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  1. Will certainly investigate this! I have a call in to the tour company to see if we can get a refund of our transfer fee if this airport works in our favor. Anne
  2. Thank you SO much! That’s something we can check off the list. Much appreciate your time in responding and including the link Anne
  3. Thanks for this info. I discovered that when checking a tip from a previous post. Anne
  4. I appreciate your helpfulness. Unfortunately the transfer is only to Heathrow through the tour company, so BHX isn’t an option for us. Anne
  5. Ine, Appreciate your response. I’ve oft read your advice to travelers on these boards! Noting that our trip is July/August, when you say book a “few months” ahead, I guess I am looking too early at this point? Just like to have everything planned out! I will set up a “watch” on the hopper app but it doesn’t give a wide choice of airlines. Will look into Ryan and EasyJet as you suggest. Thanks much Anne
  6. Thanks for your response. The storage would be in Amsterdam as the river cruise only permits 1 bag/pp. Unfortunately the transfer has to be through LHR as that is the airport the land tour is using
  7. Hi Fellow Cruisers, Doing a land tour ending in Stratford-Upon-Avon(transfer to LHR included); followed by b2b cruises out of Amsterdam - one river, 1 ocean. Wondering what good price point is to fly RT LHR-AMS July 24(‘20)-Aug 22(‘20). Is $154/economy reasonable, or should we wait? Also, most luggage storage places we have found online will only store for a week. Does anyone know a service which stores longer? Thanks much! Anne
  8. Thanks for all your insights and reporting! Has anyone used, or does MSC accept time share level? We are Titanium Elite with MarriottBonvoy and Chairman’s Club with Marriott time share-which is the highest level. Wondering if that would get us more than the Titanium Elite? Thanks
  9. Sorry I wrote “formal” instead of chic. You are correct, it is chic now. There were a large number of Australian friends on board and they really seem to dress in the evenings. It was a most enjoyable cruise, but unfortunately a number of folks by the time the 3rd chic night arrived, did not bother to make the effort to dress up at all. Did it keep us from enjoying the evening? Absolutely not! Just an observation to give you an idea of how it was.
  10. We are currently on the Solstice TP and Polynesia cruise. We’ve had 2 formal nights so far, and there have been men in tuxes as well as just casual wear. The women have been dressed in everything from jeans to cocktail dresses to full length gowns. No one minds what the next person has on. As for us, DH wears his tux and I dress accordingly. Whatever you select you will have a wonderful time, I’m sure
  11. And it gets better! The 2 device price offered at the 20% discount is discounted MORE than 20%!
  12. Earlier this week unlimited internet for 1 device was $197.40. ( Discounted 10% price). Today same 1 device is offered at a 20% discount for $287.40! Then it states “price shown reflects your discount”. BUT WAIT.......”WAS $287.40”!
  13. Yes! Thank you so much for your detailed information. Hope you have a wonderful time. Anne
  14. Thanks so much for the prompt replies! I appreciate it!
  15. Was there 18% added to the cost? Right now our cruise is showing unlimited for 1 device at $191.40 ( which says is 10% discounted rate). So, do I purchase it in cruise planner and the call Capt Club for my elite discount? Will I get the 10% and 30%, or just the elite 30? Guess you can tell I’ve never purchased internet before! Thanks
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