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  1. Definitely leave another message with your TA (and one with the agency management) that you need to talk to someone before tomorrow especially if intend to cancel the cruise (If that is the decision you’ve made) so it is done BEFORE they process your final payment. In fact, I’d suggest calling Royal to be sure the TA hasn’t already submitted your payment .... especially if you haven’t heard from the TA in awhile. You might ask Royal if an extension for the final payment is possible since your TA is unresponsive. If your payment has been processed or you choose to make the final payment and wait for Royal to cancel so you can get the refund, you need to know for certain that the TA has/will make the payment by tomorrow.
  2. If you have a refundable deposit, call your TA to cancel before final payment due date. If you booked a non-refundable deposit (NRD) fare, you will receive Future Cruise Credit (FCC) instead of a refund. Normally, you would be charged a $100 per person cancelation penalty with the remainder of the deposit issued as FCC. That penalty is waived when you cancel using the Cruise With Confidence policy. The alternatives with a NRD are: Lift & Shift - move the cruise to a cruise one year from now (+/- 4 weeks) and keep the current fare. The new cruise must be the same number of nights, the same itinerary (although doesn’t have to be the same ports), and the same cabin type. Pay the balance and wait until Royal (likely) cancels the cruise. In that case, you can request a full refund.
  3. I understand and agree, but we know there will be changes once cruising begins again. Having a set time for Windjammer could be a solution for crowd control.
  4. Set dining times for the WJ, similar to Early and Late Traditional dining times in MDR?
  5. The problem with this plan is the fact that some people are asymptotic carriers of COVID-19.
  6. Although the quoted article states “The Department of State did not say when it would resume normal passport services, if you go to the State Department website, you’ll see the following: If you are applying for or renewing a U.S. passport on or after March 20, 2020, we will not offer expedited service and routine service may be delayed. The status of our operations may change quickly. We will update this notice as the status changes.
  7. I laughed and laughed ... and then I remembered I’m one of them!
  8. We like formal night (tux for him; long dress for me) and we always buy the formal night photos. I wonder if this will actually decrease revenue in that area. We certainly won’t stop for photos if not dressed in formal attire.
  9. Just thought I’d share the one potential drawback of LV: we had a 5:30 Southwest flight, but arrived at the airport in plenty of time to switch to the noon flight. Since we had LV, we could not change to the earlier time and our flight ended up being delayed multiple times due to weather. Had we not had LV, we would have been able to go on the earlier flight and arrive at home before 4 PM rather than arriving home at midnight.
  10. We were specifically told not to check in online, but we had Early Bird so it didn’t matter.
  11. They print your boarding pass for you when you sign up for luggage valet. We also had Early Bird check in, but were told they did all the boarding passes at the same time so you’d likely miss the 24 hour check in window without Early Bird Check in. You could end up with the “C stands for center seats” boarding.
  12. According to the website Luggage Valet is still charged per person unless in a Grand Suite or higher where it is a free perk.
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