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  1. Cruise Lines have to do limited capacity. They also need to have a significant amount of cabins to use for isolation if necessary. And, there is pent up demand and reduced capacity. Look at how many ships have been sent to the scrapyard. The cruise lines will sell every cabin they have available.
  2. Here's the thing with every single cabin reservation, different cruise lines, etc., different things have happened. It is almost a year since all these cancelations started. One would think that the cruise lines would have automated this process. That there would be, at the very least, a consistent process. But no.... RCI/Celebrity has been the most proactive in issuing refunds, etc. MSC the least.
  3. This is the issue, when things go wrong as they have this past year, MSC fails miserably. There are thousands of passengers who have not received a refund or a FCC. MSC continues to tell people to wait, for cruises that were supposed to sail 9-10 months ago. Keep in mind, that I did board the ship. The Grandiosa was very nice. But MSC has consistently failed to help people that had cancelled sailings. We were literally left at the pier. NO ONE from MSC assisted us with getting a hotel or flights home. My travel agent was strung along for 9 months as well. When we checked in for o
  4. Using numbers from 2020 and 2021 are meaningless. Who knows how the cruise industry will shake out. But reputations mean a lot in the cruise industry, and MSC is regarded as one of the worst.
  5. MSC has always had a bad rep in the travel agent community, let alone CC. When I worked at American Express, we were to discourage booking them, because of bad experiences. Having lots of ships and private owners does not undo, how badly run the company is. The only reason that I booked MSC, is because MSC and Costa are the only cruise lines sailing in the Mediterranean, in March. Family did not want to cruise with Costa, so we gave MSC a chance. BIG MISTAKE! We have the FCC, which I did not request, because we wanted our money back. It is just endless grief with MSC.
  6. Now that Azamara has been sold by Royal Caribbean, I would not hold my breath on Azamara. Celebrity is excellent in the Med, with Princess and Holland America, in 2nd. But I would wait to book any cruise right now, because I cannot see cruising's return until Jan. 2022.
  7. I would suggest that you are the minority in being happy with MSC's refund process. There are thousands who have not received refunds and/or FCC for cruises that were to sail 6+ months ago.
  8. You need to watch some of Emma's other videos. For the US, I don't think there will any cruising until the 4th quarter. Vaccinations are going very slow. Mutations are occurring all over the world. Don't get your hopes up! As far as MSC, I was travel agent for 29 years. Now retired. MSC has a horrible reputation the travel agent community. I finally booked them for March 2020. It has been endless grief. Never again! I'll spend a $500 more and go on one of the other lines
  9. Can you cancel? I think the chances of this cruise going is less than 10%. First, the CDC will not allow any cruises from the US, longer than 7 nights. 2nd- if this was a little later, your chances would be a higher of the ship doing this cruise. I think MSC will leave this ship in the Caribbean, if it gets over here in April.
  10. The way it was explained to me....roll eyes please.....your FCC is nested in your original reservation. Take this as meaning another 9 months for anything to happen. Like out of sight, out of mind. Not on a list to be refunded. "Nested" means on track for you to book another MSC cruise. Getting MSC to refund something from March 2020 or doing a CC chargeback, well, it is not going to happen. You cannot fil
  11. There was no link. The certificate was a PDF attachment.
  12. MSCExistingReservations@msccruisesusa.com Yes, we did use a TA. She was not advised.
  13. Early this morning, I received an email from MSC containing our FCC. Our sailing was March 12, 2020. We actually did board the ship as well. But we were ordered off the ship. I can only think that CC and Christopher Elliott, Inc. had to have some influence in this happening. For people who were to sail in March 2020, check your email. You may have a FCC!
  14. Totally not true! The other cruise lines have treated their passengers much better than MSC. I used to be a travel agent. I still have many friends in the travel industry. All the say the same, MSC is horrible in customer service.
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