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  1. So thankful to FDR for sticking to his guns! I would not sail on a ship that doesn't require vaccinations.
  2. You should read this article prior to sailing because it has useful information about sailing post-pandemic from the point of view of someone who just sailed. Note Celebrity is requiring all passengers over the age of 16 be vaccinated AND provide a negative Covid test. I am sure there will be countries/islands requiring vaccinations so wondering how that will work with this legal fight going on between NCL and Florida if Florida says NCL can't require them and the island you are sailing to does. Also interesting, some of the islands are not letting you off the boat unless you are on a ship shore excursion so even if Oceania allows you to use private tour companies, the actual country you are visiting may not. Here's the link to the article: Americans are cruising again. Here's what it's like onboard (thepointsguy.com)
  3. As of today, NCL is still fighting with Florida on this issue with their lawyers. Frank Del Rio said they will just sail from other ports if this sticks in Florida. To quote: "Cruise ships have motors and rudders and can move." Thanks to Frank Del Rio for fighting this fight. I will NEVER sail on a ship that doesn't require vaccinations.
  4. I am so sorry to hear this. I have always enjoyed both Jim and Stan's pictures and information on cruising.
  5. Does anyone know if the renovations for the Regatta are on schedule? Their website says it should be done by Sept 2019. We booked the Australia/New Zealand cruise for Jan 2020 and want to make sure the renovations are completed as we have heard the current ship is "tired" and "needs upgrading."
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