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  1. I find it very curious that after all the posts -- no meet and great for C-critic members any more due to C19 that the ship-- we are currently on Oviation- has a LGBQT meet and mingle at 930AM in the 270..  

    Just looking for comments as to why-- not any judgmemts on any one particular group.

    I feel CC members are being pushed back on by the cruiselines and this is just one example-- OK for Thee but not me WE!

  2. 19 hours ago, stinkyenglishteacher said:

    This is the most melodramatic thing I’ve read in a long time, and I teach fourteen year olds. 

    I think your profession and name says it all.  I was making a general comment about times for not just our cruise but most leaving port.  Thanks for the B+ on my drama class.

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  3. Many many excuses.  Look when a cruise leaves at 4pm and you have to be onboard as in at the check in 1 hr before that doesn't leave much time.  4K people checking in from 12 to 3-- ya gotta expect crowds????

    Anyway I spoke to CS at Celeb and there is nothing they could do about the check in time of 230 to 3.  Nothing for a customer with 100+ cruises-- nothing.  Just go when you get to FLL MAYBE THEY WILL TAKE YOU?  

    That's the consideration for long time patrons!!!!!

    Oh and it took 52 minutes for them to pick up and tell me that on the phone.  Guess no worse than the 8.4 hrs waiting on Delta to talk?  

    I'm sorry folks--- customer service is shot to heck in this country.  AND then they wonder why have the customers abandoned us? 

    I need a cruise-------- BAD.

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  4. Frankly we stopped going to Condado area many years ago due to higher crime rate and crime during the day hours. We swithced to Isle Verde--- much more laid back.  When we fly home we take a late flight. This allows us to have lunch on the beach at one of the Verde Hotels.  Been doing this about 10 years now.  

  5. 380 days on RCI- 225 on Cele, 89 on NCL and 200+ on carnival-- folks there all cutting corners-- they're all nickel and diming.

    We're on Oasis now and have a group of 8.  2 are D+ 2 are D 2 are emerald and 2 newbies.  It's totlly unacceptable to be treating repeat customers this way.  RCI built this line on customer base.  It's gone to heck in a hand bag.

    I'll tell it like it is: they- crew lie right to your face, lie on the phone. The crew handleing of food and general sanitation is terrible-- hence the noro outbreaks-- EX Labadee-- food wasn't cooked through- theres power carts everywhere-- kicking up sand and dirt right where your eating-- next day noro hits!! gee thats a shocker.  

    I will say the general contact employees are well trained-- steward- waiter and assit.  General crew-- guest services stink.

    Heres a good example: sister h ad noro and was quarenteended. when she was released they said "I'm doing it now your good to go". went to get off the ship= nope your not cleared. Here's another got a credit for her not coming to chops-- which was prepaid-- took 3 days to get the refund back. Here's the kicker. I prepaid for this on MYCC.  They wouldn't give me the crdit back-- it had to go to her (who didn't pay for it) and she had to go down to G services to say it's OK to give me my money back!!!!!!!!!! 

    The casino and gaming--- the US gov't needs to look into this scam-- bingo at 80PP 200 people and the pay out jackpot s 400.00??????????????  seriously.

  6. We're stopping in Falmouth Mar 2019.  Has there been anything new on the beach-- non hotel -- for just a beach day. Red Stripe is no longer according to posts here-- any other possibility?  Shuttle bus type place?


  7. 1 hour ago, Pennstateman said:

    I found some of the  ice cubes were not a perfect square, and in one or two cases resembled somewhat of a rectangle shape.  Could have been an isosceles triangle, not 100% sure

    Yes that's a biggie--- ice cubes are not rubiks cube shape. Anyone in on a class action suit-- I demand square cube?  

    We are serious cruisers and also find it's about our time off and travel.  I also have to say-- we've never hated any cruise-- some get higher praise then others but that's due to the people-- not the product.  We make it our own ship -- never thought anyone was with us on them. #82 with NCL,Carn,RCI and Cele.  

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  8. We've been Elite Plus for our last 4 cruises. The perks for Elite Plus are very disappointing. If you think about it, Elite Plus is 2 1/2 (750) times the points of Elite (300) & we see the main difference the 240 minutes internet (instead of 90) and the extra bag of laundry. If you choose the unlimited WiFi as a perk that difference is meaningless plus we've cruised enough to know where free WiFi is in every port. On a 7 night cruise - 4 bags of laundry - really?? Like my husband says - to make that worth anything, we'd have to bring dirty clothes from home. Most the discounts you can get in other ways with specials, or pre-booking... For us, a real disappointment.

    I've been bringing dirty cloths from home for several years. WHY bring clean when they will do it for you. On next to last day i send off laundry and when it returns I leave it n the bag-- put in my luggage for next trip-- next month. Not my dressie shirts or long slacks but everything else. My wife loves me!!!!!

  9. Thanks for your review. I am not sure where you got the transport prices from? How many in your group?

    $$$ $2.00 each for cab X's 2 persons $4.00. Trolly Stand asked how much?they said "14.00 each". X's 2 persons is $28.00. So we paid 10.00 R/.T including tip as opposed to $28.00 R/T.

