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  1. Sorry I wrote “formal” instead of chic. You are correct, it is chic now. There were a large number of Australian friends on board and they really seem to dress in the evenings. It was a most enjoyable cruise, but unfortunately a number of folks by the time the 3rd chic night arrived, did not bother to make the effort to dress up at all. Did it keep us from enjoying the evening? Absolutely not! Just an observation to give you an idea of how it was.
  2. We are currently on the Solstice TP and Polynesia cruise. We’ve had 2 formal nights so far, and there have been men in tuxes as well as just casual wear. The women have been dressed in everything from jeans to cocktail dresses to full length gowns. No one minds what the next person has on. As for us, DH wears his tux and I dress accordingly. Whatever you select you will have a wonderful time, I’m sure
  3. And it gets better! The 2 device price offered at the 20% discount is discounted MORE than 20%!
  4. Earlier this week unlimited internet for 1 device was $197.40. ( Discounted 10% price). Today same 1 device is offered at a 20% discount for $287.40! Then it states “price shown reflects your discount”. BUT WAIT.......”WAS $287.40”!
  5. Yes! Thank you so much for your detailed information. Hope you have a wonderful time. Anne
  6. Thanks so much for the prompt replies! I appreciate it!
  7. Was there 18% added to the cost? Right now our cruise is showing unlimited for 1 device at $191.40 ( which says is 10% discounted rate). So, do I purchase it in cruise planner and the call Capt Club for my elite discount? Will I get the 10% and 30%, or just the elite 30? Guess you can tell I’ve never purchased internet before! Thanks
  8. We loved Vancouver and Victoria. Butchart Gardens and The Empress hotel in Victoria worth the trip over from Vancouver. We’ve done the glacier landing and the full circuit trip of Denali as well as the Iditarod dog training facility of Jeff King. As someone else pointed out, the captain will turn the ship around so everyone gets a fantastic view of the glacier. Make sure you have binoculars and layered clothing. Hopefully you’ll return again for a cruise/land trip- really THE best! And, it goes without saying, enjoy yourselves ( which by reading your postings, you and Edward always do! And be sure to grab a bite at Tracy’s Crab Shack right along the dock in Juneau.
  9. Dyea Dave and Emerald Lake
  10. Another vote for Dyea Dave. He made arrangements for those wishing to ride the train in either direction, so people wishing to do so were happy. There were many photo opportunities along the way and we never felt rushed. He even pulled over for us to get a shot of the train coming along the tracks and knew just when we should take the picture. We covered a lot of territory and felt we really got our money’s worth. The tour took us farther than you can go on the train He was a wealth of knowledge and funny which made for an enjoyable day.
  11. You made me laugh! I had forgotten about those machines until reading your post. Traveled there with a college history group in 1969. And, yes, we tried them!
  12. HI, Yes there are beaches both south and north. Just remember to take the key out of the cart when you park it. Loc Bay is at the southern end. Don't miss the 1,000 Steps - beautiful area and the water such an amazing color. Included a link here for you of a map showing paved roads and beaches around the island. Hope that helps. We didn't do any swimming the day we were there as we wanted to see as much of the island as possible, but we stopped from time to time to walk to water's edge.
  13. We did this and were very pleased. Golf carts are in great condition and the staff is very pleasant and eager to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. They have a kiosk right outside the port entrance where they check off your name and direct you to the office(short walk on even surfaces), where you get the cart. We watched a video on you tube before we went which gives a good visual of the trip around the island. Be sure to take a couple bottles of water along. We also took pool towels for the seat of the cart as it can get quite warm. We did both south and north routes and had time to see shops and set-ups around the port area too.
  14. We are planning for the Tattoo 2020 onboard Regal Princess. It sounds like you purchased your tickets privately rather than through your ship. The prices for the excursion through the ship seem very high. What tour company did you book to get to see all these places along the way? Also, how did you procure your tickets for the Tattoo? Thanks much
  15. Likewise, we have toured with Herod and had a fantastic time. I've been doing research for our January 2020 cruise and hoped to book him again. However, his web domain is for sale. I hope he's OK and there isn't a health issue.
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