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  1. Thanks, Hotsauce! That's a great suggestion. The excursion page doesn't list a "tag along" option, but maybe the Shore Excursion desk can help me once we board the ship. We want to snuba in St Thomas at Coral World and snuba excursions must be booked through the ship according to the Coral World website. Otherwise, we would just grab a taxi to Coral World and book the snuba right there on our own. Then my husband could just hang around the beach until we were finished. ATVs in San Juan sound like fun!
  2. Thanks for the fast response! I was thinking I would probably have to pay the full price for him to tag along. I guess I was just hoping they had a "tag along" option/price 🙂 Thanks for the help.
  3. Hi, I have a question about Carnival shore excursions. We are a group of 5 sailing on the Breeze this summer. Four of us would like to do a snuba excursion, one does not; however, he would like to join us and watch from shore then hang out on the beach with us for the rest of the port visit. Is it possible for him to take the excursion provided transportation to the site? I know we would pay for his transportation, but would we need to pay the same amount as a full snuba excursion? Does anyone know a number I could use to specifically ask excursion questions at Carnival? I used a private travel agent and did not book through Carnival, so I do not have a Carnival PVP to ask. Thanks for your help!
  4. Yes! That's exactly what I was remembering. Thanks for the help.
  5. Does anyone know if I can use my Starbucks gift cards at the Starbucks shop on the Breeze? Thanks for the help!
  6. Thanks for the review! I have a question about tipping...did you tip each time the server brought you something or did you tip at the end of your stay? I have reservations for the AI package, but want to make sure the server is taken care of. Thanks
  7. Yes, I saw something offered under Excursions on the Carnival website...look for excursions in Miami. Not sure if they take your luggage to the airport for you, but they do store it while you tour around.
  8. We bought some Motorola walkie talkies on Amazon and they worked okay. I don't think we'll bring them again, though, as they seemed to become less efficient the further apart we were. My boys kept them for airsoft wars :)
  9. That video made my day! And thank you to all the kind posters here...what a bunch of nice people all in one spot! How refreshing!! :)
  10. I found it odd to sign for complimentary room service as well. However, I imagine it is just a way to keep track of orders. We ordered several times on our last cruise and it was on our end of the cruise statement of charges...but the charge was always 0.00. If you order a beer, mixed drink, soda, etc there is a charge.
  11. Maybe a dumb question...but...do you have the room service waiter bring your food into your cabin for you? I have always met him at the door, taken the tray, signed the slip and tipped him all right at the door to the cabin...am I supposed to let him in to put the tray down??
  12. Is the barrel metal or plastic? How stiff are the bristles? I also have thick hair that I blow out to straighten and most of the brushes I come across have really soft bristles that don't seem to make it through my thick hair...especially when it's wet. Thanks!
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