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  1. I find it very curious that after all the posts -- no meet and great for C-critic members any more due to C19 that the ship-- we are currently on Oviation- has a LGBQT meet and mingle at 930AM in the 270.. Just looking for comments as to why-- not any judgmemts on any one particular group. I feel CC members are being pushed back on by the cruiselines and this is just one example-- OK for Thee but not me WE!
  2. I think your profession and name says it all. I was making a general comment about times for not just our cruise but most leaving port. Thanks for the B+ on my drama class.
  3. Many many excuses. Look when a cruise leaves at 4pm and you have to be onboard as in at the check in 1 hr before that doesn't leave much time. 4K people checking in from 12 to 3-- ya gotta expect crowds???? Anyway I spoke to CS at Celeb and there is nothing they could do about the check in time of 230 to 3. Nothing for a customer with 100+ cruises-- nothing. Just go when you get to FLL MAYBE THEY WILL TAKE YOU? That's the consideration for long time patrons!!!!! Oh and it took 52 minutes for them to pick up and tell me that on the phone. Guess no worse than the 8.4 hrs waiting on Delta to talk? I'm sorry folks--- customer service is shot to heck in this country. AND then they wonder why have the customers abandoned us? I need a cruise-------- BAD.
  4. Can u keep in mind we didnt know times were being issued for wellness check. Our flight gets in at 1130 and our well best check is 230. What r we suppose to do wonder the airport for 2.5 hrs. OR hope there would be some consideration and check us in? A little thought might be nice by cele.
  5. We are on Nov 7 cruise out of MIA. Flights set, hotel one day early and sail pass printed. Symphony of the Seas. Symphony-- all I can hear is the darn cow bell from Saturday Night Skit in my head. We NEED MORE COW BELL............!!!!!!
  6. I hoped someone from CC would check this. It shows 11 conversations but can't open them.
  7. There is a selection for meet and mingle for freedom OTS aug 25 2019 but when you click on it nothing shows-- except the wording there is no info etc. ect. Big Foot
  8. Frankly we stopped going to Condado area many years ago due to higher crime rate and crime during the day hours. We swithced to Isle Verde--- much more laid back. When we fly home we take a late flight. This allows us to have lunch on the beach at one of the Verde Hotels. Been doing this about 10 years now.
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