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  1. The 2X points begins at GOLD level so you would not receive the extra points unless you had already earned a minimum of 3 points on previous cruise. You can sign up now and you’ll be pre-gold until after your first cruise earns you the 3 points. You also need be sure your Crown & Anchor number is on your reservation to earn the 2X points on your Alaska Cruise. Your TA should be able to help you make sure you meet all the 2X point qualifiers.
  2. Maybe I’m misreading this, but unless you booked with a refundable deposit, isn’t your only option FCC if you cancel before final payment and/or before RCG cancels or has announced the protocols for your cruise? It seems the protocols are being announced after final payment due date.
  3. Any chance an Owners Suite is affordable? OS have a separate walk in shower.
  4. Since Lift & Shift as a Cruise With Confidence option ended on January 31, it has not been offered unless the cruise was canceled by RCG and that has been been after final payment due date with very few exceptions.
  5. As I understand it, after final payment due date, a refundable deposit fare has the same penalties as a non-refundable deposit fare booking. Since the L&S occurred after final payment due date, the new cruise penalties do apply.
  6. Sounds like a good deal to me! Thanks for the info. She posted they were charged “around $45” plus gratuity.
  7. The wine pairing is included when you pay for Chef’s Table, but possibly not when it is a Star Class perk?
  8. I reread that post three times before I (think) I connected the dots. They were Star Class which includes all speciality dining including Chef’s Table and the Deluxe Alcohol Package. Some of the wines served at Chef’s Table are not included in the Deluxe Alcohol package and I assume wines are not included in the specialty dining a star class perk. I believe they were charged only for those wines.
  9. You are welcome. We’ve lived here for 9 years and I don’’t recall ever seeing a quilt shop in Buda. I’ll have to look for it. We moved here from Ashburn, VA so we were practically neighbors.
  10. People are speculating that the test cruises will not require vaccinations. RCG has not made any statement in this regard that I can find. Hopefully, we will hear more news soon,
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