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  1. That's been our experience. That small group was always fun though. I fear that the larger VIBE will take away from that experience. That was always the selling point for us.
  2. They just doubled the size of VIBE on the Getaway. Will be interesting to see how much demand there is. Whenever I have been on VIBE on the Escape or Getaway it has never been crowded. Seems like people buy the passes but never go.
  3. We are pretty shy so for us it was the chance to meet people, hang out at the bar, etc... Doubling the size will take that intimacy away. I also doubt that they will increase the staff at the same ratio they increased the space.
  4. That area of the ship has been replaced by the laser tag. Nothing has been announced that would be similar to Spice H2O but I do wonder where they plan to have the deck parties.
  5. My understanding is before final payment is made you can cancel. If so they can't stop you from cancelling and re-booking at the better price. So it's just easier for them to lower the price and credit you the difference. Having said that, all of my cruises have been "last minute" so I could be wrong.
  6. But have you been able to drive that car in those 3 months? I suspect people think that way because they haven't received the actual product/service yet. Of course once you make final payment, they owe you nothing. Take the offer and run.
  7. Also she can only buy for herself. All people have to be present.
  8. On our first cruise they were playing the song from Titanic in the MDR.
  9. The solution would be to assign boarding numbers within the boarding group. You could still let disabled on the ship first but not allow them any special access to vibe, spa, etc until others that arrived before them have a chance. Of course that is too much work considering less than 5% of passengers even know about Vibe. There is no easy solution.
  10. I have been in VIBE on my last 3 cruises. Two on the Escape, One on the Getaway. All 3 we got lucky with later boarding groups (I think 2 through 4). There are 2 reasons we like VIBE. First is you get to know most of the other people as well as the bartenders. We are shy people but this kind of forces us to meet people etc... Because of this we have met fellow cruisers that we still keep in touch with. Second is the umbrellas (when the wind allows for them). We burn pretty easy so can only spend limited amounts in the sun. As others have said, the area outside VIBE is a good alternative for the bar but it unfortunately doesn't have any umbrellas. This is also true in Spice H2O. As others have said, I have never been in VIBE where it was remotely close to full. There are always tons of available loungers. Seems like they could sell more tickets or start offering some later in the cruise. Having said all of this, we are starting to get priced out 😞 .
  11. Crazy to me that the Fantasy is still sailing. I was on her for my honeymoon in 1996 and she wasn't brand new then.
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