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  1. It is Harvest Cay so cant imagine why we would tender there. Don’t think other ports will be crowded either Wonder if it has something to do with virus
  2. Just checked my Oct cruise and found Belize, Cozumel and Roatan were tender ports. Been to them all previously and never tendered. Anyone know what gives ?
  3. Wonder if cruise lines will close and remove chairs from slots to keep social distancing
  4. We have a family cruise booked for Oct 31. Some members are having second thoughts. I checked prices for switching to March and almost $2000 more per cabin. We also got great deal on flights into Miami whereas we usually have to fly into Fort Lauderdale due to high cost into Miami. We’ve got till The first part of July to make final payment and get a refund. After that it’s FCC and don’t think that will cover the cost of the future cruise .
  5. Just wondering if they will extend status past April 1 due to inability to cruise from March to at least mid July...if even then. I suppose it would be an easy way to save $$ but, for me, it would effect my loyalty.
  6. We were on the August sailing that was effected by Dorian. Ended up disembarking in New Orleans instead of Miami. Had to get flights from there. We were reimbursed $300 pp by check and that took 3 months. Imagine cash refunds will take longer now due to magnitude. Credits to credit cards would probably be faster
  7. Everyone entitled to $300 was issued a check. When they diverted from Miami to NOLA we had to make our own arrangements. Probably is different being from U.K.
  8. Comp different from issuing a check which is what poster will get. So expect 3 months
  9. Back in Sept. we disembarked in NOLA instead of Miami due to hurricane Dorian. We were reimbursed $300 for changes to airfare Filled out the required forms but never had to show an email from airline. It did take 3 months
  10. Bring them to guest services and they will apply them to your account as a credit. Unlike OBC, they can be used against daily service charges as well as any other charges. I believe you can place a limit on what your sons can charge when you check in
  11. I had airfare refund from another cruise. NCL got me a check but took about 3 months
  12. Aruba should be a beach day. Easy to get to them. In St Kitts we did glass bottom boat DO NOT book that. Not anything as advertised.
  13. Recently spent the day here. Yes very winding ride up and down. Great views though. Much more crowded then last time we were there and surf was quite rough.
  14. We spent a couple of precruise days at Intercontinental. Absolutely beautiful. Right on the beach and fabulous pools.
  15. Just spent the day there a couple of weeks ago. I was looking for beach day. Loved it here especially since it included transportation. Not crowded at all. Bar opened at 11 am but with a small tip we were able to get a drink as soon as we arrived , just before 10 am.
  16. negn

    Beach Bar Info

    I second Reflexions. Not all inclusive but prices for food and drink not overly expensive. Very clean also
  17. negn

    dickensen beach

    $5 pp each way to beach. Was $22 for 2 lounges and umbrella. There are bathrooms and food and drink available
  18. Just returned from 11 day cruise out of San Juan and will share a few of my thoughts. We arrived around 3 pm and we’re able to walk right in and on to the ship. This was good as there is no place to sit in the terminal. Also good as our room was immediately ready. We had a standard balcony. Having been on Epic before, I was aware of bathroom situation which did not bother me. Room had adequate storage and a balcony which was larger than Breakaway class. Wish they would get rid of ,or downsize, that monstrosity of a sofa which takes up way too much room. On to food. I know it is subjective, but I was very disappointed . I never had a great meal but a couple of ok ones. OSheeans never had rib night or prime rib night as they have on other ships. Don’t know if these menus are fleet wide or specific to this ship. Drinks were good and never had to wait more then a couple of minutes. Did notice the propriety wine made for NCL was now $17 though was $15 back in September The wine by glass selection that was $15 and below was very limited. We did not see a lot of entertainment but did go to Howl at the moon which we always enjoy as well as the comedians. Spent time in the casino and have never seen such tight machines. Ports were great which is why we chose this cruise. Since we’ve been to all these before, we arranged our own excursions. We did do the glass bottom boat in St Kitts and we’re very disappointed. There was no glass bottom , just a couple of dirty “windows” on the floor enclosed by a waist high wall. Never saw a thing. Left late so got 1 hour on beach then back. Disembarkation was the easiest and fastest I’ve ever had. I did enjoy myself but if this had been my 1st NCL I don’t know if I’d book another. As we are platinum plus I know NCL can do better
  19. Yes there is a pool. Never saw it on our first visit till we were leaving 🤪. Not very large by resort standards but perfectly fine.
  20. You’ll probably find most of the loungers around the pool already “reserved” by 9 but plenty of areas on decks not right next to the pool. Pick one and use as your base for that day. The only real hard time I’ve had getting a drink is on the first day at the pool bars. Of course, being spring break may be different. Spice H2O usually not crowded though is adults only.
  21. Or do it in 2 days. Shuttle to Horseshoe then water taxi to St George the other day
  22. Yes from the ship but once on land you pay. And if you need/prefer to get home for treatment evacuation is your responsibility.
  23. As 2 seniors, DH and I always get trip insurance for medical expenses. The cost of medical evacuation is $$$$$ and not usually covered. Peace of mind is worth the cost
  24. One of the MDR are open for breakfast but you can get “real” eggs at the buffet. They will cook omelets to order as well as over easy eggs.
  25. FYI for anyone who filed for the $300 p.p airfare after being taken to aNew Orleans. I just received my check. Was sent an email almost 8 weeks ago saying it would’ve sent in 3-4 weeks. So ,if waiting, it will come but later then told.
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