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  1. Same here. And even before COVID things had tightened up. Last year got an offer from Princess. Have not sailed on them in years. Called and scored a 7 day balcony with drinks, WiFi and gratuities. Kicker was $1000 free play !!! NCL doesn’t come close
  2. See you used Well now. We’re from Albany and we’re planning to get tested there. Did results come back quickly ? Also was there a charge if you told them it was for travel.?
  3. Coupons will be in your room for the dinners. Strawberries are automatically delivered to your room
  4. Per what I read does include all private islands
  5. Platinum Plus here. 2 specialty dinners are nice but I really appreciate the laundry. Also used the Platinum line for dinners last cruise and didn’t have to wait in line
  6. I have a 11/28 cruise and changed my arrival so we could be tested at home prior. Not changing it just in case Princess changes again
  7. Thanks all. Finally got it ! Kept saying “avoid reflections”. Ended up in my dark laundry room 😁
  8. I have an I phone11 but can not figure out how to scan our passports. Help!
  9. Best perk is “free cruise”. There doesn’t seem to be a set amount you need to gamble to get offers. We cruised NCL for years but noticed offers went down from mini suite to inside and still were playing the same amount. On the other hand, have cruised Princess only 3 times In the fall got offer for free balcony with gratuities, beverage package, internet and dining for $150 pp. Jumped on that. Includes $1000 free play. 😊 Advice, play for enjoyment and make sure you always use your card
  10. I’ve always just filed in my home state even winning some hand pays
  11. I have also questioned this rationale. I recently flew in a full plane. No social distancing No need for vaccine. The cruise lines are jumping thru hoops trying to appease the CDC and to no avail. Yes, it was terrible at the beginning of the pandemic with ships filled with sick passengers and unable to port anywhere but this was not all the fault of the cruise line. No one was aware of what was about to happen, or chose to ignore it. Reduced capacity with 100% vaccinated crew and passengers seems pretty safe to me
  12. As a long time cruiser, with my fingers crossed for November, I finally just did a land vacation. I flew in a packed plane with no social distancing and no need for vaccines. Why not allow cruise ships with reduced capacity and all passengers fully vaccinated? Is it because most ships do not fly under American flag ? Are the motives financial or political ?
  13. As of 1/26 U.S will require a negative test within 72 hours prior to returning from foreign country even with proof of a vaccination. U.S Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico excluded. I believe the airline will be responsible for enforcing this. So driving to port should eliminate this but wonder how it would work if flying home. It would seem returning to U.S port the airline would have no idea where you’d been so may not be an issue. But returning to foreign port could be troublesome. Would cruise line now have to administer tests and get results prior to disembarking.? Seems like another wrench thrown into resuming cruises
  14. We had insurance through insure my trip for cancelled cruise this October. Tried to see if I could transfer to a cruise late next year. Yes I could but need to jump through hoops and provide copies of info which I have no idea how to obtain. So guess I’m out $$$.
  15. Have not sailed on Princess in years, usually do NCL with Casino at sea. Prior to Covid their offers had been less generous. Was very surprised to get email from Princess for the free balcony with drink package, WiFi and gratuities and $1000 casino credit. Called to see what the catch was and surprised by no catch. $150 pp for port charges and $200 pp which isn’t refundable but is goven as OBC to use when you board. Going Eastern Caribbean Nov 2021. Should be safe by then
  16. Any bar. Any time. The liquor/beer in your fridge in the room not included
  17. I had a cruise booked on Joy for October 31. Cancelled before final payment. Just did a mock booking out of curiosity and all cabins marked sold out. Assume that is cancelled. Can’t imagine any ships leaving from Florida now with the state of the virus down there.
  18. It is Harvest Cay so cant imagine why we would tender there. Don’t think other ports will be crowded either Wonder if it has something to do with virus
  19. Just checked my Oct cruise and found Belize, Cozumel and Roatan were tender ports. Been to them all previously and never tendered. Anyone know what gives ?
  20. Wonder if cruise lines will close and remove chairs from slots to keep social distancing
  21. We have a family cruise booked for Oct 31. Some members are having second thoughts. I checked prices for switching to March and almost $2000 more per cabin. We also got great deal on flights into Miami whereas we usually have to fly into Fort Lauderdale due to high cost into Miami. We’ve got till The first part of July to make final payment and get a refund. After that it’s FCC and don’t think that will cover the cost of the future cruise .
  22. Just wondering if they will extend status past April 1 due to inability to cruise from March to at least mid July...if even then. I suppose it would be an easy way to save $$ but, for me, it would effect my loyalty.
  23. We were on the August sailing that was effected by Dorian. Ended up disembarking in New Orleans instead of Miami. Had to get flights from there. We were reimbursed $300 pp by check and that took 3 months. Imagine cash refunds will take longer now due to magnitude. Credits to credit cards would probably be faster
  24. Everyone entitled to $300 was issued a check. When they diverted from Miami to NOLA we had to make our own arrangements. Probably is different being from U.K.
  25. Comp different from issuing a check which is what poster will get. So expect 3 months
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