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  1. Anyone know if they have bikes in the gym and what kind? Would love to see Peloton Thanks Fran
  2. No, Arriving in the morning the day of the cruise
  3. Transportation from Orlando airport to Port Canaveral??Looking for recommendations. I am traveling single TIA Fran
  4. Oh no, I hoped this was late enough. Did you catch any Northern Lights?. I couln't leave later since my grandson starts school the following week
  5. Me, too. The last time we went on this cruise, we saw nothing. it was very disheartening. I'm hoping that we will have better luck this time. We went in May last time, thinking August will be better
  6. Smallest Ship we have been on was with Azamara, believe it was about 700. I was on a maybe 200 passenger river cruise in China. I am looking forward to the small ship and have no problem with a restful time, although we will be touring often. Nothing like relaxing and watching the scenery in Alaska. I will get to the show early. On this particlar trip I can't wait to do the land tour included in the package. Hope to get up front and personal with the wildlife. Missed the whales last time.
  7. I have been on small ships and I am not worried about the entertainment, or even the lack of it. I was just curious. I cruise to relax and see the world. All cruise are terrific. It's aways what you make of it. Fran
  8. I am going August 16. I would love to know what shows you found. Thanks Fran
  9. Hi, Anyone have info on shows are entertainment. I know it’s a small ship so I am not expecting a broadway show but wondering what type of entertainment there will be, or special activities TIA, Fran
  10. I LOVE ginger beer with vodka (Moscow Mule), lime and a bit of ginger too.Hmmmmm
  11. We are Flying in from Maryland. Don't know if I will have time to get to a store in Vancouver and I don't want to bring an extra suitcase for soda. I travel very light with one 24" suitcase so I won't have room to pack any. Still looking for confirmation of onboard price. Thanks guys Fran
  12. Hi Folks, Can I find out how much a single soda costs? My grandson usually gets a soda package but I am not sure it is worth it. I searched but did not see the answer. We are crusiing again in August Thanks Fran
  13. I am traveling with my friend, she is out of New York, and I am out of Baltimore. We will fly cheap to Los Angeles the day before. We will fly together to New Zealand. I don't think we have any more time to make a stop like Fiji, although I would love to, since my friend still works (3 weeks needed already for our travels). I am a little nervous about booking a lower class and then upgrading, however I did that exact thing when I went to China. You guys rock, love all the help Fran
  14. Thanks for all the help. Looks like we can afford business class. Not as bad as I thought. Fran
  15. I understand it is far away. Just trying to see what airlines folks are using now, ones that have already booked air. Thanks Fran
  16. What Airlines does Princess use if you book air through them? I am looking at a cruise in 2021 and would like to get an idea of airfare. I know prices change but airlines would be the same. Thanks in advance for any assistance Fran
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