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  1. Just wondering if the beds are firm or plush? Also, it is a problem to obtain extra pillows?
  2. We are just planning on taking the Hoppa-on Hoppa Off bus. The website shows all the stops and looks like a fun thing to do for sightseeing.
  3. Looks like only 1 ship in port on our sailing date. So do you drop off luggage prior to going through Customs?
  4. Robson Wine and Beer 425 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6B 6L9 looks at about 3 min walk
  5. LMAO!! Well it took some time for them to warm up to the group!! 🤴
  6. Once we had a couple sit at our table of 8 and on the first night said "we are not suppose to be sitting with a group of people, this is not what i requested". By the end of the week, they were thankful they sat with all of us 🙂
  7. My tolerance level to that type of behavior has gone down over the years and I try to stay or look away. I find people leave their manners or lose all concept of how to act in public when they are on vacation. Then again, some are like this on a daily basis of their entire life. The worst for me are the ones that just let their kids do whatever they want and think it's okay to do. Seriously!! Look after your kids if you decide to bring them with you.
  8. Anyone have recent drink menus or prices on the Solstice. We have the classic drink package and i know the type of liquor it includes and our price limits. What are the cost of singles or doubles?
  9. The cookies at Al Bacio were so good. I'll pass on Creme Brulée, don't like the texture.
  10. Hi, On our last Celebrity cruise on the Constellation, I found that the bars did not have any menus posted. I'm wondering if this is the same on the Solstice?
  11. Hi, Do we still need to ask Cabin Steward to remove items from mini bar to be able to use it for our own refrigerated drinks or snacks?
  12. Hi, wondering if they still have the pop-up shopping kiosk on the ship (Solstice) that usually have good bargains and is there a different one every night?
  13. We are booked in AQ for the 1st time and looking forward to our cruise. I'm curious how busy the Persian Garden is? I noticed on pictures that there is not many chairs in there so how many would it accommodate? To speak of the concern with the location of the rooms etc.. Noise does not bother us to sleep and besides we are not spending all our time in the room.
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