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  1. Thank you - that would be ideal. But. He's actually the head butcher at a local restaurant/butcher shop. It's a fairly small place, fully staffed when they have 16 total employees. Which means that when they lose employees, it leaves a big gap. And two of the three butchers have been fired recently and new ones have not been fully trained yet. It's much more like a family-owned small business than a large company. I'm self-employed - my company was generous enough to send us both on a 10-day cruise! 😉🤣 But it's all going to work out. Princess reports that I'll get 100% credit on a future cruise and would actually get a small refund for the difference in the fares for both of us vs. just me. 🤷‍♀️ So if he has to cancel, we'll at least not be out anything. I can also substitute a friend if I decide to go that route, though there are few people with whom I would want to share a cabin for 10 days!
  2. Thank y'all! It's definitely not a covered reason, but the insurance has a "cancel for any reason" provision. We're traveling with my parents and another couple, so I'm going to go without him. It certainly won't be the first time! I just need to determine if it's better to file a claim on the insurance and risk having to pay double for my own cruise, or just let him be a no-show and eat the cost of his fare. I remember reading a post ages ago with this exact situation but cannot find it now. It seems like the end decision was for the other party to just be a no-show, but I can't remember for sure.
  3. My husband and I are scheduled to sail on Oct. 31. It looks like he may not be able to go because of issues at work. We have travel insurance. If he cancels and we file a claim for future credit, will I end up having to pay the single occupancy fare in addition to the fare already paid? If so, what happens if he just doesn't show up for the cruise on departure day and we never file a claim? Any experience, advice, or information would be so appreciated!
  4. It must have shown up in the last couple of hours. I had already checked earlier today! Thanks for updating us!
  5. When they were building the Royal, they had a photo contest to decorate the ship. My dad was a finalist. Last year, we were finally able to sail on her and ended up in a cabin just down the hall, purely by accident! It's really neat to see all of the passenger photos. There are some amazing shots! Here's a picture of his picture - sorry about the glare!
  6. That's where having my parents along would come in handy. I'd leave him all to himself and go bunk with them! 🤣
  7. This cruise sails out of Brooklyn. I've been trying to find out what to expect as far as what we might be able to see - is that where yours sailed from, or was it Manhattan. About ten years ago, we talked about sailing into NYC but changed our minds. Apparently my sweet daddy was disappointed and has wanted to start or end in NYC ever since. He's not a beach person but patiently goes along wherever my mom and I drag him. As long as he's got his camera, he's happy. I'm attaching a pic he took of Lady Liberty on our last NYC trip, I think shot from the ferry - thought you might appreciate it as a New Yorker!
  8. We've sailed in inside cabins lots of times. That's some of the best sleep I've ever had! One of the things I love is the ability to totally lose track of time. But I am looking forward to experiencing the balcony, even if it's a one-time thing for me!
  9. The Regal's repo cruise sailing out of NYC on 10/31. Good luck! 😊
  10. Thank you! It's actually the Regal's repo out of NYC down to the Caribbean and back to Ft. Lauderdale. Probably the best one to get a surprise balcony gift since there are six sea days! My dad is excited about the sunset photo opportunities and only asked to make sure it was a starboard cabin! I'll be fine going back to an interior - I'd rather cruise in an interior than not at all! My mom, however, will be spoiled, but they can afford the balconies if they want them!
  11. It's the Regal. I know they're small - I'd probably NEVER pay for a balcony cabin, especially on a Royal class ship, but will certainly take it if it's given! I won't feel shortchanged because I wasn't expecting it and didn't pay for it, but it will be nice to be able to see out. I probably won't ask for the connecting door to be opened - my mom is a super nosey neighbor! 🤣🤣🤣
  12. Not a thing. Got an email that we had gotten an upgrade. I went online to see and they'd moved both couples into neighboring balcony cabins! They actually then moved us again into balcony cabins in a better location! I've gotten upsell offers several times before, but never a flat out upgrade and certainly not one this big!
  13. I'm traveling with my husband, my parents, and another couple. We all have several cruises under our belts - my parents and I are all platinum. But. We have always sailed in interior cabins because we never spend much time in there anyway. The upgrade fairy came and gifted both my parents and my husband and me with balcony cabins! I'm excited, but know that there might be some things that I need to know. So, any advice specific to balcony cabins would be much appreciated - what to bring, tips and tricks, etc! Thanks in advance!
  14. My family was on this cruise as well. We have sailed Princess several times...I got a chuckle from your review because our bunch actually commented on how there were more young people and kids onboard than is typical! 🙂 We too had a great cruise. So glad you enjoyed your first Princess experience! We've never done club class; in fact, we get interior rooms because we like the total darkness at night. And our rooms have been ready upon boarding on all but one cruise. (That ship was having to be deep cleaned.) That's just one of the perks about the line, that your room is ready when you board.
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