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  1. The British Colonial Hilton has the easiest access that you will find. It's all on one level and the exit from the lobby is less than 50 feet from the pool and beach. It's small, quaint and not a resort (business hotel) but the staff is on point and willing to help.
  2. You are going during off season, so even a party boat isn't really a party boat. Check with your cruise excursions. Your arrival time is after most excursions leave for the day.
  3. 'Currently, this is still true. But Atlantis is up for sale, so things may change in the coming season. Noone knows what 2020 will bring.
  4. Keep in mind that depending on the time of year, the pool / park hours change as the days get shorter. In the fall and winter months, the park closes at 5pm (some day's earlier as it gets dark at 4:40 or so. In the spring, summer, the pools/park are open until 7
  5. I don't know of any that aren't packed to the gills with cruisers.
  6. Depends on your expectations. It's a very popular excursion. You can have fun and go with the flow, or sulk because it's crowded. Also, they rarely go under sail, due to time constraints and the fact that they are in the harbor for a good part of the trip. I enjoy the trip. Rose Island is beautiful, and if you do the all day tour with lunch, it's a nice offering. If you don't mind Styrofoam and plastic forks, it's fine. Some complain because they like to. The same for others in this category.
  7. The guide is giving a verbal tour of what you are seeing as you pass thru the harbor. Which hasn't changed much in 20 years... therefore, his "spiel" doesn't change either. Did you want him to make something else up??
  8. Does that rate include taxes, gratuities, VAT and resort fees??
  9. Yes. If timing is no issue, then go for it. Usually cruisers are in a time crunch.
  10. The ferry boats are located just to the right of the port exit. Follow the walk a block to the water. There will be plenty of folks hawking "ferry boat to Paradise" along the way. Don't purchase round trip, you'll likely want to just grab a cab going back, although traffic backs up on the bridge around 4:30pm and can take quite a long time. Ferries leave every 30 minutes from 9:30am to 6pm .. Not on a true schedule, just 30 minutes after the last boat filled and left, so they don't adhere to timing.' Just relax, it's an interesting ride. $4 per person and a little tip for the guide. Margaritaville is just across the canal. Just go up the path, cross the street and you can see it from the road.
  11. The only place at Atlantis that is adults only is the Main pool at the Cove tower. It used to be named the Cain Pool.. I think it's Sip Sip now (not sure of the name). The pool between the Cove tower and Reef is restricted to Cove, Reef guests. All else is open to all. The Cove tower is NOT adults only as some may think. The beach loungers in front of the Cove/Reef are for Cove/Reef guests only, but the beach itself is open to all guests. The Cove beach used to be off limits to Day Pass users, but that has since changed and anyone can use it.
  12. The food tour changes venues from time to time. Stairs can be an issue depending on where they go. Also, part of the tour includes going slightly uphill, so if someone has mobility issues this could be a problem. Contact the vendor (not third party) for a list of current vendor locations for the date you are arriving.https://www.trubahamianfoodtours.com/
  13. Last ferry is 4:15pm/
  14. Regarding traffic heading back to the ship: Traffic going back over the bridge starts to back up around 4:15pm and remains backed up until around 6:15 or so. Head back before or after for a quick 15-20minute ride. During "rush hour" it can take the better part of 1 hour just to get back to port entrance.
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