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  1. Oh I didn't even think to check the Pullmantur board! Good catch. As others have stated, Infinity and Constellation haven't been upgraded yet, I would tend to agree that those would be the ones to move to Pullmantur
  2. https://www.cruises-info.com/2020/11/pullmantur-cruises-update-2-millenium.html?m=1&fbclid=IwAR1qp-Wo48C0gJ3P76UmcJFooxX9mZVDBkj_3n-f6wXMkVXwLLWoxEMgma4 Saw this linked on FB. Can't vouch for the veracity of the site, since I can't say I've ever seen it before. I also haven't heard of any other cruise ships referred to a "Millennium Class" other than the current Celebrity ships. Thoughts??
  3. I have to ask....where does your husband get those suits?! In particular the $100 bill one and the one with the flamingos. My wife would never let me where that, which just makes me want to get one even more....maybe sneak one on as a surprise on our next cruise 😂
  4. I once saw someone bring 2 trunks on the Celebrity Summit out of Cape Liberty....though I'm guessing those people drove to the port instead of flying.
  5. I had read somewhere that if you buy a coffee at the coffee shop that there's pastries available as well....it looks like there's a spot to keep them there on the counter. I can't really tell from the photo if there's actually anything in the case. If you get a chance, can you confirm that they've still got the pastries?
  6. Well on the plus side of this....one time I left the keys for the luggage locks at home and didnt realize until we were on the ship. (needless to say DW was not too happy). I quickly started Googling and came across a video similar to this and I was able to get in our bags. So if you ever forget the keys, this is something useful to know 😂
  7. Obviously the best kind of bees! Boo bees 😂 Awesome review, really making me look forward to our Empress sailing in October!!
  8. I've stayed on Deck 2 multiple times on Summit. I've never had issues with noise from below. There was one time where the AC unit for the room was kinda loud, but that shouldn't be an issue since the Revolution updates.
  9. Oh I remember this one! I actually did a little fiddling in Acrobat and got it to bring like a little booklet on 1 sheet of paper. My wife then carried it around with her during our cruise to check off the drinks she'd tried.
  10. Here you go: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BsykXmdAxnY0hOSZOys9ixw9qAEsCduOteFDtkGilno/edit?usp=sharing
  11. No lost teeth yet, but I did have a molar that was bother me last week haha The only person I mentioned the cruise to was the wife and she definitely didn't book it. So I have no idea who bought me the gift lol
  12. Well for all those people that complain about how long it takes X to release new itins, sounds like that got 2039 covered haha
  13. It doesn't show that anything's been paid, but it also doesn't show a balance to pay....
  14. I've had something weird happen, not sure if this has happened to anyone else (especially with Celebrity's IT track record 🙄) The other day I was checking on the price of cruise on the Summit, (October 20 - reposition to San Juan from NJ). I didn't place a courtesy hold or enter any billing information since I just wanted to check the price and then see how much vacation time I had left. Well yesterday afternoon I got an email from Celebrity with my reservation confirmation, including a booking #. This morning I got another email saying "Thank you from LLP for booking". When I
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