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  1. Libertarian

    Grand Lucayan in Freeport

    We are wanting to go to Grand Lucayan in Freeport.Has anyone booked on the website Resort for the day for the all inclusive $90 package?I would also love to hear from anyone who has gone to the resort?How is it?Best transportation shuttle or taxi?Is the food and drinks good?
  2. Which one is better the VIP Blue Lagoon or the regular all inclusive Blue Lagoon package?
  3. Libertarian

    Recommendations for Cabo San Lucas excursions

    I love that idea.What is a good way to get there?
  4. What excursions would you recommend for Cabo ?
  5. Libertarian

    Salmon bake

    The one in Juneau.
  6. Libertarian

    Salmon bake

    Thank you so much.I didn't realize there is walk up available.Is there a booth by the ship?
  7. Libertarian

    Salmon bake

    Has anyone booked through Alaska Travel Adventures?They are the only ones that have the Salmon bake at the time we want
  8. Libertarian

    Cabo excursions

    Has anyone done the Luxary day sail or the Dinner show excursions?
  9. Libertarian

    Star Alaska princess patters

    Either is good.We are going on the 12 day September so just trying to get some ideas.
  10. Libertarian

    Star Alaska princess patters

    Does anyone have any Alaska Princess patters from this year?
  11. Libertarian

    Star MDR

    So great to hear this!We are going in September.Do you have any patters?
  12. Libertarian

    Coral 19 day Panama Canal questions

    Thank you my email is llibertarian75218@yahoo.com
  13. Has anyone done this tour?I was wondering if we need to buy boots or they provide them?Was anyone able to walk on the Glacier?What do they serve for lunch?Thank you!
  14. Libertarian

    Crab Feast - Ketchikan?

    Is it just crab or shrimp too?
  15. Libertarian

    Coral 19 day Panama Canal questions

    Thank you!We plan on booking the Coral.I would love to see the patters.