    We got or prices right from using the service and asking before getting in.

  10. For a recent heads up on ALL inclusive. Today we went to jamies blue reef. march 23 2018. We couldn't get pay pal to work for our dep for blue reef. jamie understood and kept our res on OUR word so it started out right.

    We arrived at 9am. When your told get cab trust me do it. cab was $4.00 trolly was 14.

    To mention; costa maya port is just like cozumel-- its like the rat in a maze-- yo can't get out. i mean it. the streets right there but the guard wouldn't let you our. Hate that at 8;30 in the AM. Back to jamies.

    was everything you would expect and more. really nice people quick service and no jacking you around and no waiting for order. We had Gabby and Norma. limited to 35 and i looked like he was just at that. 2 ships in port.

    spotless beach and quite. if you have kids its just the spot to relax and have them in your site. Resturant and toilet area very clean. Wife had quasida i had fish and chips. Some of the best fish i've had in 30 years. Thank you Jamie and crew.

  11. I'll start off by saying I'm not an employee of Royal Caribbean, don't have any relatives who work for Royal Caribbean or anything like that. I just wanted to start this thread to get a feel for what others think of the food quality on Royal Caribbean.


    I've been cruising for 10 years - predominantly with Royal Caribbean but have also tried some other cruise lines as well. Over the last couple of years it seems to me that the food quality in the main dining room (not the specialty restaurants) - variety, quality of food itself - has decreased on Royal Caribbean.


    People who I've talked to onboard seem to feel the same way - new cruisers, cruisers who have cruised other cruise lines and loyal Royal Caribbean cruisers.


    Do others find this as well? How does the quality of food compare to say Princess these days? Be interested to hear people's thoughts on this.


    I think I have experience and can share here. Please look at my signature for some verification.

    We noticed the food on Carnival has gotten much better than other lines. RCI, when menu changed about 2 years ago, has gone down. Speciality restaurants- we always went to Giovanois for our steaks because we thought it was better than Chops. Carnival doesn't have much in the way of specialty restaurants so hard to compare. Cele is OK NCL samo samo.

    On the subject of comparing. We wrote to RCI several years ago about the quality of their SHOWS. Carnival was kicking there butt with technology shows. It was the same 42 st broadway shows on RCI and Carnival was using bright lite shows. Big difference. RCI is catching back up in there production shows.

    My pet peeve is Carnival not having a final jackpot bingo to clear the til. They do the full card hit bingo in 49 numbers (which in 65 years I've never seen done) Never even a close one in all these years.

    My wife and I do this when cruising. When in US ports-- have a good local lunch- we go ashore and ask vendors where do they go with their family's-- that's where we go. IT'S FANTABULOUS!!!!!

  12. This will be our first trip out of NY and we are flying in a couple days early and our travel agent isn't very helpful I am trying to figure out how to get from the cruise ship to laguardia airport.

    My travel agent said there isn't any transfers via RCI does anyone have any recommendations how we can get from the cruise terminal to that airport without giving our first born? My Mother is 74 so i can't exactly hop a couple of buses and take a train.


    last time we transferred there where 3 vans. 1 for each airport. EWR LGA and JFK. We were one of the first ones off the boat and hoped on the EWR there were only 2 seats left-- rest were full of employees leaving their contracts. Don't think LGA bus had that problem because LGA is not international airport. You may have to google Port liberty transport services.

  13. I think I have it - all blue screen, I have just had to do revalidation of password and a security question.... and I just received a confirmation email saying "Did you know this same account can also be used for Celebrity Cruises and Azamara Club Cruises? Happy travels."


    It just has 3 headings across the top.... Dashboard, Cruises and Settings.

    It shows I have 2 upcoming bookings (I have 5) and it says I have no past cruises!!!



    By the cruise details you click on Stateroom details - it just shows your name, the cabin # and that it is a balcony. No link to deckplans so you can't see location any more.

    By one of my bookings I cannot even see my stateroom details

    Manually add a missing cruise and a big blue button appears saying "pay remaining balance" - even on cruises booked via a TA!

    It then pulls in my past cruises

    It will not let me add my Celebrity cruise

    Teething problems!!

    So far not impressed!

    The same people who did the Obama health care web site had some free time so they designed the RCI merger site. I couldn't get the BLUE screen to accept input.

  14. Got an upgraded cabin on check in day Friday. Deck 9 forward to suite on 10 aft. Beautiful cabin and crew is fantastic. Did Chops last night and doing Giovanni's Wednesday. Heading to SFO for the morning. Ship has had some upgrades since we were on her last. Meet the hotel manager Michael Landry at the cafe and very likable guy-- nice to see the bosses mixing with passengers like that. Had a slight problem with room service- wrong order delivered and long am wait for coffee but nothing ground shaking. Oh something ew for us (we are D+ with 370 days -- got an invite to view grand suite sleeps like 10 people-- was very roomie!!!!!! Nice to check it out with no one living in it.

    more in the week.



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