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  1. We are staying at Novotel at Clarke Quay in a couple of days time. It’s near to a MRT station and quite central. Clarke Quay I saw an entertainment precinct so the eateries can be quite pricey but hey if you are on holidays then you tend to roll with it.
  2. It got so cold we had to turn the ceiling fan off. 🤣🤣🤣
  3. We are looking forward to some winter weather in the Northern Hemisphere. We don’t get much winter up here in FNQ. This year winter for us was on a Wednesday in late July.
  4. Thankyou. We have some interesting and new (to us) ports to enjoy this time around.
  5. Aboard Sapphire Princess celebrating NY after a day in Taipei. NY day to be spent at sea heading to Busan. Wishing all all those who are travelling or staying at home a safe and happy holiday and a great start to the new year.
  6. Lol, Obviously not one to appreciate the finer things in life. ;p
  7. I've just had one now for lunch and they weren't being shy on the portion control - I reckon they packed the contents of a 12" roll into my container. ;p;p;p
  8. Travelling in March will see you arrive in the north in the middle of our wet season - its glorious if you don't let a bit (or a lot) of rain ruin your day. Its low season for us and a very different way to experience the tropics. Technically there is a risk of a cyclone and while I can't guarantee you a cyclone experience you would have to be supremely unlucky to catch one. Best way to enjoy the Tropical Wet Season is to pack your sense of humour and adventure.
  9. Do you know you can just order a salad bowl from Subway? That way you can get the contents of the what goes in the bread served up a bit more nicely and avoid the waste of tossing the roll.
  10. JacintaH

    Koh Samui?

    Thanks for your thoughts - I'm happily concluding that keeping things simple will be most suitable and keep us happy.
  11. JacintaH

    Koh Samui?

    Funny you should share your experiences - it was one of those TV Cruise ship shows where Azamara docked at Koh Samui that prompted me to write my post. It looked like an unpleasant scrum on the dock and the "can't be bothered's" started to kick in. I do like the idea of a lazy stroll, beer and massage too so that could be as complex as the itinerary for that day gets.
  12. JacintaH

    Koh Samui?

    Thanks for that idea - we really aren't the type who would appreciate that type of attraction. I've been spoiled and have travelled to see wildlife in its natural environment.
  13. JacintaH

    Koh Samui?

    This is one of our ports of call in December 2018 and I’m struggling to find something to do that interests us. In the past we have always taken every opportunity to visit a port and now feel conflicted about maybe choosing to stay on board on this occasion. Our main aim for this particular cruise is to enjoy a good rest after a long and busy working year and sample some new countries. We have been to Bangkok on a previous cruise and enjoyed the hospitality and culture of the Thai people. Is anyone able to point out to me anything we might regret missing if we choose to stay on the ship while at Koh Samui? Thanks in advance 🙏🏼
  14. This December will be our fourth Xmas Cruise. To date we’ve only cruised with Celebrity. We don’t celebrate Christmas but are happy to see those family groups delighting in their family celebrations. In our experience people can celebrate as much or as little as they please without feeling out of step with the crowd.
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