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  1. Someone currently on Serenade has been posting the Cruises Compasses. For vaccinated guests there is main seating at 5:30 and MTD from 6:45 to 9 (no second seating). For unvaccinated groups, there is main seating at 5:30 and second seating at 8 (no MTD). The dinner times shouldn't mess with show times because there is only one show at 9:30. 6:45 is usually about the time we like to eat dinner anyway so that works out ok for us. But the 9:30 shows, ugh. Hopefully we can stay awake. 😄
  2. I purchased a drink package using onboard credit but now I would like to cancel it and get a different package. Will the charge be put back into onboard credit and if so, does that happen immediately or do I need to plan to use a credit card to pay for the other package?
  3. Thank you, c-leg5! I saw some reviews yesterday for Jaime's that looked good. How is that area? It seems pretty far from the lighthouse but maybe I could ask the taxi driver to stop at the lighthouse on the way there so I could take some pictures? I imagine they would charge a little extra for the detour.
  4. Would love to hear more! What is included with the all-inclusive?
  5. We'll be stopping in Costa Maya on our Serenade of the Seas cruise next month. This is our first visit and I'm having trouble finding much information on the port. I think we'll probably just explore the Malecon. If we take a taxi, can they drop us off at the lighthouse? How far a walk would it be from the lighthouse to the restaurants and beach spots? Is there a place to rent chairs or do we rent those from a restaurant? Is there a place to arrange for a snorkel tour? Any recommendations and advice (and pictures) you can share would be most appreciated.
  6. Did they take you to three different locations for the Island Traditions tour? If so, did the honey and tequila parts take place? Royal Caribbean says the tour is 4 and a half hours long. Celebrity says the same tour is 3 and a half hours long. Seems pretty long for a tour like that.
  7. Keep in mind that our experience was pre-covid. I don't know when your cruise is but with the ships sailing half full right now, I think it will be pretty quiet late at night. I'm not even sure if they are having the 70's party parade. I don't remember hearing music at night except for during the party and my husband and I are very light sleepers. I think my objection to our promenade room had more to do with the lack of natural light than to noise. And honestly, you can have a noisy cabin anywhere if you have rude "neighbors". On one cruise, some group on our deck stood outside our door yelling down the hall at all hours of the night. 😞 If your son likes the lights, I think you should go for it. It is kind of fun people-watching from your cabin. Get Deck 8 if you can.
  8. We had an promenade room on Deck 6 on Independence. There weren't any oceanview cabins available and I thought I would like it better than an interior cabin, but if I had to do it again, I would hold out for an oceanview. Even though there is a window that looks out on the promenade, it still felt like an interior cabin with no natural light. The noise wasn't bad except during the 70's party, which unfortunately didn't get started until 11 o'clock. We're early sleepers so I wasn't happy about being kept awake till midnight. But other than that night, we didn't have an issue with noise. Usually the promenade is quiet late at night. If your son likes changing lights, he might really love a promenade room. Try for a cabin on a higher deck. If you decide to stay with the interior cabins, you'll be able to see pretty lights anywhere in the promenade. Some ships also have changing lights on the pool deck at night but I can't remember if Independence did or not. I've got a couple of pictures of our cabin here: http://susancrow.blogspot.com/2017/03/independence-of-seas.html Don't miss the ice show.
  9. Does the dinner include a group photo or a photo with the Chef? Do people tend to dress up?
  10. Agreed. Sharna is an amazing coach but I think it would be really difficult to coach your boyfriend. And the judges were right - they spent too much time making about it them.
  11. I really enjoyed Disney week. It seemed to bring out the best in everyone. I loved seeing how the pros fit the Mickey dance challenge into their routines. Can't comment much on the dresses since most were costumes. I liked Carrie Ann's dress the second night (but not her gray-ish hair). It was good to see Cheryl and Cody back in the ballroom.
  12. Did they really require reservations for My Time Dining? We've never made reservations before and just show up when we feel like eating. I hope that hasn't changed.
  13. They've always encouraged reservations but it's never been required. We just go when we want to go and so far, it's never been a problem. Hopefully it won't be on our cruise next month.
  14. Cozumel, for sure. It's been a few years since our last trip to Mexico so I'm planning to stock up. 🙂
  15. A drive around the island is great. The road goes in a circle all the way around and there are lots of places to stop. Where you stop will depend on your interests and how much time you have because there is easily enough to see to fill a whole day. Some ideas: Punta Sur park. This might eat up some time but it's worth it if you love lighthouses. You used to be able to climb to the top of the lighthouse but I'm not sure if it's currently open. El Mirador for photo ops of some beautiful rock formations. Lots of bar to bar hop. Our favorite is Coconuts. It's at the highest point of the island with great views and good food. Or have your driver recommend one or two. San Gervasio Mayan ruins. This could eat up an hour or two. Since you've already seen Tulum, you might not want to use your time there but if you like ruins, it's a pretty nice (and fairly compact) site. I posted some pictures of our most recent Cozumel driving tour here, if you're interested (scroll about half way down). http://susancrow.blogspot.com/2015/01/cruising-into-new-year.html
  16. I was able to change the check-in time for our November 8 Serenade cruise from 1:00 to 12:30 using the app. Is there a place where we're supposed to put in our vaccination information?
  17. I didn't notice it when I watched last night so I pulled up a YouTube video of her performance. It looks like she had some of that black tape on the back of her leg. I'm seen it on athletes, especially runners, and I think it's probably supposed to help with injured or sore muscles.
  18. Tyra's outfits are definitely not cruise worthy. Well, maybe the second one could have been used for the napkin folding demonstration. 😁 The first one looked sort of like she draped orange garbage bags around her body. So odd and unflattering. Melanie C's dress was pretty and cruise-appropriate. Poor Cheryl looked like she could hardly keep her eyes open but she still got into a dress and make-up. I hope she recovers quickly! I wonder how her partner will be able to practice this week. I'm sure they could assign him a temporary coach but not if he's still quarantined.
  19. I knew six this time but I didn't realize I knew some of them until I watched the show. 🙂 And I knew Olivia Jade for the wrong reasons. Let's hope she's grown up and learned some lessons.
  20. I am! I liked Carrie Ann's dress but I was definitely concerned about a wardrobe malfunction. 😃 Still not a fan of Tyra. Her clothes and makeup are awful. I miss Tom and Erin, but at least Len is back!
  21. Thank you for this! My vaccine card is missing one of the lot numbers but I went to the site and was able to download and print out the information. Very helpful.
  22. Thank you for this post. My vaccine card is missing the lot number for one of the shots. I'd better get that corrected before our cruise.
  23. I'm having the same issue for our November 8 Serenade cruise. I could start the check-in online but it wouldn't let me pick a boarding time. When I try the app, I see my sailing but when I click on it, I get "We're working on the fun." Too early or IT glitch?
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