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  1. Thank you for the great review! Just curious... what books did you read?
  2. My husband proposed during a cruise via a scavenger hunt. He left a note for me in the cabin saying he went for coffee and told me where to meet him... when I got there a crew member handed me an envelope with my picture on it and the note inside had the next place to meet him... I started at the bottom of the ship and ended up at the top where he got down on one knee... The only thing that could have made it better would have been a secret photographer (so good on you for thinking of it)!
  3. We were on our first Medallion cruise in May. I really enjoyed interacting with my little sea creature avatar that I created with one of the Ocean Ready apps - it's meant for children, but the sea creature is supposed to appear when you wander by one of the tv screens that are in the elevator lobbies or around the ship. However, I would often be disappointed because I wouldn't see my little guy and my husband's creature would pop up immediately.... Then I realized the problem - I kept my medallion in an RFID protected clutch... the medallion couldn't be read until I removed it (Facepalm).
  4. The other option, if you are overnighting in SF is to do the first tour of the day to Alcatraz before you leave SF... again, they will likely sell out, but it's nice to get to Alcatraz before the crowds arrive.
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