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  1. We are booked on Anthem sailing from Southampton next July and from time of booking on 3 May this year which is less than 8 weeks ago the price for same balcony cabin type has went up by £1300 - £1400, admittedly I did get a price match so saved approx £200 on quoted price but still shows an increase of £1000+. Just keeping an eye on the drinks package prices now to try and get a deal on that. However if it transpires that passengers are going to have to wear masks on board I will probably cancel and forget about it. Hopefully not happen though.
  2. I never enter in to any transaction, deal etc without checking all the small print and double checking anything where there may be elements of doubt or statements that could be misinterpreted so on that basis if the cost is ok and nothing changes with the insurer I will be going with them.
  3. I am happy to go with the insurance company that I have quoted above, as if they are saying you are covered you have to take it as being genuine. I will be obtaining a quote from them when the time comes and will phone them just to make sure everything is as black and white as it appears in their statement.
  4. Jean, I think the section I have quoted above confirms that as long as there are no travel restrictions in place you are fully insured for any Coronavirus problems. The section above also states that if necessary any ill policyholder will be repatriated, so I think these two statements remove any doubt for me about the insurance side of things and this is from a P&O recommended insurer, I don't know what the cost of the insurance is though so that may come as either a surprise or a shock. Only other doubt I have is do I want to take the risk of travelling so close to th
  5. This is some info I copied from travel insurer site and poster in thread titled "Cruising in October". If you go to that thread you will see all the info on it. If I travel, will I be covered for coronavirus under medical costs in my travel insurance policy? If you are not travelling against the advice of the Foreigh & Commonwealth Office (FCO) and if you catch coronavirus while on holiday and require medical treatment, then yes, cover will be in place for emergency and necessary treatment. Customers should be aware that our policies are travel insurance policies and not pr
  6. As far as I am aware, the med centres on ships are just there to offer emergency care or treatment for minor ailments and I would think are classed as private facilities. In fact, you are unable to use onboard credit for any treatment you may receive on board P&O ships med centres, so in that respect I would say that cruise companies regard them as being a separate entity. I received advice, bandages and burns cream while on a Royal Caribbean cruise and I have something in the back of my mind that maybe the medical staff are not employed directly by the cruise lines. I would welcome any i
  7. Exactly, if they cover to this level I don't really see there is much risk financially. It is just a case of how each individual feels about travelling on a ship with the possibility that you could risk infection, at least you can be confident any medical costs will be met, though at the end of the day the consequences of catching this virus may far outweigh any financial implication. To cruise in the near future is in my opinion a decision not to be taken lightly. I myself am monitoring all announcements regarding foreign travel and cruising very closely.
  8. Just found it and this is copied and pasted direct from P&O FAQ. % discount on bespoke P&O Cruises travel insurance Provided by Holiday Extras Insurance. To arrange, call 0800 316 3061, quoting reference WC668 along https://www.pocruises.com/content/dam/po/pdfs/Peninsular-Club.pdf
  9. This is from Holiday Extras site Sue and according to the Google link they are P&O's most trusted insurance provider. I am sure I have seen their name mentioned on P&O site somewhere. If I can find it again I will put the info on here.
  10. This will hopefully clarify the travel insurance cover for Coronavirus from a company that offers cruise travel insurance. Things are maybe not looking so bad if travel restrictions get lifted in time. If I travel, will I be covered for coronavirus under medical costs in my travel insurance policy? If you are not travelling against the advice of the Foreigh & Commonwealth Office (FCO) and if you catch coronavirus while on holiday and require medical treatment, then yes, cover will be in place for emergency and necessary treatment. Customers should be aware that our p
  11. I feel to go on a cruise at present without full insurance cover is like playing Russian roulette and therefore will be sticking to playing Scrabble either at home or somewhere within the confines of the British Isles, hopefully get some decent weather this year.
  12. Majortom, you are 100% correct in what you say re the FCC. I am of exactly the same opinion, our balance is due mid July and no way am I paying it if there is any doubt about travel in October or port entry in the Canaries, also need to ensure that travel insurance can be purchased at a reasonable price then roll a couple of dice to weigh up the Covid-19 risk element. I don't feel cruise companies should have the right to take full payment for a cruise if they are unable to guarantee sailing or itinerary is going to be much the same. Maybe it's time cruise companies got their heads toget
  13. I also said if the cruise did go ahead and ports were open, we would go but after seeing the devastation this virus is causing I am changing my mind and thinking to book for next year. However, I'm not even sure that next year would be a safe bet, only upside is cruising from Southampton there is minimum time in aircraft which in my opinion are worse than ships to a certain expense as you are completely confined in a small area and the air is recirculating. Flights are also a great way of catching bugs, viruses etc. It will be interesting to see how airlines will manage passenger seating etc.
