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  1. Just one other point - if you have (or are planning to buy) a drink package, the 20% automatic bar gratuities are included. Thus, when you order a drink via the package, there are no receipts to sign or tips to worry about. We have tipped some extra cash for exceptional service but we have never encountered a bartender who wasn't more than happy to serve us via the package.
  2. I saw this post and thought "how can someone be reviewing the cruise we haven't left for yet...?" See you on board soon, @chicagopaul.
  3. We were not notified, I had just happened to login and see the cabin number on the reservation about 3/4 weeks ahead.
  4. We rented from ScootAround. Very reasonable cost and it was waiting in the cabin when we arrived.
  5. We have not sailed on the Edge but love X and hope you will, too. Our general feeling about X vs. the others huge cruise lines is that it is a quieter, more refined, more mature (but not necessarily "elderly") experience.
  6. 1. Pan Am pier which is not in OSJ. It's a short taxi/shuttle ride away, though. 2. The Sheraton OSJ is in a fantastic location right in the middle of the action. My experience at the hotel was that it was adequate - less than what I would expect from a Sheraton elsewhere. However, if you want to experience OSJ, it's one of the few choices. Check out the El Convento for another option.
  7. If you are sailing on the same itinerary as we are, here is the letter with your options. We opted for the free shuttle from FLL to the Port of Miami. If you are on a different cruise, check the Travel Advisories at the bottom of the X homepage for the correct letter. https://www.celebritycruises.com/content/dam/celebrity/pdf/SI-12-13-19-Port-of-Embarkation-Change-to-MIA-Guest-Letter.pdf
  8. IMHO this is the second best part about having the drink package. No fuss, no signature, and the entire transaction takes about 1/4th of the time compared to actually ringing up a drink. The mini-bars serving beer etc that are set up around the pool area are even faster.
  9. We've asked our attendant for extra beach towels and they were provided no problem.
  10. Typically it's the first and last "at sea" day, but it depends on the itinerary.
  11. We tend to choose smaller sized boat excursions, but if you find yourself on a catamaran with 50+ other tourists, you can hide your valuables in an inside pocket of your backpack/beach bag.
  12. The stateroom attendant will leave beach towels in your room the night before a port day. When you return, just leave them with your used bath towels and they will be replaced.
  13. Now that I can agree with - most small independent TAs are not cruise experts. Our online TA deals only with cruises and they have real, live flesh and blood people in the US. If you aren't satisfied with one TA, keep looking.
  14. First, after sailing those other lines, your son is more likely to be disappointed than you are if he is looking for water slides and rock climbing walls. If you and your wife enjoy peace and quiet and a relaxing vacation with excellent food, you will find X to be right up your alley. This isn't to say that all 12yo boys won't like X. Everybody is different. X is just not really a youth-oriented cruise line and their cruise ship amenities reflect that. With most schools still in session in May, the teen/tween population could be very small indeed. Again, this only matters to some kids. Second, if you are used to suite accommodations, IMHO you will be disappointed by the Concierge Class cabin. It's virtually identical to a "standard" balcony stateroom with a few perks. Depending on the ship, the location of the cabin can be very good, but you can find a standard balcony one deck above or below for less money. X balcony staterooms are excellent but certainly not a suite. With a third passenger in the cabin, you will be cramped at night when your son's bed is turned down. As far as positives - you should find that the food on the ship is excellent, including the burgers and fries at the pool grill. If your son is a picky eater he will find plenty of options - if he likes to try new things, the food options are limitless. IN GENERAL, X caters to empty-nest 40-50+ year old couples who are looking for a quieter and more mature cruise line. This doesn't mean there aren't children...during summer or holiday itineraries there are a good number. But I would expect that a May cruise to Alaska will have very few children. It sounds like you got a great deal, though, so do some more research (specifically looking at stateroom photos etc) and as long as your son will be happy to see Alaska with his parents (and not necessarily pal around with a bunch of other teens/tweens rock-climbing and water-sliding), you will have a great vacation.
  15. Our web-based TA always gives us an additional $75+ OBC, their trip insurance is better, and the 3rd party insurance will cover our self-booked airfare. Other cruise lines we have seen the best fares on their website (CCL).
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