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  1. We like formal night (tux for him; long dress for me) and we always buy the formal night photos. I wonder if this will actually decrease revenue in that area. We certainly won’t stop for photos if not dressed in formal attire.
  2. Maybe because we did have Early Bird? I didn’t ask.
  3. Just thought I’d share the one potential drawback of LV: we had a 5:30 Southwest flight, but arrived at the airport in plenty of time to switch to the noon flight. Since we had LV, we could not change to the earlier time and our flight ended up being delayed multiple times due to weather. Had we not had LV, we would have been able to go on the earlier flight and arrive at home before 4 PM rather than arriving home at midnight.
  4. We were specifically told not to check in online, but we had Early Bird so it didn’t matter.
  5. They print your boarding pass for you when you sign up for luggage valet. We also had Early Bird check in, but were told they did all the boarding passes at the same time so you’d likely miss the 24 hour check in window without Early Bird Check in. You could end up with the “C stands for center seats” boarding.
  6. According to the website Luggage Valet is still charged per person unless in a Grand Suite or higher where it is a free perk.
  7. I just couldn’t imagine a reason to not cancel versus being a no-show and appreciate you taking the time to answer. It never occurred to me that the fare would be repriced although I do know that canceling a third person can result in stateroom changes so I guess Royal would see it as the same thing and reprice.
  8. Why do you suggest not canceling the other person? If the other person doesn’t cancel, can they still make a claim on travel insurance? If they do cancel and don’t have travel insurance, are the port fees and taxes not refunded?
  9. According to the website, the 18% gratuity is automatically added to the $7.95 fee.
  10. Why not book side to side instead? If you haven’t been on (for example) Harmony and Allure (or any two ships embarking from the same port), book on consecutive weeks. You would have to pack, leave the first ship, and travel to the second ship, but you’d see different shows, etc. I believed one is a Saturday to Saturday while the other is Sunday to Sunday so you also would have one night in between in a hotel.
  11. As long as you are checked in online, you’ll be fine without the printed set sail pass. It may take a minute or two longer. Adventure has the new app and I’m hoping to use my phone to board (although I did print the paper set sail pass just in case) since the app allows us to bypass traditional pier check in), but I don’t believe Liberty has the app as yet.
  12. Adjust brightness and font in your device settings
  13. The President’s Cruise is a C&A Cruise? I would think he would be equally concerned with all passengers.
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