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  1. Anywhere that allows you to take your dog sounds like a perfect trip! I hope you enjoy your road trip and cruise in January! 🙂
  2. With all that's going on in the world, only thing we can do is stay positive and look forward to our trips. 🙂 Are you booked on any cruises coming up?
  3. Great news! Did you have to call in? If so, how long were you on hold for?
  4. Just saw you canceled and rebooked on March 11th so the email doesn't apply to you. But that sucks that you were just off by 1 day. 😞
  5. Oh wow, my fellow Arkansans. I am originally from Rogers/Bentonville area. Where are your departing ports of choice?
  6. Thank you. My fur baby in my avatar also passed a couple of years ago. 😞 I am so sorry for your loss. Stay strong, my friend.
  7. I hope it works out for you as well as the rest of us! 🤞🏼
  8. I was able to reach someone yesterday. The only problem was, I was on hold for at least 45 minutes to 1 hour. 😣 and I called as soon as they opened.
  9. For a longer trip and not that much more? I'd go for it! 😉
  10. Yeah, Iwas VERY annoyed by the time I had gotten to her because I was already waiting for 1.5 hrs at that point. And the way she kept on telling me made me feel like a child. And she must've repeated herself 5 times. But I held back because she was doing me a solid favor. also, be sure they don't change you from an Early Saver to a non-Early Saver, because if prices drop again, you can't do another price adjustment. I don't know if that's what you were referring to when you meant losing your price matching.
  11. When I say I got "lectured," I got LECTURED by the supervisor for using the form and not calling. She kept on telling me that this is why they never advise people to use the online form because it's managed by a system versus you calling and talking to a human being who can discuss the changes and whether or not you'd like to proceed. Also, you may lose perks such as onboard credit or anything that was previously offered to you when you submit these forms. You can at least talk to an agent when you call and see what your options are.
  12. I had originally booked a reduced deposit fare ($500 per stateroom). So when the system changed it, they lowered the price, but that deposit for that was $1,000. So because I was still making payments, I had to pay $500 within 2 days or they would cancel my cruise. I had booked 3 staterooms total. There was no way I was able to come up with all of that in 2 days. So instead of making me pay that now, she just changed it to where I could just pay off the balance in 3 months which was when it was originally due anyways.
  13. I am going on Sept 12 too, but on the Vista. My extended family is joining us and it's their first cruise. I would hate to have to cancel it so we are gonna hold out until Carnival cancels our cruise.
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