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  1. Thanks to all I went for it.
  2. On the Vista in January, in an inside on deck 7, midship. Have been offered 3242 (obstructed oceanview) at the elevators for $96 more. I am tempted to take it because of the extra room, but fearful of the noise from elvators and lobby. Do you have experience with this area? Would you take the offer? Thanks!
  3. How do you get the OBC for shares? Just bought it today (100) and have 2 cruises upcoming. October & January. Thanks to you all for the conversation.
  4. ShakyBeef, thanks for the info! I do like Earthquake a lot, and Zins in general. And does the gym area not have a sauna that is available to all?
  5. Thank you so much! Like Pinot, but thinking maybe a "big" red! Will make a note of the David Bruce.
  6. We will be on Vista for the first time in October. Have reservations for the Steakhouse on Embarkation night & looking forward to "upgrading" to a nice bottle of wine at 1/2 price. Found someone's posting of the wine menu, but tilted and I am unable to read. Have searched Carnival's webpage, but cannot find anything. If you don't have the full menu, maybe you can recommend a nice red. Also wondering whether there is a whirlpool or sauna open to the public in the spa area. Thanks for any help.
  7. I cannot speak directly about the Elation, but did a CT in February on the Sunshine. I have done CTs on several lines and always have a great time. I don't feel that I have to "clean" each plate, since it is a good amount of food. On Sunshine we had to ask for wine refills and they were pouring one sparkling, one red, one white. Definitely nothing special or "paired". We also started in the galley and no shoes were forbidden. It is not really a galley tour, but a walkthrough of the plating area where we had our appetizers and then on to the pastry area where we got the recipe for the chocolate melting cake. Yummmm! It was chaos back there and I was so impressed with the ability of our waiters to handle special requests from the MDR. These people work so hard. Our dinner was held in the Library and (IMO) worth the extra $$$. Just an FYI....JiJi's food is the best on the ship. For a $15 charge, I will never skip it again. First experience on Sunshine. Also did the Cucina Capitan and thought it was only OK. Have a great time!
  8. I have waited to finalize my paperwork for March 8th on Sunshine & earliest embarkation time available was 1-1:30pm. I am assuming there are earlier times for embarkation & we are Premier cruisers, so have Priority boarding. Can we just show up earlier & if so, how early does Sunshine start the boarding process. Or do I need to stick with thew 1pm time, knowing we will have priority boarding at that point? Thanks!
  9. Any details re Premier you want to share? Was the casino super busy? I am booked on my first Sept 29. Freedom out of Galveston. Very excited.
  10. I have just received my first premier offer and have booked it. Am now reading negative reviews based on crowded casino and difficulty finding tables and machines at prime times. The offer states complimentary cocktails while playing. We usually buy beverage packages. Will my partner and cabinmate also get complimentary drinks in the casino? The "all persons in cabin must purchase" will definitely be affected by the answer to this question. Thanks.
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