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  1. I need info on the Breeze aft facing cabins, specifically any disadvantages with cabin 7461/7460, compared to say 7464. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  2. That's a ditto for starting this new thread!🤓
  3. We had a mini on the Gem....sister ship to the Jewel, and we loved it (liked the extra space). With an Alaska cruise you won't have much activity on deck 12, especially at night.
  4. Your memory is still good. I found out about this change in Sept.. It is sad, you no longer have the ability to change your mind. To me, this is as bad as the change for the final payment date.
  5. As many have posted, this is no deal at all. I booked a Panama Canal cruise (2021) in Sept., with a 15% discount, and just did a mock reservation. My 15% cruise is $400 pp less.
  6. Really didn't need one until Corona came along. I am a relative newbie with Carnival, and had many questions about transferring a booking to Hawaii. She is extremely helpful (the best!) IMHO. Have booked four more cruises with her since our first call with her.
  7. 2008 - NCL - 143 days 2010 - Carnival - 14 days to date, with 43 to come
  8. For those of you who sailed the Joy and the Bliss, and had an aft facing cabin (not Haven), are they comparable in depth on both ships? Thanks
  9. Thanks all for your input. We have sailed a mini suite on the Gem a few years ago, we were below the pool (which on our cruise wasn't bad), and we were able to pick our cabin. I was hoping to get some feedback for cabins underneath the gym, buffet, and other possible trouble spots. I have the same misgivings that many of you expressed. We enjoy aft-facing cabins as well, but the price for those are way to high at this point....so we will go with category "BA". Thanks again!
  10. We are considering a cruise on the Pearl, and looking at the mini suite "Sailaway/Gty" category. We have never considered this category before, but we are now. What are the advantages, and the disadvantages. I know you don't get to pick your cabin, and you lose most of the perks, but this is not a big concern for us because we are Platinum+. To those that have experienced this category, what insight can you give? Thanks in advance.
  11. We have used OBC for our shore excursions, but as mentioned above, call to set up your reservations. Once you have taken the excursion, the $50 perk kicks in.
  12. Here is your data Marc......I made a reservation on the Jade out of Tampa in Feb/2019, and the "fare" only, no taxes etc. was $1869 pp category BA. Just checked out the same cruise today, and the "fare" is $2319. The axiom "supply and demand" will always come into play, although NCL has been raising their rates for a very long time.
  13. Of all the cruises we have sailed with NCL (to the Caribbean), this is the first time I have seen Grand Turk on any itinerary. I actually thought Carnival Corp had excusive rights to the port.
  14. We will be sailing on the Magic, and the Radiance next year. Do the bathrooms have an electrical outlet (for a night light)? Thanks
  15. I would pick the third option, the Breeze, primarily because of Bonaire. We like to snorkel, and the island "little Bonaire" has some of the best snorkeling we have done. All of these itineraries are great, although we have never been to HMC.
  16. Which deck do you disembark if your on the Magic?
  17. We have not sailed on Carnival for several years. Does Carnival have early embarkation for those folks that carry their luggage off, or do you have to have FTTF to do so? Thanks
  18. The last I heard (this board) was that the POM terminal was going to open sometime during May-June. Is this still the case, or have you heard/read of a different time frame?
  19. As mentioned in another post, roaming the ship is a good way to see what is going on. What ship will you be on? If you are on a mega ship, your interest will mostly be forward (OL) and aft. If you are on a "Jewel" or smaller ship, all sides will be of interest. The promenade deck is ideal for roaming on the smaller ships (except forward). Be prepared for hot and humid conditions, maybe some rain.
  20. We did a cabin crawl on her, and the mini suite we viewed didn't have a bath tub, but a large shower.
  21. My only suggestion would be to call around. We found ours by calling one who advertised on CC. Having learned the hard way, grill them with questions, make sure they have experience (3+ yrs), and are willing to work with you, as well as for you.
  22. Pearl/Jade/Gem/Jewel Dawn Star Bliss Sun (least favorite), but will be on her in Sept. 2020 Would love to try another mega ship just to compare with the Bliss.
  23. I can't answer for other cruises on the Bliss, but on our cruise Spice was practically dead, which was nice for me because I could pick were I wanted to camp. I have a feeling it just didn't get discovered. Also, the slides and the go-karts were a blast!
  24. We were on the Bliss 5/18 for a trip thru the PC, and like you we prefer the smaller ships. I too like to find quite spots to read, and Maltings Bar was my go to spot, although as mentioned in a previous post, the Waterfront would also be a good spot. The Observation lounge is also a good spot to relax, but it can get very busy. The garden café was a zoo most days, especially lunch and dinner, so you might consider Savor or Taste for meals. Personally, I wasn't that impressed with the shows.....way too long. But you might like them. Hope this helps!
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