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  1. My travel agent just got back to me and he was able to get us almost $600 additional onboard credit!! Awesome 👍😁
  2. Explorer has also moved from the Bahamas and has been in and out of San Juan repeatedly over past week or two if that counts for anything. She was actually docked in San Juan yesterday.
  3. Carnival never had any plans to sail from san Juan. Royal had vision scheduled to sail from san Juan Sept and Oct but was cancelled at the same time the start up dates for explorer were announced.
  4. So I'm assuming we're SOL since we have already made final payment? Not super familiar with carnivals policy at the moment. Sailing Mardi gras Oct 9th and rates are down from when we booked
  5. So it seems there's no real advantage of trying to do "walk off" (other than not having to find your luggage) unless you luck up and have muster station A6 , b6,or b7. Otherwise you are just as well off getting an early luggage tag? We usually Carry our own luggage and try to hit the road as early as possible and make the entire drive home. Just trying to get an idea of what time we can potentially be off the ship. Its been great following your travels this week. I have sailed solo many times in the past (before the wife and kid) and it was great. Total Freedom.... Some people just don't understand lol
  6. Do you by any chance know what hrs Java blue serves the sandwiches, calzones, etc? Thanks for taking the time to post all this
  7. How was the mask enforcement today in old San Juan? We love old San Juan and will be on the Mardi Gras in Oct. Really looking forward to it but the thought of having to wear a mask outdoors while roaming around old San Juan in that heat all day is sort of a buzz kill.
  8. Looking forward to this review. We are booked for Oct 9th. Normally sail royal but are looking forward to this new ship! We are booked in a cove balcony. Has anyone else noticed the lights underneath the lifeboats that seem to shine in on the cove balconies? I noticed it in the early morning pictures above. Great pictures by the way!
  9. We feel the same way. Have no intentions of doing the mask thing. We have the vision out of San Juan booked for Oct. Have serious doubts it will actually sail but Lord knows Royal isn't gonna tell us. So today we bit the bullet and booked the Mardi Gras for the same week. Royal is our favorite line and San Juan is our favorite departure port but between it being doubtful that vision will actually sail, Royals stance on requiring vaccines, being a port intensive itinerary with undoubtedly lots of different local protocols etc (or even itinerary changes), being able to drive instead of fly, and most of all the face diapers we are at ease with our decision. We will wait it out for the125% if Royal cancels or cancel under CWC if by chance it does go
  10. We have seen this guy many times through the years. We always start laughing and proceed to tell him how famous he is online. That gets rid of him real fast lol. On a side note, is everyone still wearing masks in San Juan even outdoors? I thought this was lifted for vaccinated people a while back. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the info. We have talked it over and are 100% committed. We are tired of waiting on royal to make their mind up and it doesn't seem they are in any rush to get rid of the mask protocols. We are tired of being in limbo and want to book something with atleast a "good" chance of actually happening and hopefully without a mask mandate. Plus the Mardi gras looks awesome and we will be able to drive instead of flying. With all the craziness around covid and Delta blah blah, Being able to drive, be flexible and avoid the air travel sounds great.
  12. I will try to explain the situation lol. We are fully vaxxed. We are booked on Royal Caribbean out of San Juan Oct 10. I am pretty sure it will eventually get cancelled. Even if it doesn't if royals mask protocols remain the same we intend on cancelling with the "cruise with confidence" and pushing the FCC to a future booking. So we are thinking of booking Mardi gras Oct 9. Just wanted to know all of my options before booking, just in case by some miracle the cruise we have booked on Royal sails and they come to their senses about the whole unvaxxed passengers and masking thing. I just want to be up to date on current policy. Thanks for the help😄
  13. I'm guessing they want to know if you are vaxxed or not when you book to close that loop hole??
  14. Thanks Firefly. We are looking at Oct 9th. So if we needed to cancel we could claim unvaxxed and get refund. Am I understanding this correctly?
  15. Sorry I tried to use the search function but couldn't find exactly what I'm looking for. We are typically Royal Caribbean cruisers. Royal has the "cruise with confidence" where you can cancel up to 48 hrs before sailing and get a FCC. Does Carnival have anything like this? And if they do how long before sailing do you have to cancel? I looked at their website and it is sort of vague. Says something about being entitled to a credit if during a "public health emergency" but really didn't give any details. Thanks so much for your help
  16. Hopefully it all works out and the explorer sails as planned. Maybe royal will wise up by then and go with vaccinated cruises and get rid of the masking protocols, etc, that add another wrinkle to all the uncertainty. We are also booked on her Dec 26th. I am more hopeful for this cruise then our vision cruise in Oct. We love sailing out of San Juan. It is by far out favorite port to sail out of. Have done freedom and adventure multiple times. We like to spend a day or two in old San Juan pre cruise. The atmosphere is so much different than it is on a short half day cruise stop. The islands on the southern routes are the best in the Caribbean, but with that said who knows how many of them will be ready or willing to take ships when sailings begin, especially if royal keeps insisting on unvaxxed passengers.
  17. I would think the explorer has a better chance than vision does. Explorer is scheduled to be there for a full season. Vision is only scheduled for Sept/Oct. Not sure royal would want to go through the hoopla of getting the vision certified to sail from san Juan for such a short stint.
  18. That would be great... Who knows what they are thinking at this point. Hopefully some info will be released soon.
  19. We have Vision booked for Oct. Reading between the lines I don't expect it to sail. But if it does and ends up having the same mask protocols that they have announced for every other ship we are out... At this point I just want it cancelled so I can book something else.
  20. Well still nothing from Royal about their plans for Sept/Oct. Carnival announced their Sept/Oct ships to restart and protocols yesterday. Surely Royal will release something soon.
  21. I assume the "allowing up to 5% unvaxxed" is directly related to carnival and celebrities tactic of getting around the Florida law. Technically it's not "required" to be vaxxed but there's limited inventory for unvaxxed. What a cluster
  22. I agree with you. NCL should use a work around as other lines have and start sailing at 95% vaxxed. It's time to get moving. No masks and loosened restrictions. I was just pointing out a few reasons they may prefer 100% vaxxed. Obviously they feel if they want to sail at 100% vaxxed they should be able to and I agree with that. Like someone else said perhaps they are in financial distress and this is the beginning of the blame game
  23. So celebrity and carnival are both sailing out of Florida 95% vaxxed with no problems at all. Seems NCL is not ok with 95% and they want the full 100%. No playing with fire, No health exemptions, no child exemptions etc. Considering the state of the world at the moment and the speed the vaccines are being approved for younger ages (I have a child myself) I have no problem with this mindset, especially for start-up when there is so much at stake for the entire industry. Ports of call may favor ships that are known to be 100% vaxxed vs others also. I like desantis but this law is making a difficult situation even more difficult for the cruise industry. They have been through enough at this point
  24. Do they have any live music on the pool deck? Been away from carnival for a while. I remember at one point years ago they tried to do away with the pool bands. Thanks!
  25. I don't blame you one bit. If things remain this way we will bail out on our Oct cruise also. It blows my mind that after having 16 months to sit around and ponder this is what they come up with. Like you said "catering to the lowest common denominator". Makes absolutely no sense. I agree about the bait and switch. They are not technically "hiding" the protocols from people but they are definitely not making them clear and up front either. They seem to want to wait until close enough to sailing date to disclose them that it puts people in a tough spot as far as cancelling and finding another alternative. They expect people to be so desperate and excited to cruise that they just go along with it. Things are very fluid due to covid but royal could definitely do better.
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