cruise line. Due to traffic, we arrived after the ship was to set sail. The ship waited for us only because it was a Carnival excursion. The tender boat was waiting and whisked us back to the ship.
  7. I wouldn't make a decision on a ship based on reviews. Some people are very unhappy. I have read reviews of people who were on the exact sailing as me and they were miserable yet I had the time of my life. I've been on the Breeze and she is a beautiful ship. I had the exact itinerary as you and unfortunately it was too windy to dock Roatan so the ship made a change to Coxen Hole (which sucked because we didn't plan an excursion as we wanted a beach day and no excursion would drive you over to the beach at Roatan so we got off to look at the shops and returned to the ship after 30 minutes) and then it was also too windy to dock at Costa Maya so we missed that port entirely. I had missed tender ports before but had no idea that you can also miss docked ports due to weather. What I am trying to say is don't base your entire decision on ports. I am a family of 4 and I would save the $1000 and take the Vista. That $1000 can be used for a deposit for your next vacation. The Breeze and Vista are both newer ships of similar size. It would be different if you are comparing an older Fantasy Class ship to a new larger ship. Now, if you had been to the 3 ports on the Vista numerous times and you wanted to try new ports, well, that is different.
  8. Maybe it is their way of hoping everyone doesn't show up at once. I am Platinum and I have to pick a time as well. I was there well before my check in time on the last cruise and I "cruised" right on to the ship. Unless they changed things (which I hope they didn't), I wouldn't worry about it.
  9. When my kids were young, I either left their cards in the room or took them with me. When entering and exiting the ship, I hand them out fast to each child to get scanned and then took them back again immediately. I didn't want them to get lost. Not that it is a huge inconvenience but if lost, you'd have to go to guest services to get a replacement. Sometimes the line is long. I liked the suggestion from vacationlover16 of keeping them on your lanyard.
  10. On the morning of debarkation, the MDR is open from 6:30-8:30. On our last cruise at 8:30, they shut the massive doors and had someone there to let the diners out. I like dining at the MDR on debarkation as the Lido is crazy busy. The service is super fast on debarkation as they want to get you fed and out the door asap. People usually park their luggage at the entrance just inside.
  11. Here is the Magic in March on a 7 day cruise. I imagine on an 8 day, they would have one extra menu.
  12. Here are some of the menus from the Carnival Magic in March.
  13. This would entirely depend on your fellow cruisers. I have had experiences where everyone seemed to want to eat at 5:30 when the doors open and then I have had experiences when we were there at opening and the dining room didn't fill up until we were almost done eating. On the Magic in March, you could put your request in on the HUB app and then you get a notification to come to the dining room when your table is ready. I am not sure if they have rolled this out to all the ships yet. It is a good system as you don't have to stand in line.
  14. This is what I found on the Carnival website: Q: We have two staterooms, but only our minor children, in the second stateroom. Do we still need to book FTTF for their stateroom also?A: Yes, all cabins regardless of occupants will require a FTTF ticket to be able to receive the benefits. https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3470 If you buy only one FTTF and they adhere to their policy, you may have wasted your money. As this is specifically under their FTTF FAQ's I would buy 2 FTTF packages.
  15. I have been using the same TA since my first cruise in 1998. She is knowledgeable and offers great service. I am Canadian. The one thing I like about using a TA (I am not sure if this can be done through a PVP) is that she can book my cruise in Canadian dollars. The exchange rate is the going rate at the time of the booking. I put my deposit down and then I can sit and wait to see what is happening with the Canadian/US dollar during the year (I usually book around a year in advance). The rate is 100% refundable until the full amount is due. If the Canadian dollar goes down, then I am locked in at a good price. If the Canadian dollar goes up, I can cancel and rebook at the better exchange rate. If I just booked online in US dollars, I don't know what the exchange rate will be at the time I pay off my entire cruise. This way for sure I will know what I am going to pay and there is a chance I can pay less.
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