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  1. I am sorry for your loss. Thank you so much for sharing this information, as I also want the be buried at sea, from a cruise ship. I even have a life insurance policy to pay for my family to be take a last cruise with me.
  2. In my laundry room, on top of that basket of things that need special handling.
  3. I have always been able to find someone I recognize from the ship sitting on the beach. I look for a couple with two sets of gear. I talk to them, asking how they like the cruise. I ask if the both go out at the same time to snorkel, and usually they say they take turns because of their personal belongings. I offer to watch their stuff while they go together, if the will watch my stuff while I go. I have always been able to goo out and enjoy myself without worrying.
  4. I think Air Canada is suggesting checking in 3 hours before your flight time. Not sure who you are flying with, but I would check with them.
  5. Makes me wonder why people love FEESTYLE cruising so much, I guess people have a lot of money to burn.
  6. I love Princess, and I am not offended that Princess was not a good fit for your expectations for your vacation. I also like Carnival, but I need to be in a mood for that party atmosphere. I think of cruise lines as having a personality. Some times I want to hang with my fun loving friends, other times I want to sit and crochet and just visit. Right now Princess fits with my DH's needs and also mine. If I went with my fun loving friends I would pick Carnival. If I had school age kids I would pick Royal.
  7. I have intermittent mobility issues due to spine surgery. Although there are times when I do not require any assistive devices, sometimes I need my leg brace and a walker. Then there are stages inbetween like just needing a cane.. I normally take my own walker on the ship, it helps me get my carry on luggage into the room, and if there are any delays in boarding I can set my bags down and have a seat. Also, with all of the walking I do around the ship and in port it can bring on weakness in the evenings and the walker comes in very handy. You can buy one at Costco, or on line. My issues began when I was 40, I am 62 now. Using the devices allows me to do more than if I just did what my body could do on it's own. I have never needed a Doctors note.
  8. I have had that limited menu on a BVE, but that time there was a very large group of Princess employees, and travel agents in the MDR, and we even had trouble getting a seat. I hope that is not a permanent change as the old menu is one of my favorite meals on the cruise. We also bring a significant amount of carry ons, due to the need for medical equipment and supplies we can not chance to put in the suitcases with our clothes. Having the stateroom available to drop off is very important, as even getting on the ship is a big struggle, and I can not see how I would be able to drag it all around the ship and in and out of elevators.
  9. That is the most ridiculous thing to say. I live in southern California, and sail out of those ports the majority of the time. Many schools are Year Round, and that means the last day of the year is June 30, the first day could be July 1. So, I guess you feel no adults should be able to cruise out of those ports if they are not willing to turn over the adult areas over to kids, or are so rich they can sail on Viking Cruises. How about just teaching your children there are rules in this world, and when people do not follow them others rights are trampled.
  10. I like to read books in the pool and I like to find an adult pool, because MOST adults will not splash you, except accidentally, and I am fine with that as I am taking the risk bringing the book into the pool. But on occasion young people have come into the adults only pool, if they are respectful and only splash by accident I still have no problem The problem happens when an adult sees the well behaved child and decides to allow their unruly children to enter the pool. If something is said they claim it is okay because another child was already in the pool. This has happened to me a few times on cruises, and I see other women fleeing the pools when it becomes a playground. It is usually women with very nicely coiffed hair, which I am sure the splashing can ruin. Now, you may say I should not bring a book into the pool, and have been told this by parents to whom I have pointed out the adults only sign. But people should be able to enter and adults only pool without the expectation of having their head drenched.
  11. My first cruise was my honeymoon on a Carnival cruise ship. I did not try to sail again until I was divorced and my kids were preteens. I was trying to go solo while my kids were with their dad. The price to go alone would have been way too much. The travel agent suggest taking my daughters, because they had a kids sail for a very reduced price, and the third person even less. It was actually cheaper to go with all three of us, than for me to go alone.
  12. At home I usually serve my DH his meals. On one cruise he just did not want to eat in the MDR, he always wanted the buffet, When we got home I fixed the first nights dinner and sat down. He asks, 'Hey, where's my food?'. I told him I loved him and noticed on the cruise how much he enjoyed buffets rather than having someone serve out meals, so since that is what he prefers from now on all his meals will be laid out on the kitchen counter, and he can serve himself, just like his own mini buffet. He will now go to the MDR with me some nights.
  13. I like that cruise, but love the 10 day Mexico cruise. La Paz and Loreto were charming, and now my favorite Mexico ports. Beautiful water in the Sea of Cortez, and an extra 3 days on a ship are always nice.
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