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  1. I have a question if I may ask, I will be on the Azamara Quest next March and wondering how and when can you start pre-booking excursions in each port ? Also wondering if I can use my Celebrity Captains Club recognition for extra benefits? Anything will be helpful, my first time with this cruise line. Thanks in advance
  2. I need some advice on Flying back to US from Arlanda Stockholm on June 19,2016. One of the return flights back to the US is 9:30am, and I'm wondering if I will be able to make it off the ship and to the airport in time for the departing flight? Most all flights by celebrity are being booked for the 1pm departures (ship docks on the 18th at noon) How soon can one get off the ship in the am like 6am? Are there taxis available that early ?? any info/advice will be appreciated thank you very much Ilona +Ed from Florida Sail date is June 7 2016 on the Celebrity Silhouette.
  3. Picatso1

    Roll call how to?

    thank you I got it now
  4. Picatso1

    Roll call how to?

    :confused:need help" how to join a roll call "celebrity silhouette" June 7, 2016 sailing. Thank you
  5. Picatso1

    2016 "President's" Cruise

    How do I join? Help
  6. Picatso1

    Upgraded Mariner level during Cruise

    Hello, I just visited your website and must say how much I adore your cats,I have one of my own. I also want to wish you lots of happy days on your retirement,my husband just retired this January,after working for the same company for 38yrs nuclear engineering. better now than never. Sounds like you love to cruise,we are just doing our first TA in April. Take care and happy sailings ilona and ed
  7. Picatso1

    Horta Portugal

    sounds like fun, oh well thank-you. I will be there on the 4/9 hopefully it won't rain. lol
  8. Picatso1

    Horta Portugal

    Hal cruisers, what is everyone doing in Horta Portugal once off the ship other than a ship organized tour? thanks:)
  9. Picatso1

    How strenuous is the tour of the alhambra in granada?

    can you tell me which tour you are taking? I'm going to be there in april as well and am looking for a way to get to alhambra..thanks
  10. I am looking to do a cruise of 2012 spring-June on the Riviera Oceania Line, the itinerary takes you to the Canary Islands,and my biggest concern is what if there is a hurricane in the Atlantic? has anyone been in this situation,or even crossing the Atlantic Miami-Barcelona in the height of the hurricane season?? or when is the best time to go? Any suggestions Thanks:)