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  1. Dear Duquephart: We have eaten at the Olde Hansa Restaurant inTallinn. The food is fair (some good dishes and some bad misses). The service, facilities and decor are very nice giving a "middle ages" feeling. The belly dancer and musical accompaniment are enjoyable. It results in a nice evening out. However, the prices (and overall quality of the food/price ratio) are very high for Tallinn and it has a very tourist feel.
  2. Dear CW and ORV: First, thank you for the Marina drydock update. Regarding my comments on needed refurbishment, I did not say that Marina was in bad shape but rather needed some updates and refreshing especially if it "sits" with minimum upkeep for a year! Areas that need attention include public area carpets, cabin carpets, the Terrace cafe (tables, chairs and décor) and the Culinary center. I look forward to sailing on the Marina in August. Additionally, the service and staff were excellent. Joel Barry
  3. Dear Fellow Cruisers: We were on the Marina Rio to BA cruise in February 2020. We are also scheduled for the Marina Baltic Cruise on August 29, 2021. We greatly enjoyed the Rio to BA cruise but the ship was in need of refreshing and updating. The drydock scheduled for Spring 2020 did not occur. Does anyone have any information as to whether or not any work is being done the Marina while in port at Genoa? An additional year with minimal maintenance would only further the need for upgrades and refurbishment!
  4. Dear "L": My surgery was at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore in an special orthopedic wing. I was walking within two hours of the surgery and followed the entire 12 week protocol (but was always 1-2 weeks ahead after week 2). I never took any medications after day 3 of the recovery. Since you live in Maryland, consider Mercy. My surgeon was Dr. Marc Hungerford (head of the department). Good luck. Joel Barry
  5. Dear "L": I returned from a month in South America (including a 12 day Oceania cruise) on February 28, 2020 and had a complete hip replacement on March 9. During the cruise and trip I was in pain but got through the events with help of a cane and friendly staff and people. Have your surgery prior to a major trip including long air flights is my recommendation. I am 76 years old and quite active (play competitive Pickleball). Full recovery (run and jump without any restrictions or pain) was 12 weeks. Good and easy mobility (walking stairs and 1-1.5 miles) was 30 days. Have the
  6. Fellow Cruisers: We were on the Rio to BA cruise (Marina) in late February 2020. We enjoyed the cruise and the ship. Some of the statements made in the above posts are wrong based on our experience. BA needs the income from cruisers and the cruise lines and people like us that spent an extra four days in the country. The country recently defaulted on its sovereign debt and the Argentine Peso is worthless on the world market with high inflation. Entering Argentina was very strange since there were no custom agents at the port and we never presented our passports. Upon leavin
  7. We received our refund for October 2020 Bangkok, Bali and Beyond cruise in less than two weeks. We had paid the entire fare and received the full amount minus a $100 per person service fee. We also received a $300 FCC. We were pleased with the response time and process. We look forward to sailing with Viking in the future. Joel Barry
  8. Dear Fellow Cruisers: Canada has extended its ban (ships with more than 100 passengers) on ports and waters until October 31, 2020. No Alaska cruises that use Canadian ports or waters for this year. The last Alaska cruise last year left Vancouver on November 1. Joel Barry
  9. Dear Fellow Cruisers: We were booked on an August 2021 cruise (Baltics) . We received a brochure and E-mail from Oceania. Our category was $1,000 per person less than we had contracted for. I called our TA and Oceania reduced our costs by the $1,000 per person amount. We received a new booking contract within minutes of being on the telephone with our TA and Oceania. We were pleased. Stay safe! Irene and Joel Barry
  10. In late February 2020 we ended our Rio to BA cruise on Oceania Marina. The cruise was very enjoyable. We spent an additional four days in Buenos Aires (day trip to Colonia). We enjoyed the food, architecture and museums/sites in Buenos Aires. We were in town during the last two nights of Carnival. The streets were packed. My wife and I bought thought that this was the perfect incubator for Covad 19 . Argentina had reported no cases at that time. It should have reported no known cases. It is sad, Argentina has had such a regrettable history. Only the ordinary people will suffer.
  11. We are in our mid 70's and had fully paid for the Bangkok to Bali October 10, 2020 cruise on Viking Orion. We like both Viking and Oceania for our cruise experiences. My wife was nervous about the two sixteen hour + flights and lack of quality medical facilities in Southeast Asia and had some concern about being on a cruise ship with 900 other passengers. We decided to cancel the October 2020 cruise since we were within our $200 cancellation period. We contacted our travel agent on April 7 and she contacted Viking. The full refund (minus $200 fee) appeared in our checking account on Friday,
  12. A cheer for Peregrina651. She always provides succinct and informative answers with additional pertinent information when appropriate. Joel Barry
  13. Dear Dutchess V and Mrs.f: Thank you for the information on the Mah Jongg sets on Marina. I will bring my 2020 card along. We have some very close friends that live in Pleasant Valley and she plays Mah Jongg. Irene
  14. We will be on the Marina out of Rio de Janiero on February 12. Does anyone know whether or not Oceania has Mah Jongg sets on board? Thank you in advance. Irene
  15. Dear ak1004: Thank you for your comments on the R class ships and the "excursions desks". Perhaps we all need cruises with more sea days. Wishing a happy and safe New Year for all members of cruise critic. Joel Barry
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