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  1. If anyone is still watching next season, we should do a thread on Tyra's outfits. 😄 It looked like she was wearing a blanket in that blue dress!
  2. I like him a lot too. He really impressed me as a person, I just thought he wasn't as strong a dancer as the others. It was nice that the judges got to make a formal entrance instead of just sitting at the table. I agree, the season went by fast!
  3. Ugh, we're back to a popularity contest instead of people voting for the ones with the most talent. Having the judges decide between the bottom two helps, but only if the weakest person is in the bottom two. 🙁 Tyra's outfits continue to be horrible. I loved Carrie Ann's red dress with the cape this week though. Very pretty and flattering. And Justina looked lovely with her red dress and long hair too. We're down to one more week.
  4. I'm still watching and enjoying it too. But whoa, I just Googled Gleb and Chrishell and found out that he's splitting with his wife and there's rumor that it was because of Chrishell. I hope that's not true! It's sad regardless of the reason. What made you wonder if they were a couple? I hadn't picked up on that. Their last dance was sexy, but Gleb's dances have always been like that. It was why I didn't like him his first season. He relied on sexy too much and was kind of "one note". The icon inspirations were fun. Tyra pulled off the Jennifer Lopez gown pretty well but t
  5. Am I the only one still watching? I thought this week's show was great! The costumes, concepts and music were killer - from Carrie to Black Swan. Everyone played their characters so well. Since it was Halloween-themed, it wasn't a good week for cruise clothes. But oddly enough, Tyra had her best look yet with that silver dress (minus the crown). Carrie Ann was adorable. I'm not a big fan of Gleb or man buns but Gleb with a man bun looked pretty good. Maybe he's growing on me. 🙂
  6. I enjoyed last week's show because we got to know the stars a little better as they shared their stories. Even though I wish they picked better-known stars (at least better known to me), sometimes it's nice to learn about someone I don't know as much about. For example, I like Nelly much more than I thought I would! Derek's dance was fantastic. I like him as a judge too. I hope he'll continue. Now it's Monday again. What will Tyra be wearing this time?? 😄
  7. No one else watched it this week? I guess Derek will be dancing next week. He seems pretty good as a judge so far. Honest critiques but said in nice ways. I didn't care for any of the dresses this time. It was 80s night so everything was very costume-y. I thought Tyra's dress was her best outfit yet. I liked the colors of the dress and her makeup. But then she came out in that green thing. What was that? She was like a glittery leprechaun. I didn't get it.
  8. I actually liked this week's show. Now that the first two couples are gone, all the dancers are all fun to watch. It doesn't seem to be a popularity contest yet, although it's hard to tell so early on. Jesse is my least favorite and I thought he was going to go this week. Ok, Tyra's dresses are UGLY. Both of her dresses this week were awful and I hated the racoon eye makeup. And is it just me or does anyone else have trouble hearing and understanding her over the fake crowd noise? Bring back Erin and Tom! Carrie Ann's dress was her best one so far. I wish I cou
  9. Before I even comment on the outfits, I just wanted to say that I saw three different stars messing with their cell phones during the show. That is so disrespectful to everyone working on the show and to the audience. Why did they even have their phones with them up on the balcony? I'm guessing they wouldn't have done that if there had been a live audience but there's just no excuse. If the stars can't even pay attention to the show for two hours, then why would anyone else tune in? Ok, off my soapbox now. 🙂 I agree about Tyra. Her outfits were awful. I hated the
  10. I hope you get to sail and if you decide to spend some time in Baltimore that everything will be reopened by then. But even with COVID, we were able to see a good bit. A very interesting area and great for walking around. There were scooters to rent too, which will get you around faster but I am not coordinated enough for that. 😄
  11. I wish we would have had time to take the water taxi. They have cut the number of routes down because of the virus but there was one running. We just didn't get a chance to fit it in. It would have been nice to see the area from the water.
  12. I agree with all the comments. I liked the new format better than I thought I would, but it was strange not having a live audience and I really missed the band. Hopefully Tyra will grow on me. She was a bit stiff but maybe just nervous and I give her credit for keeping the pace moving. I didn't like either of her outfits. The red dress was way over the top and the pink and red pantsuit clashed. Too much hair and necklace. I liked the color and sparkle of Carrie Ann's dress but didn't think the top fit her very well. My favorite outfit was Jenna's 40s-inspired dress. So cla
  13. We cruised out of Baltimore last year but didn't spend any time there pre- or post-cruise. Now I wish we had! Last weekend we were there again briefly for a wedding and walked around the Inner Harbor. What a neat area, a great place for walking. If we cruise out of Baltimore again, we will definitely plan at least one extra day to explore. Besides the Inner Harbor, it would be nice to see Fells Point, Little Italy, and Fort McHenry. I hope it's OK to post a link to my review of the Inner Harbor. http://susancrow.blogspot.com/2020/09/baltimores-inner-harbor.html
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