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  1. I live in this area but on the TN side. There is next to no Coronavirus concerns here. Pretty much everything open. A few masks here and there but most people are not concerned. 250-350 will buy a very nice place in this area
  2. Have now received all of the cruise fare refund for 3/14 cruise but still nothing on the drink packages or internet. Anyone getting refunds for these yet?
  3. Received another refund on our 3/14 cruise this morning. It just showed this morning but was dated April 9th on my Citi account. Still about $500 short on the cruise, $140 on internet packages, and $859 on drink packages. On a side note. Cancelled trip to Hawaii for August. American had our airfare refunded In 4 business days and had our accomodations refunded on 2 days.
  4. We were scheduled to sail 3/14. We filled out the form for a refund immediately. Today received $138 refund. I think this was the initial deposit amount I paid. I booked through a travel agent that fronted the first $500 of the deposit. Hopefully this means the rest will be on its way soon
  5. Would be nice if they were utilizing their employees to process our refunds instead of calling people for no good reason trying to get them to switch from a refund to a fcc. They say they're short staffed and overloaded with refunds to Process and that's why no one is getting their refunds. Seems to me they don't want to refund people and are trying to hoard every bit of cash they can. I understand the business mindset behind this train of thought but Carnival Isn't the only people in the world that need their money at the moment.
  6. A. So if they found out at 530 maybe they should have let their passengers know like royal, msc and NCL. All 3 of these lines made it public shortly before Trump's tweet, but not Carnival, therefore "communication issues" B. Royal and NCL were operating that day. We were sitting at grills eating coconut shrimp while the Mariner of the seas had muster drill and sailed just before royal made the announcement of cruises cancelled as of 3/14 C. If this is the best they could do then they have some serious issues D. Tell you how they have handled this poorly?? Just read back throug
  7. A. They have communication issues because people had to find out from president Trump on Twitter that their cruise was cancelled. This was not the case with other cruise lines. There has been no communication since 1am march 14th while they are holding all of our money and we have done everything asked of us. B. Not sure what the acceptable time limit should be. Maybe we should ask one of the other cruise lines or president Trump's Twitter account. C. No nothing like this has happened before. Doesn't mean they haven't handled it poorly D. I will most definitely take my cruise d
  8. Agree.. the refund is not going to make or break us either. But like you said it's the principal.. the extremely poor communication, the "I don't care attitude" they come across as having
  9. We totally understand. We made our way all the way to cape Canaveral to sail on the 14th only to get an email at 1am informing us the cruise was cancelled (many many hrs after every other cruise line made announcements and Trump announced it on Twitter). We knew there was the chance it would be cancelled but that's not the issue. The issue is Carnival obviously has communication issues, or they just don't value their customers. I filled out the form the following day requesting full refund and still to this day not even a confirmation email, much less a refund on the cruise, the drink package
  10. Well sorry but royal, msc, NCL all can tell their customers but carnival... Nothing.. come on. Atleast give us an Email, phone call, something, so we can move on with our lives
  11. So we have to find this out via a "Trump tweat"????? Come on Carnival you can do better than that.... Royal, NCL, MSC all announced earlier.... And you leave us in limbo???????? We understand the reasoning but come on....
  12. Yea we were at grills. Watched the carnival liberty and Mariner of the seas sail with very very few people on deck. Heard the sun do lifeboat drill but never did sail. We just want to know something.... We are fine either way, just need to make a game plan, let employers know, etc. If we don't sail we need to get back home and get back to work to conserve vacation time if possible.
  13. Lol We are sitting by the pool at the Radisson In cape Canaveral... Supposed to board the breeze tomorrow... Just waiting for the shoe to drop so we can drive back to Tennessee tomorrow..
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