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  1. Check online at the tripadvisor forums and also keep up on the oucgovernment websites. Lockdowns and 14 day quarantines are still in effect and hotels are annoouncing extended closings "until further notice". Some rental homes are giving false information about what people can and can't do. Right now, those arriving can only go from airport to your rental without stopping even for groceries. Noone is allowed to leave the property for 14 days. Beaches are only open from 5am to noon. And only those homes ON the beach allow access. Making a wedding nearly impossible. Keep checking.
  2. At this point, there is no telling which venues will survive and which will be out of business. There is not telling this early what will happen 9 months from now. The Bahamas is barely open.
  3. I would wait til they reopen. It's likely that they will not open at full capacity which may make day passes scarce of non existent at first. Right now, all Bahamian islands are still in lockdown and under curfew. When the open, they will not be in full open mode for some time. Third party vendors do not have the inside scoop on what's happening. The PM hasn't even decided when the will reopen businesses.
  4. I will take your word for it, I still don't see it. I do see that members have to be 18, and there is special pricing and deals for members. Doesn't make sense.. Oh well..
  5. Which website are you getting this age requirement? I don't see it posted on the CSPI website, and I see that 3rd party sites like Bookings, etc say there are no age restrictions for check it. It's confusing. Last summer my 19 year old grandson went with his friends, none of which were 21. Is this a new thing. Just asking, it may have changed.
  6. I believe that the age requirement for each room is 18. So you will need at least 2 ppl that are 18 or older. They will need ID and a credit card in his/her name. Not yours if you are not registering as a guest. They will need to be responsible for all both at Comfort Suites and at Atlantis. All guest must be present when registering.
  7. Melia's day pass for children is $60 (5-12) Breezes doesn't allow kids under 14. (Spring Break is 18 and older)
  8. During Spring Break and high season, guests must be 18 years old to use Breezes Propery. Any other time, you would need to show ID to show you are 14 or older Melia would be my choice.
  9. Sure, pigs don't interact until they are brought out on the east end of the beach. Peacocks seem to mind there own business in the shade. Easy to avoid.
  10. The walk to the Hilton is easy and takes less than 10 minutes from the Port exit. If you u must grab a cab, its $11 for up to 2 ppl and $4 for ea. additional person, plus tip. Generally, a cab is not needed unless someone has walking issues.
  11. Sandy toes owns a section of the island and maintains private tours and allows outsiders on Sundays . Flying Cloud and Seahorse as well as a few others use a different stretch of beach a few miles west of Sandy Toes, with far less infrastructure. They mostly pay by "head". Either beach is spectacular, the difference is Sandy Toes has permanent structures used only by their guests, while the other beaches are more casual. The peacocks and swimming pigs are at Sandy Toes.
  12. Pearl Island is mostly hard coral, cement and decking. There is not much beach and not much shade. Blue Lagoon and the best beaches but mostly shallow water, and can get very crowded. Balmoral has a nice beach but it is facing the mainland, and very busy. Atlantis is never my pick, but i'm just not a fan.... there's a public beach next door that is free. you can rent a chaise and umbrella. MY personal favorite is anything that takes you to Rose Island. Sandy Toes, FLying Clouds, Seahorse, etc. The best beaches for relaxing. Without the crowds.
  13. At that time of day, you should go with the cruise tour. It's unlikely that any regular tour operator will go out that late. Most afternoon tours leave around 1pm/1:30 so you will miss them.
  14. Since you are arriving in the middle of spring break, I would book in advance. During high season and spring break, the hotel sometimes cuts off walk in day passes. If it's important to you... book in advance. As for kayaks etc. There are only a couple. I didn't see any paddleboard last time I was there. They sometimes have see thru viewing mats. Depends on what get's broken during the season. This beach is a relaxing and quiet beach. If your kids need to be active, this might not be the place for them.
  15. There is some crowd control, but it still is long lines and packed to the gills. As for your wanted to wander around, you can't without a day pass. Be aware the most dolphin encounters do not allow access to a swimming beach. Just the beach used to view the dolphins Make sure which passes you are purchasing.
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