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  1. Refund offer for us on ruby princess. Pretty generous I reckon I’ve attached it
  2. We just got an update we will be back in sydney Thursday the 19th. Arriving 6am but disembarkation will be delayed for testing until about noon. We also got these letters from border force. no news on partial refunds yet
  3. Well we did a big u turn after Napier. Looks like we cutting across cook strait. And then two days until home chick should be Thursday. we miss three ports ( Tauranga, Auckland, and bay if islands) and two ful days off the cruise length.
  4. It’s easy for me. I live in sydney. Like 30 minute taxi ride from the dock 🙂
  5. Ok literally five minutes ago captain made an announcement sting we are not going to any other NZ ports. we are heading straight for sydney as advised by Australian government. I’ll post tomorrow when I have more detail
  6. Well crap. We just left Napier. So we won’t be allowed to dock for 30 days or something
  7. I’m in New Zealand currently and so far the Nz authorities have asked for forms to be filled out. You are getting served at the buffet but not everything it’s like norovirus rules but at 50%. You still have salt etc on the tables and can help yourself to the cold stuff i guess this may change as we go on. And I expect temperatures to be taken back in sydney. So far no port cancelations.
  8. Yea I have to say they have handles this as well as they can. It’s unprecedented in modern times and everyone is flying by the seat of their pants. But I feel for the crew the uncertainty of what’s going to happen to them. Many this job supports a whole family back at their home. So I hope they get taken care of as well we we have. im going to make a point of tipping my steward and others extra this time on top of what I normally do
  9. Thank you very much. The people onboard have no idea. But that’s a relief
  10. Well crap. We got the announcement that princess has suspended stuff for 60 days. We are at akaroa we don’t know how it will affect current cruise. But we got these today. The form has to be done today. It’s all half arsed the dates are wrong. Question 7 there is not a no option
  11. No noro at all. We left mega late the safety drill was only at 9:30 pm left just after 10pm
  12. I had one all it asks is of you had flu like symptoms or been near someone who does have you been to any of the major affected countries or been around someone who has And then your email address phone number and signature it’s really close to the normal form
  13. well it’s past 5 still not letting people on. the latest announcement is they are waiting on the department of health to give all clear.
  14. Yep. Until 5pm i have gone past check in waiting to go through customs and security and then onboard. so far no reason given but it would be obvious.
  15. Well they letting people check in then leave the terminal to come back 5pm which is in two hours time. So far no reason given. But if you left the terminal and got lunch they would reimburse you up to 30 bucks which won’t get far in the rocks area 🙂. So far so good. Will be interesting to see when we leave.
  16. ha I’m due to go on the ruby in a few hours and embarkation has been delayed five hours. I’m super worried
  17. Does anyone know what it’s like on the other ships. As in what precautions are they taking. Is it like the rules for a norovirus outbreak where you get served at buffet? Etc. also the ruby princess in sydney embarkation has been delayed by about 5 hours. So far no explanation
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