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  1. My cruise was for August 21st. Frankly I'm glad Virgin Voyages cancelled it. My friend & I did not want to take the trip this summer after the pandemic broke out. I do not believe I would have been able to rebook and was waiting until it got closer to summer to see what happened. We will rebook for next summer as I cannot take a trip during school months.
  2. I'd love to read it. Would you send me a PM?
  3. Removing Betsy Hotel from the list. I just can't justify that price. I thought I might use points to book it but I'm not going to. Down to 5
  4. I have been combing through TripAdvisor and looking at hotel websites for costs for an 1 night (weekday) stay in late August. I've narrowed down to 5, maybe 6, hotels. If you have stayed at these places, would you tell me about your experience? All of them mention beach chairs but a couple say the chairs are stored in the close and you carry them to the beach. Is this the norm? Only one hotel indicates (on TA) you go directly to the beach and get the chair from an attendant at a beach hut. I'm looking at: Winter Haven, Autograph Collection Hotel Victor Room Mate Wal
  5. Same here. It's moved me from Sea Terrace to Central Sea Terrace to Limited Sea Terrace. Website still shows correct cabin.
  6. Yesterday I downloaded the iPhone version on my old iPhone and thought we were upgraded! Originally booked in a regular Sea Terrace, the APP was showing us now in a Central Sea Terrace. 😄 But when I logged in from the computer, our original booking showed. Then this morning the iPhone APP showed us moved to a Limited Sea Terrace. I logged out and in again. Now I can't get the APP to work period. Ah well - off to get the Android version. Hmm... still shows me moved to a Limited Sea Terrace. When I log in to my account from a computer, all is good. Just an APP gli
  7. Never mind my previous post. I believe the person I spoke with was incorrect telling me I could use the $300 towards anything on board. It looks like the money can only be used for drinks. Hence, it's a drink package by a different name. 😄 I couldn't possibly drink $400 worth of drinks so I'm passing on this offer.
  8. I'd like clarification on the $300 onboard credit part. At first I was thinking of nabbing this deal as I thought I could use the $300 onboard credit to pay for casino, shopping, other things onboard and excursions. Then the lady I spoke with said I could NOT use it to pre-pay/pre-book excursions. I could only book excursions with that money once I was onboard. Does that not mean I risk in having an interested excursion book up before I even board if that's the case? She also said it's a use or less for the $300. If I do not spend the entire $300 while on board, I do not recei
  9. I have been trying to figure this out as well. I came across an article that west side of north Bimini near Bailey town. https://www.bizjournals.com/southflorida/news/2019/07/18/a-first-look-at-virgin-voyages-beach-club-at-bimin.html
  10. Those are at least twice as thick as I thought they would be based on the first photos. I'm not sure how comfortable they will be after all. I wonder how heavy they will feel.
  11. That may be but it is still something I know nothing about. What company do the cruise ships contract with the run the hop-on hop-off? What time does it start? Those are my biggest two questions I hope to find answers to soon. I'll have to start searching and see if I can locate any information.
  12. Hey, hi. I'm glad to see someone started a roll call. I'm on this cruise as well. I have only been on one cruise before (Allure - April 2018). I'm excited to be cruising again. This time no teens. No husband either. 😄 I had promised one of my close friends the next time I won a trip she would have first chance to say yay or nay. So we're going. My husband is a good sport about it as we did go on our first cruise together (extended family cruise) and we are planning another in 3-5 years when the kids have moved out and on with their lives. Now I feel like I owe my other close 2 frien
  13. Yes. I'm on a late August cruise. I'm interested in the POST Hop-on Hop-ff Miami+MIA transfer. I'll be looking forward to reading experiences people have with it.
  14. I really like the look of the band/bracelet. I was thinking of purchasing a couple of rope and anchor/hook bracelets for my friend & I before we cruised as it was. Now I'm glad I haven't yet.
  15. Thank you for the link. I was trying to locate information yesterday on VV's website but could not find it. Oh my gosh. I have to wait longer for my port. It's not up yet. 😄
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