  14. Booked on Ventura Canaries cruise for 12 October this year and we can't make up our minds whether to go if by chance it does sail. Just wondering what opinions are on sailing in October if they are allowed to go, though personally I doubt if Canaries will be open to cruise ships. I also think to sail without travel insurance covering Coronavirus is far too risky as last thing you want is to catch anything and get deposited in to nearest hospital.
  15. We were booked with Flybe for October Ventura cruise, flying from Edinburgh to Southampton return. As soon as I heard Loganair had picked up this route I went ahead and booked with them, actually worked out better as we can now fly direct from Scottish Islands which is easier than a ferry plus booked all the way through with same airline. Just got to get the Flybe money back now through a section 75 refund. Prior to this I was thinking to cancel as I don't think the thick side of £2000 for travel and accommodation just to join Ventura cruise is value for money.
  16. Thanks very much for a very informative blog Damian. We are on Ventura Canaries cruise on 12 October this year and this has given me a good idea of what the ship is like. We did Norway last year on Britannia and thoroughly enjoyed it, having a balcony added to the pleasure. We also have a balcony this year as it is really nice just getting up in the morning and standing outside looking over the rail. We previously cruised with Royal Caribbean and found P&O a little quiet the first day and thought we had made a mistake, however come the second day we realised that P&O were just that bit
  17. Absolutely Brilliant!! That's why I bought my Omega Seamaster! Problem is the wife said Daniel Craig just had the edge over me, can't see it myself! 😂
  18. Can't argue with that, but I would never feel content with a £35 watch on my wrist, if you want quality you have to be prepared to pay for it. You can always sell an expensive watch a few years down the line or leave it to your family, I don't think I would bother leaving them a bargain basement watch.
  19. Don't think I agree with the pimp or wannabe gangsta statement, same could be said about most things in life if that was the case. I don't feel anyone should judge anyone else on what they want to spend their money on as everyone has different passions in life, think how boring life would be if we all liked the same thing. I bought an expensive Tag on a cruise which proved faulty as mentioned in my post above and Harding Brothers who ran the shops at the time could not have been more helpful and gave me a full refund.
  20. Well said, I completely agree. Thankfully everyone likes different things or we would all be driving around one make of cheap car with one make of cheap watch on our wrist or even better you could save money and just work with the sun.
  21. I know what you're saying but it's like cars. Why spend £80,000 on a car when you can get brand new for £15,000. It's personal taste, I also have quartz watches including one that syncs with the atomic clock so is extremely accurate but it's the whole mechanical thing that appeals to me as well as the appreciation of Swiss craftsmanship. I remember the days before quartz watches came out and everything was mechanical movement.
  22. Glad to hear you are pleased with the HydroConquest, it has caught my eye in the last few days and I will probably go for the ceramic bezel model. I had an Omega Seamaster 300M but sold that earlier this year, wish I hadn't now as the price has jumped a good bit, previously had an Oris Aquis which I really liked apart from the fact it gained about 20 seconds per day. Longines seem to be better regulated so thinking to try them for a change.
  23. Crikey, I've failed on all 3 counts numerous times! 🤣
  24. Thanks for that info, I can live in hope that they have the HydroConquest automatic when I am onboard then. I know what you mean about pricing as I bought a Tag automatic on Independence of The Seas 2/3 years ago (see above post for more info) The price saved me about £300 of the shore price but it actually caused me a lot of trouble and spent more time in for repair than in my hands all the time I had it. Think I just got unlucky and it won't deter me buying onboard again, I'll just make sure I retain control of the whole buying and handling experience of any watch I purchase.
  25. Thanks very much for that, much appreciated! I did buy a Tag automatic on Independence of The Seas 2/3 years ago but had a few problems with it and eventually had to go for a full refund (personally I think it was due to the so called knowledgable salesman trying to adjust the date when the time was set to where it shouldn't have been, he did this when I was watching but I said nothing as I thought it would be alright. It was also the display model as he lied to me and said it was the last one. Two lessons learned, I would never buy one that is on display and I would never trust the salesperso
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